Resolutions Shmesolutions

So it is a new year tomorrow, and it is about the time that everyone starts raving on about New Years’ resolutions and all the things they plan to change about their life in the upcoming year.

Fun times.

After reflecting on my own life over the past year, I have decided not to officially make any resolutions.

Here is why.

Remember at Easter I promised to post the recipe to my Nana’s shortbread cookies, and I didn’t end up posting it until I made the cookies again eight months later for Christmas?

Also, remember in the beginning of September when I posted about my goals for the month, and I vowed to do a follow-up and then start posting monthly goals? Well, that never happened.

And remember a couple weeks ago I posted about my building’s door decorating contest and how I planned to go all out this year with the decorating of our door? Welp, I ended up getting busy at work the day before and didn’t have time to go all out with the decorating. I didn’t want to half-ass it, so our door ended up staying undecorated. No biggie, but I did feel a little bit like a failure because I didn’t end up doing something I said I was going to.

So it would seem when I resolve to do something, it feels kind of like an obligation, and then I may not follow through with it. I don’t particularly like to plan every little thing. I do not have a Type A personality (just took the online test actually to make sure, and it’s true, I am more Type B). I like to be spontaneous and fly by the seat of my pants.

I’ve never been a big resolution maker, and so far my life has been going quite well, so I am just going to carry on being happy and not hungry and hope for the best.

Now, there are a few other random things I want to talk about that don’t really connect in any way, so here they are in list form.

1. We were staying at Andrew’s parents for the last couple of days having a Harry Potter marathon, so I have been MIA and disconnected from everything. They live in a secluded (and beautiful) area, and they still have dial-up internet. I barely get half a bar cell phone signal up there.

It was glorious to lay around for a day and a half with nothing to worry about except if Ron and Hermione would finally realize they were in love with each other, and what kind of makeup they used for Voldemort’s lack of nose.

(I love this picture so much)

We didn’t get through all the movies (I’ve seen them all a bunch of times anyway), but we did watch a good 12 hours or so of Harry Potter.

I’ll never get sick of it.

We had a little pizza party as well.

Followed by a cookie party for just me.

2. As a follow-up to that, I have been eating like absolute crap all week. I don’t think I’ve seen a vegetable since Christmas (oh wait, pizza is now a vegetable. Nevermind). But tomorrow is a new year! Back to the healthy-eating grind for me.

Not a resolution, just saying. I’ve had enough of eating processed garbo. I miss my veggies.

3. Eating like crap does not equal a good run. This morning I hit up the treadmill at the gym and it was slow going. I also haven’t ran in a couple of weeks and it showed. I honestly felt like a sloth, so I did intervals and mixed walking in with my running. It was a good way to ease myself into it, and I got nice and sweaty, so all is well.

4. I had a gift card for the mall, so I went to the mall gym this morning and afterwards hit up Lululemon (the only time I can buy stuff from there is when I have a gift card, because I am not rich enough to be able to spend $100 on pants).

The hoody I wanted was slightly discounted and final sale, so I had to try it on before I bought it to make sure it was good. As the girl was letting me in the change room, she asked me my name, and what kinds of activities I planned on doing in my new gear so she could write them down on my changeroom door.

I just want to try on a hoody, Ms. Noseypants. I don’t want it to say “laying on the couch eating pizza” on my door, which is what I plan on doing in my hoody tomorrow.

I said running, and she said “Actually, this hoody isn’t the best for running…” I know. I said that so you would have something to write down and so you would stop asking questions

I’m sure she was just trying to be helpful, but next time I am saying I will be using my new Lulu garb for my marathon and also Ironman training. Write that on my door.

5. I didn’t shower after the gym (hey, if you can’t be accepted all sweaty and gross in Lululemon, where can you be?) and as I was walking through the mall, a lady at one of those hair kiosks stopped me and was like “OMG! Your hair is so amazing! You have to tell me your secret!”

Friend, I haven’t washed my hair since Thursday. It’s in a greasy ponytail that is half falling out, and sweat has matted it to the side of my head. In the correct lighting, I look like I have bald spots above my ears. I’m not believing your sorry attempt at buttering me up. Save your hair ramblings for the next idiot who walks by because I’m not buying any of what you’re selling.

Good try though!

6. We finally bought a Keurig!

Andy’s parents have one so I have been enjoying delicious coffee there for the last couple of days, and I couldn’t go back home without one. It was on mega sale, and since Ando and I each buy a coffee a day, we are going to save some serious moolah with this beast. I’m excited for it. Gourmet coffee right in my very own kitchen. Yes yes.

7. I hope you all have a great New Year’s Eve!

Anderoni and I are hitting up our friend’s house party tonight, so tomorrow I will be laying around on the couch in my new Lulu hoody, recovering and eating pizza. And reading Sarah’s Key.

I just bought it…has anyone read it?

I will catch you all on Monday!

Or maybe not, since now that I’ve said that I may feel obligated to post :).

On a serious note, thank you for reading about my shenanigans this past year. All of your comments give me love bursts for you.

I mean it!


37 responses to “Resolutions Shmesolutions

  1. EEEEE! I got a Keurig too, finally. Maybe I’ll send you over some good K-Cups from Target 😉
    No resolutions for me. Well, just one that I posted. But I cannot stick to a plan or achieve a long term goal for the life of me.
    I love this post. But I haaaaaate those mall kiosk workers. They are entirely shameless and come on way too strong.
    I hope you have a great NYE!
    Love youu girlfran.

    • Hooray for Keurig’s! And OF COURSE Target has awesome K-Cups. Why wouldn’t they? Sigh. This year, Target is coming to Canada!

      They are SO shameless, they will say anything to get you to buy their junk. YOU TOO! And love you as well 🙂

  2. Great post Linds! I too hate making resolutions. I usually just forget about them or I get too stressed about them- not worth it! I’ve read Sarah’s Key and it was really good!! Hope you have a great NYE 😀

  3. For me resolutions are just a continuation of the daily and weekly goals I set for myself so I do have some…but I hate the I’m waiting until January 1 to star crap. Especially this year because it’s on Sunday and many people will wait until January 2 or 3 if places are closed for the holiday. Yep…just do it now if you are going to.

    End Rant.

    Harry Potter Marathons are amazing. We had a week long marathon with my cousins when they visited because we were taking them to see the last movie and they had only seen one other. It was fantastic and fun movie night on the carpet for a week.

  4. It’s fun to see Daniel Radcliff and the others grow up! Except Ginny. She still has this baby face.
    I still can’t believe they put pizza in the veggie category…-_-

  5. We’ve had a HP marathon this week as well. Actually we started on Christmas Day and watched one that night, one the next, and then we watched 5 in a 24 hours period while my MIL kept the kids. Last one tonight. We’ve seen them all at least the one time in the theater but that’s mostly it so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them.

    Oh and also, I just want to add that I so wish I was Type B!

  6. Love your post Linds! Happy New Year to you. Sarah’s Key is a great read!!

  7. You crack me up! Anyhow – Starbucks kcups are going to be for sale in Canada in March. For now u can get them in the states. They are awesome!

  8. Congrats on your Keurig! I’m still playing around trying new coffees in mine.
    I haven’t done resolutions every year, but I need to kick myself into gear on few things and figured I’d take the new year opportunity to start kicking!
    I’ve only ever walked around Lulu Lemon and avoided making eye contact with the sales people…and now I know why!
    Happy New Year!

  9. I LOVE this post! And I am super jealous of your Harry Potter marathon. I had one last summer with my friends before the final movie came out…but I could do Harry Potter all day, every day (in a totally appropriate way obviously… that did not come out how I intended…).

  10. Sarah’s key was…hmmmm. I didn’t love it. But it wasn’t terrible. How’s that for a ringing endorsement? It certainly can’t compete with a harry potter marathon! I agree with you re: resolutions. I’m not making any. Except that I really do want to do about 40 different things. happy new year!

  11. I need to start eating better too. I woke up this morning determined. Then I hate this gigantic cupcake after I had a salad. Not really what I was going for there. Then my hubs got annoyed that I ate the “best” cupcake. Yeah? Well my pants are annoyed they don’t fit.

  12. I Love love love our keurig!! My mom got me one last year for Christmas and I swear I have saved HUNDREDS this year in coffee. You are gonna love it. And btw…I think you are hysterical and I love your posts, so as long as you resolve to keep that up, I’m good. Thanks!

  13. Re no-shower-after-gym: Yea! WTF is it with people liking it when I DON’T try to look nice. But when I do, everyone keeps mum?!

    Oh and don’t hate me, but I never got into Harry Potter. That marathon is at par with an actual marathon. And you know me, I hate running 😉

    Happy new year my dear. I love you in that non-creepish way.

  14. LMFAO!! ahaha I laughed through this whole post 😀 you’re hilarious.

    you already saw my post on resolutions…I’m so with you. I’ve never made them before, never plan to. I just keep making changes as they need to happen 🙂

    The lululemon story is amazing! I can’t believe she wanted specifics of what you planned to do in them! Umm, go away? I do love my lulus, though I only have two pairs. Next time I buy some {in maybe, 4 years}, I’m totally telling her I plan to eat pizza in them. And hide my food baby with the amazing stretch waistband.

    lol @ the greasy hair! I always avoid eye contact at those kiosks. So many times they’ve tried asking me questions and I just don’t look at them. Maybe it’s rude, but the second you give them that eye contact, they are ALL OVER you. I have to listen to a 234907345 minute spiel before I can finally say “I’m not interested.”

    YES to bringing back the veggies! We actually had a salad with dinner tonight, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t had salad since summer…haha. Too many desserts from the holidays still gripping my “cookie handles” 😀

    Happy New Year, Lindsey!

    • Thanks Char! I love your comments!
      It was totally because I made eye contact! I was cursing myself afterwards for making eye contact! I usually know better than that, because you are right. I felt bad because I was kind of rude to this girl, but I couldn’t get sucked into the 20-minute hair spiel. I was all hot and impatient. Ah well.

      haha, cookie handles. Totally have those…
      Happy New Year!

  15. OMG get the hell out nosy lady at Lululemon! Thats absolutely ridiculous and I agree, she was just trying to be helpful but whats with all the questions? I would make up something on the fly and just lie instead of saying “Um, I’m planning on wearing it when I go to Target” I’ve never bought anything there though b/c a) like you I can’t afford it b) they’re magical pants wouldnt fit over my fat ass. Hey, saves me money!

    Totally jealous of your Keurig action, have fun with it for me 🙂

  16. Hahahaha oh lindsey. i just love you!

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  18. I finished Sarah’s key in no more than 2 days. It’s amazing. Such a great read, and you won’t be able to stop!

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  20. Those ecards are hilarious! I never make New Year’s resolutions. They just annoy me. If I need to change something, I will change it when it needs changing. I love the Harry Potter movies. I want to get the box set when it comes out. I love your description of lulu pants. Unicorn tears, kills me! They are expensive. I still have never bought anything from there. I think I will cave and buy a yoga shirt. Happy New Year, leisuring Lindsey!

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