When I went to start up my MacBook yesterday afternoon, this was the wonderful sight that greeted me:


No Apple logo, just a flashing folder with a question mark on it. It won’t leave that screen.

Looks like I have a hot date with a Genius at the Apple Store today. I have a feeling I need a new hard drive. Sad day.

Any other Mac users ever had this happen to them?


11 responses to “Welp

  1. Aw, that sucks. I’m no help tho since I use PC. If I had a MAC, I’d probably lose it somewhere. So it’s best I keep the same crappy technology that I already have.

  2. That is the worst. On my old Lenovo (NOT my choice…I had to buy it for grad school) I got the “blue screen of death” a lot, which seems like it serves the same function as your question mark. Basically it says “you are probably fucked.” Good luck and hope your computer feels better 😦

  3. Oh gosh noooo, I am sorry this happened! I am sure those smarties over at the genius bar will get it straightened out though 🙂 Good luck!

  4. That makes me SO SAD. I am about to start using a MacBook Air. I hope this doesnt happen for a looooong time!! Good luck at the genius bar!!

    • Don’t you even worry, you will LOVE your MacBook. As the Genius informed me today, all hard drives will fail, Mac or PC. Just a matter of time, which I guess isn’t very encouraging… Enjoy your new Mac! Just back it up 🙂

  5. ahhh that sucks! 😦 Good luck! Hopefully they can fix it.
    I’ve never had a Macbook, but I dropped my iPod into a mop bucket once…I grabbed it, dried it off, and a cartoon iPod came on the screen with a sad face and X’s over his eyes…then it died. It was a sad day.

  6. Oh no! D:
    I have never had a legitimate problem like this. Usually just nachos in my fan.
    I hope — nay, I know the Geniuses can fix it!

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