Nothing to See Here

As you may have gathered from my last post, I was not very productive on my two-week vacation. It happens. Sometimes I need a break from any kind of serious thinking so that I can happily function in my every day life and get my shtuff done on the reg. My creative juices and my writing skills were on vacation right along with me this week.

Since I didn’t do a ton, I don’t have a lot to talk about…but I do have a few things I would like to say before I go back to the grind.

1. I could never be a stay-at-home blogger. My blog would be the most boring blog in the world because I would have nothing to talk about.


But who am I kidding. I’d talk about cheese even if I did have a bunch of other things to talk about.

Anyway, nothing very eventful happens to me at home, but outside anything can turn into a story. Quickly stopping by Lululemon can turn into a story. Going to the gas station can turn into a story. But at home, I don’t have a lot to work with.

I guess I have the cats. But since they mostly just do this all day long…

I don’t think they would add a ton of excitement.

2. I could never be a stay-at-home anything. I really thrive on social interaction. Even just going into my small office and having people around if I need someone to talk to works fine for me. I am just not very motivated to do much when I am at home, with nowhere to be, nothing concrete to do, too much time to procrastinate, too many books to read, a cat that wants to snuggle 24/7, and too many pairs of sweatpants.

If I was home every day, I think I would self-destruct. I need to feel like I am successfully contributing to society to feel like myself.

Not saying I didn’t enjoy myself, but my motivation was pretty much non-existent. I could barely motivate myself to get to a 9:30am gym class. Or take a shower.

So the past couple of weeks have just reiterated to me that I love my job, I love having a job to go to every day, and I love the people I work with. The routine keeps me motivated and doing stuff. And I always feel better when I am doing stuff.

3. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation and the break was much-needed. I actually did get a lot done around the house, and the de-stress time was invaluable. I truly took a vacation from everything, and I feel refreshed and ready to put my productive pants back on.

Though I’m sure this time next week I’ll be wishing for another holiday.

4. I watched the entire season of Big Brother 11 over the past two weeks.

Yes that is about 30 episodes at one hour each, though I did fast-forward through the recaps (which is sometimes almost half of the episode).

It was the one where Jeff and Jordan met and fell in love, which is what had me so engaged. I am a cheesy minx, and I love love. I only started watching Big Brother in season 12, so I knew J & J from BB13 when they came back for the the Dynamic Duos twist. I seriously cannot get enough of them. It’s creepy.

Anyway, I watched an entire season of Big Brother, and man, being in that house would be crazy. The stress would be ridiculous, people lie and are talking crap about you constantly, and they continually scheme ways to get you out.

And if I was in a house with Rachel and Brendon…

I don’t think I could even pretend to be happy.

They are so annoying. I do not love their love at all. And I’m pretty sure nobody likes them.

(Britney from BB12 was my fave. She killed me.)

Craziness aside, I kind of want to be on Big Brother and I’m sad that Canadians aren’t allowed. We totally get shafted on reality shows up here. We can’t be on Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, or the Bachelor (not that I would want to be on that last one, I’m just saying).

I harbour (yes, harbOUr) a slight resentment towards you cheeky Americans for this, not going to lie.

All we have is So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and I can’t dance aside from my signature dance move:

So that is not an option for me.

5. It’s the Monday after the holidays and a clean slate, in my opinion. I am hoping to get back into my regular routine of working, blogging, gymming, and healthy eating as soon as possible.

I forget what it feels like to accomplish things, so hopefully I can remember how to do all of that.

Hope you guys have a great and productive Monday!


22 responses to “Nothing to See Here

  1. See? Your vacation was TWO weeks long. Mine was only a week of nothing. But still, I liked it. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to find something to do if I didn’t have a job. Like, maybe I’d travel around the world and set up Warrior Dash races. OMG. That would be so fun. And I just created a job for myself while trying to not work. I think I see your point here.

  2. I love that i can identify your cartoon “you” is wearing a lululemon scuba hoodie, i am BEYOND obsessed with that store 🙂
    I agree, after one week at home watching entire seasons of tv i was uber ready to go back to work but now i’m here i kind of want to be back on my couch 🙂

  3. I need a job. You have no idea how much I need a job! Being home all day is boring and extremely demotivating. It’s actually quite shocking how days can be filled with absolutely nothing and I STILL don’t get anything done. Unfortunately, I live in a world without jobs, which makes finding a job that much more difficult. That said, I would dread going back to my life pre-joblessness, which involved working and/or thinking about work and/or losing sleep over work 24/7. I think in the perfect world, I’d work from 10 to 2 every day, with a one-hour lunch break. Ha!

    (And if you write a blog post about cheese, I’ll definitely read it.)

    • Aw yeah, I don’t think I could take it for very long…but 10-2 would be nice!
      It would be nice if I could do my own thing, but I find it so hard to stay motivated.

      I hope you had a great Toronto trip! Can’t wait to read all about it.

  4. My husband and I don’t agree on a ton of TV but we love shows like Big Brother, Amazing Race, and Survivor. We talk about our strategy of going on the shows.

    Did you see the Amazing race when Jeff and Jordan were on as one of the couples? And Ethan & Jenna and Rob & Amber were couples from Survivor who went on The Amazing Race too. It was like double heaven!

  5. I could NOT agree more. I am exactly the same. I have to have social interaction. I always feel like I could get some much done if I stayed at home and when I do, I just end up being lazy. Glad to know that I’m not alone out there! Oh and I could talk about cheese all day…

  6. Oh I love you! You seriously just make everything you write about so entertaining :). I don’t think I could be a stay at home anything either- while it is nice on occasion, I would get way too bored!

  7. I cannot start a comment here without first saying how much I appreciate your hilarity 🙂 Thank you (as always) for making me smile and laugh 🙂 And I really do understand what you are saying here. I am on break for school still and as much as I like not doing much, it also bothers me a bit! I feel so unproductive a lot of the time. I have all day to actually get things done, but then I waste my time on stupid Pinterest or crap like that. Arghh! Time to get back to school and into a schedule

    • Thanks Tessa! I reeeeally like it when people tell me I’m funny 🙂
      That’s exactly what happens to me! I wake up planning on being productive and doing stuff, and then I start looking around the internet and the next thing I know it’s dinnertime. Bad news!

  8. Yay for non-productive holidays…mine wasn’t too productive either, and that’s just the way I like it. I totally want to be on the Amazing Race. Do you think if you and I wrote one big angry letter to American TV companies, we’d get noticed?

  9. Ha! I know when I’m at work, I think a few days off would be nice. After a few days at home, I’m looking for the routine of work! So difficult! And yes, watching my kitty sleep all day makes me tired!

  10. Sigh, I wish I could get into BB but it is just not working for me. Season 11 is the only season I’ve seen but I’m really not into reality shows where they have competitions like that for some reason (I am a super competitive chick)

    And those bloggers who stay at home and blog for a living? Yeah, don’t read them because to me they are boring, some of them really need to get back into the real world and work.

    Wow I feel really Debbie Downer with my comment….ummm..happy Monday??!! 🙂

    • I am also pretty competitive and LOVE the competitions. Sometimes the BB ones drag on for a bit too long, but I could watch Survivor competitions all day long. Maybe you don’t like them because you just want to be there competing 😉

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