Back to Liiiiiife, Back to Reality

And I like it!

It’s tricky getting up early again, and I actually set three alarms for myself this morning as I slept in a little bit yesterday (I guess staying up until 2am every night of your vacation and then trying to go to bed early the night before work is not the best plan).

But overall, I am happy to be back into the swing of things.

Walking into my office after not being there for two weeks was a really great feeling. I loved catching up with all my coworkers and hearing about their holiday adventures. Everyone was pretty much lazy like me, and also ready to get back to work. We all agreed that, while leisuring around all day sounds great in theory, being unproductive for too long can take its toll on you.

Actually, a lot of you feel this way, judging by your comments yesterday.

I also cleaned my office before I left it for two weeks, which I forgot, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it again!

It may not look the cleanest, but compared to how it is usually, it looks pretty good. I took a before photo before the hollies.

I really only thoroughly clean my desk and organize my office the day before any sort of vacation. I’m going to try to keep it clean, but I’ll see how that goes once things start to pick up again. You never can tell.

Being back to the grind also means back to Office Boccia! I tweeted about our game, and The Almost Runner knows what’s up.


It is, my friend, it is the life.

A few of the lads from Ontario Basketball (they have three teams, I have mentioned before – they are a force!) showed up in our office around noon to Boccia it up. It was a very important game, as it was actually the play-in to the playoffs (not everyone has a play-in, only the teams that sucked really badly during regular season play. Everyone else is automatically in.)

I talked a pretty good game, about how we had just been hustling everyone the entire time and we were going to make a huge comeback in the playoffs, so they better not get too excited about winning. But despite my trash talking (or maybe because of it), we were shut down pretty quickly. Even having the home court advantage didn’t save us. We lost 5-0. 5-0!!! We are an embarrassment.

Alligator Arms was no help, I will just say.

At one point in the first end, all the balls were around this random cart we have in our office, and one of the tech guys who works in our building, Samson, moved the cart to get a better look at where the balls were. We all freaked out and screamed “SAMSON, NO!!!!”

You can NOT move anything. The balls must be played where they lie. Even if they land in a garbage can (it’s happened). Silly Samson (it was his first time seeing an Office Boccia match).

Today was also our new intern’s first day, and her first time seeing an Office Boccia match, so we decided to let her play with us (that is not why we lost, by the way). She was pretty excited, and was all “I can’t believe you play boccia ball right in your office!”

We do! Well, we did, anyway, since that is it for us. We are officially out of the playoffs. Or we didn’t even make the playoffs. Whatever. I’m not going to be bitter.

There is always next season! I hope it starts in a month or so. And in the meantime, I plan to step up in my role as team captain and be more of a leader, so I will be calling lunchtime practices to sharpen our boccia skills. Unless I’m forced to resign. We’ll see how it plays out. Either way, I would actually like a chance at the trophy next time.

I have used that picture a bunch of times, but I need to keep the image of that trophy in my head. Eye on the prize.

Immediately after work I headed to the gym for some treadmill action. I didn’t love the treadmill today, but I didn’t hate it as much as usual so I think that is an improvement. I made it a point to really concentrate on the music I was listening to, and it really helped me to almost enjoy myself. I ended up running for about 40 minutes, which is pretty much a record for me on the treadbeast.

I only brought shorts to run in, and I didn’t want to change back into my work pants afterwards, so I just threw my coat and my boots on to head home and shower. As I was leaving the changeroom, this lady looked at me and said “Excuse me, do you have a sense of humour?”

Psh. Do I have a sense of humour.

I immediately answered “of course!”

And she pointed at my bare legs and said “LOVE. IT.”

I guess it did look pretty attractive…in the middle of winter…

I think my goldfish bag adds a little extra somethin’.

I did get a few of strange looks as I was walking out of the grocery store (where my gym is located), but hopefully those people understand that I was working the treadmill and not the corner. If not, oh well.

Anyway, I am outta here. But man, it feels good to have something to blog about again!


21 responses to “Back to Liiiiiife, Back to Reality

  1. Glad you’re refreshed and happy to be back to work. I’ll have to admit, this week back hasn’t been so bad. Who am I?
    Oh, also, thanks for getting that song in my head for the rest of the night.

  2. Way to throw alligator arms under the bus

  3. Hmmm…maybe next year you should give out participation ribbons to everyone. You know, “everyone’s a winner” and all that jazz.

    So nice and refreshing to see someone who’s ok with being back at work!

  4. I’m officially lobbying for boccia tournaments at my work tomorrow!

  5. Glad you had a great first day back at work! I’m ready for my routine to start, but not for classes to start haha. And I’m seriously so jealous that you guys play boccia in your office- your office environment sounds absolutely fabulous!

  6. That SONG. Ohhhh there goes my sanity for the day. : )

  7. Lol. The result don’t surprise me.
    You always lose.

  8. Hahaha cute outfit, and the goldfish bag is definitely key and ties it together!

  9. Ow ow, look how else is looking sextacular! 😉 Shorts and winter boots are the latest look, dontcha know?

    Ummm, can I come work with you? Please? Just to warn you…I will win that trophy! 😉

    And I hear ya: It definitely feels good to be back to life. I haven’t had as much time for blogging with all my courses (yay for all 6 of them), but it’s nice to have things to do

  10. I love the goldfish bag!
    I made a point of cleaning my office before our break too…it’s a relief to see it looking…not chaotic…for now!

  11. Totally digging that goldfish bag.
    Ugh, this post made me feel awful. I have SO many thing that need cleaning and I keep putting it off and reading blogs like yours instead! Damn you!!!! Stop being so funny and adorable and irresistable!

    • Reading blogs is such a time suck! I will have something really important to do and take a quick break to read a blog or two, and suddenly it’s an hour later. Believe me, I know. Time goes by WAY too fast when you are on the internet.

      Hey, stop being so complimentary oh snarky one! But thank you 🙂

  12. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Haha the goldfish bag definitely brings out your cheekbones. A good look for you, I’d say.

    Your office environment sounds like so much fun! I’m curious, are you strictly friends with your coworkers in the office, or do you guys hang out outside of the office too?

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