Harry Potter, in the Flesh

Yesterday will forever be known as the day I watched a movie with Harry Potter.

Alright, well not with him, but in the same theatre as him, which I think is still pretty cool.

My friend Lisa works for a PR company in Toronto, and she sometimes gets to do exciting things involving celebs (she once spent an entire day with Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo, no joke). She called me up at work yesterday afternoon and randomly asked me if I would be interested in going to the premiere of The Woman In Black with her that evening, as she had an extra ticket.

I had actually just seen a preview for the movie the day before, and I was intrigued to see Daniel Radcliffe in a role that was not Harry Potter. It is no secret that I love anything to do with Harry Potter. Actually, yesterday morning after seeing Cely’s awesome post on Harry Potter paraphernalia, I was inspired to start my own Harry Potter item board on Pinterest.

Coincidentally that was just a few hours before I got Lisa’s call.

I have been to one premiere with Lisa before, for The Private Life of Pippa Lee, and it was a good time, so that coupled with my love of Harry Potter made me say HELL YES.

The premiere of The Private Life of Pippa Lee was nothing compared to the premiere of The Woman In Black, let me tell you. First of all, no one famous was at Pippa Lee, so I didn’t have high expectations for this either. I knew Daniel Radcliffe showing up was a possibility, but I didn’t really expect it to happen. And I definitely didn’t expect to see him.

But we did! We saw him almost right away, and I was able to snap that pic of him.

But that is only half of his beautiful face, so here’s a better one that I stole from Twitter.

I was practically vibrating I was so excited.

After we made our way into the theatre and found seats, I thought that might be the last we’d see of Daniel. But nope, he totally came into the theatre and introduced the movie for about 10 minutes, sat down in the seats with everyone and watched it, and did a half-hour Q&A afterwards. My phone was hijacked, but this pic of the Q+A was on Alliance Films’ Twitter page:

Before tonight I loved Harry Potter, but now I have to say, I seriously love Daniel Radcliffe (I loved him when he hosted SNL a couple weeks ago as well). He is so nerdy awesome. He seemed to just really be himself, which was geeky, slightly awkward, and pretty ridiculously cute (I don’t mean like Jason Priestley or JTT cute – I mean I wanted to run up there, pinch his cheeks, and then carry him out of the theatre new bride-syle). He was also surprisingly very funny.

The movie itself was absolutely terrifying. I jumped about a million times and definitely had some tingly fear adrenaline going on. I was legit scared. Lisa almost knocked our entire bag of Skittles into our laps during one particularly scary scene, and she also snuggled into me numerous times (I liked it).

I haven’t been that scared in a movie since I saw The Ring, which terrified me so badly that afterwards I had to unplug the TV in my bedroom and throw a blanket over it so the girl couldn’t crawl out of the well and then through my TV and into my bed.

I told Lisa I felt less scared having Daniel in the theatre with us, since clearly he is alive and well, and the big bad lady in black didn’t get him.

So in closing, since it is now 1am, last night (tonight?) was awesome. Just the most awesome thing ever.

After seeing our freaky eyes in this picture, I do kind of believe in ghosts. Thank you so much for bringing me Lis!


19 responses to “Harry Potter, in the Flesh

  1. Fun night! I love movie premieres but no celebrity wants to go to one in Orlando. Well, maybe Joey Fatone would. Anyway, I don’t think I realized that movie was a thriller? I might have to see it now. After I saw The Ring, I had to go to bed with the Disney channel on for 4 nights in a row until I felt comfortable with that thing sitting off in my bedroom. Now…no TVs in the bedroom. Screw that.

    • If I was a celebrity, I’d want to go to one in Orlando.
      Oh it was a thriller all right. Typical ghost story plot (pretty sure I have told a similar story around a campfire), but seriously so scary! And very well-timed scares, like all the way through the movie, right until the very end. I really enjoyed it, until I went to sleep last night. I think you’d like it!
      And yeah, the Ring was traumatizing. Candyman also – mirrors still sometimes freak me out!

  2. Gahhhh I am so jealous!!! And I cannot WAIT to see this movie, partly for Daniel Radcliffe, but also partly because we did this play as a student-run production in college and it was amaaaaaaaaaazing. I obviously was not in it, it’s basicaly a 1-person show (2 people including the lady in black who is hardly ever onstage), and it even creeped me out as a stage play where I knew the actors so I can’t even imagine how terrifying it will be as a legit horror film.

    And again…SO JEALOUS.

  3. I am so unbelievably jealous of you!!! How cool is that?! I have seen the previews for that movie and it scares me just watching those…I dunno if I’d be able to sit through the whole movie haha.

  4. I AM SO JEALOUS! I’d love to see Harry Potter in person!

    I kinda wanted to see that movie but now that you’ve compared it to the ring, I’m not so sure. I was traumatized by that movie and thought I was seeing that creepy girl all over my house! Maybe I’ll catch an afternoon show so it wont be dark when I leave haha.

    • I don’t know if it will end up creeping me out in the same way The Ring did, but it could be because I’m older. It was no joke in the fear department though. People in the theatre screamed, and I don’t think it was for dramatic effect.

  5. That looks like the scariest movie in the entire world. I seriously can’t even watch the previews without being covered in goosebumps!

  6. That was totally your first date with Dan. (You get to call him Dan. Since you’re going to be in a relationship soon.) Will I seem cooler to you if I tell you that I have my own pair of Quiddich goggles? I may have painted them gold and turned them into steampunk goggles…but you can see the snitch if you look closely. I love scary movies, but I also hate them. Because then I start believing that the crawl space in my bedroom is haunted.

    • Oh definitely first date. Now I just have to figure out a way to lure him in for a second.
      Someone asked if he took anything from the Harry Potter sets and he said he took two pairs of glasses, one from the first movie and one from the last! Not unlike your quiddich goggles.
      And my five-year-old self used to believe the furnace grate in my bedroom was haunted.

  7. Awww I’m so excited for you!! That sounds like an awesome night. I’m not a big Harry Potter fan (I know, I know, I just have no interest in fantasy anymore), but I have to admit seeing ANY celeb leaves me star struck 😛

  8. What a cool thing to have been able to do. I read the Woman in Black years ago and have no memory, none, of the plot…so I have been wanting to see the move. Happy to hear it’s really good.
    Daniel Radcliffe does seem like a pretty down to earth, gracious guy….glad to hear he was impressive.

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  11. Oh my goodness! That’s so awesome! Totally jealous over here…

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