Do You Like Scary Movies?

I do. I love scary movies.

My favourite scary movies are definitely the ones that include the paranormal, or ghosts. I have always been a big fan of ghost stories, and one of my favourite things about camping when I was a kid was telling ghost stories around the campfire.

I remember regaling a family at a neighbouring campsite with a crazy long ghost story that I made up about a family of squirrels that lived in a haunted tree. I loved making up elaborate ghost stories.

When I had sleepovers with my friends, we would often tell ghost stories, or do the “light as a feather, stiff as a board” game, as well as hold “séances”.

So I am a little bit fascinated by ghosts, and I do enjoy scary movies.

I don’t mean the gory, psycho murderer scary movies. Those ones don’t really scare me. They just make me feel sick.

But ghost stories, those are scary.

There are certain scary movies that have left a lasting effect on me, that sometimes even scare me now even though I saw them years ago. Those ones usually have some sort of ghost component to them.

I started thinking about this after seeing The Woman In Black last week. It was very scary at the time, but I wondered if it was one of those movies that I would forget about after it was over, or if any of the creepiness would stick with me.

On Friday after work, I stayed for an extra half an hour after everyone left to finish up some work before the weekend. I was alone in my office. I wasn’t consciously thinking about the movie, but I kept thinking I was “hearing noises”, and I kept thinking I was seeing things out of the corner of my eye. It was a little creepy.

I’m feeling less creeped out now, but it definitely got me thinking about the other movies that have left me slightly traumatized over the years.

Child’s Play

Technically this was a slasher movie, but since the spirit of the murderer was residing in the doll Chucky, it still had a paranormal or ghost component.

I’m sorry, but dolls are scary (minus the Cabbage Patch Kids – they’re fine). Chucky absolutely terrified me. I remember watching the movie for the first time while I was sleeping over at my friend Amy’s house, and we were so scared that we laid awake all night, listening to every little noise and shaking under the covers.

My fear intensified when I returned home and realized just how much Chucky looked like the My Buddy doll.

Which I happened to have (I don’t even know how I acquired this doll – I’m pretty sure a family friend left it at my house).

I was suddenly so terrified of My Buddy, and I was sure he was going to come to life and try to murder me, like Chucky. My Buddy needed to be dealt with. So I hanged him by the neck in my closet.

Over-dramatic? Probably. Effective? YEP.


I still have chills when I think about this movie. Candyman ruined mirrors for me for YEARS.

Immediately after watching that movie, I couldn’t stand to be near any mirror in my house. If I had to pass a mirror, I would run by it in case Candyman was suddenly going to reach out and hook me. I also took the mirror out of my bedroom until I got over my new intense fear of mirrors (and new intense fear of rundown park bathrooms also).

Candyman was everything nightmares were made of, in my opinion. Like Bloody Mary but 10 million times worse.

I mean, he has a hook for a hand. That is friggin’ scary.

As time went on, I would mostly forget about being afraid of Candyman, and I was okay being in the presence of mirrors again.

But sometimes I would just be innocently brushing my teeth in front of my bathroom mirror and Candyman would suddenly pop into my head. Instant terror. I would brush my teeth as fast as I could so I could just get out of my bathroom and away from the mirror as soon as possible.

And occasionally even now I’ll be alone in the house doing my makeup in the mirror and I’ll start thinking about Candyman, and I still get scared. Candyman was scary! Just pure scariness.

The Blair Witch Project

When the Blair Witch Project first came out, I saw it in theatres with my boyfriend at the time, and there were a lot of rumours floating around that the movie was a true story.

Since I basically lived in a forest, and the movie took place in a forest, after seeing the movie, I started to become very afraid of the forest at night. There was only one streetlight at the very end of my street, and at night time, the rest of the road was pitch black. On one side, there were houses. On the other side, pure dark and scary forest, possibly filled with witches and this creepy ass house.

Whenever I was walking home from a friend’s house at night, alone, I would sprint as fast as I could all the way down my street in the dark because I was so afraid of the Blair Witch.

The Ring

Something about The Ring SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME. When I watch it now, I find it almost comical (I think because of Scary Movie), but when I watched it the first time, it absolutely scared the pants off me. I cannot remember ever being so terrified in a movie. As I was watching it, I remember feeling like I just couldn’t take any more scariness, and I might actually have a heart attack.

I was able to make it through the movie heart-attack free. But for weeks I unplugged the TV in my room at night and threw a blanket over it. I could not get the image of that creepy little girl coming out of the TV out of my head. Terrifying.

Those are the main scary movies that I remember truly scaring me, but some honourable mentions include Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity, and The Grudge (pretty much just the bed scene).

I don’t know why I continue to torture myself with these movies when some of them have clearly left a lasting scary impression on me. But I do generally enjoy being scared, and that chilly thrill that comes along with it. So I’ll keep watching them, and then I’ll probably complain about it.

What scary movies did you find to be the scariest of the scary?


31 responses to “Do You Like Scary Movies?

  1. Hahah. It’s funny how we change our daily routines because we are scared shitless by scary movies.
    For example, after seeing the movie Signs, I would no longer walk by and look out windows, because I would see an alien. I would also not look in the reflection of my (old) tv screen, because I would see an alien.
    After I saw the Amityville Horror (original), I couldn’t look out windows at night because I’d see two red glaring eyes.
    Ef windows.
    I was 12 when I saw The Ring in theatres and I remember screaming bloody murder when Samara was crawling out of the TV. Annoying? Probably.
    And I would have tied a freakin’ boulder to that doll and sent it straight to the bottom of a lake. Yikes.

    • ohh you sound a lot like me. When I kept thinking I was seeing things out of the corner of my eye on Friday, they were always out the window. So creepy.
      One thing that does not scare me is aliens. I hate it when ghosts in movies turn out to be aliens. I want ghosts!

  2. Ummm, hello. The Exorcist maybe? I watched that alone in university in the summer when I was taking care of the empty residence. Never again. The sound of demon voices accompanying ANYONE talking is enough to send me walking.

    • For some reason that one never really got to me. But I can understand WHY it would be so scary. The one part that did really freak me out was when she backwards crab-walked down the stairs. Definitely took me a while to get that image out of my head.

  3. Oh man, I do not like scary movies- I’m way too much of a wimp haha. I have seen the ring though and that really freaked me out! Also, the 6th sense left me scared for like a week.

  4. long story short, the ring just about made me shit my pants. I watched it with my hood up and the drawstrings pulled so I could only see a teenytiny bit. and I still was scared to open closets for fear of the creepydeepy-looking “attacked” people sitting there. ;srigja;righar, I still hate those visions.

    I LIKE scary movies… but I’m a very visual person. as in, paranormal activity just makes me laugh. an INVISIBLE monster? really? you can’t scare me.

    but the images of the ring… that’s another story.

    • OMG the closet girl!!!! That was the scariest part. I almost put a picture of that in this post but I couldn’t do it – way too scary!
      Paranormal Activity didn’t have enough action to truly scare me, but I did think about some parts for days later, so it gets a mention.

  5. I’ve only seen The Ring out of all of those. I used to love them all (even Saw… SICK), but now I can’t sleep or even be alone after seeing them.


  7. Candyman is the scariest movie ever, no doubt. I still freak myself out thinking about it, and it probably doesn’t help that we re-watched it last year. Still scary as h-e-double hockey sticks!
    The other movie that scared the crap out me? Stephen King’s It.

  8. I love scary movies, they’re some of my favourites. I don’t usually get truly scared by them though.

  9. I actually hate scary movies 😦 haha. I used to watch them all the time when I was younger, but I have terrible anxiety and struggle with nightmares now. I ended up watching two movies this weekend that were not supposed to be scary, but actually were. I didn’t get to sleep until 5am last night…I like funny movies 😛 lol

  10. Don’t feel bad about My Buddy – he totally had it coming. Once I realized Kid Sister was probably related to Chuckie, our friendship was over too. And now, I’m probably not going to sleep for the next two months thanks to that picture from The Ring. Scariest movie ever!

  11. I love scary films! Well, I love and hate them. There’s something really exciting but also horrible about feeling utterly terrified, but knowing deep down that you’re safe and comfortable. I hate being scared in real life though, it’s only fun when I know I’ll be okay!

    I was pretty young when I first saw The Blair Witch Project and it pretty much scared the bejesus out of me. I think the scariest film I’ve ever seen was The Birds. Once again I was way too young to be watching a film like that, and now I’m completely convinced that it could happen one day D:

  12. Hahaha this post was fantastic! I am the WORST with scary movies! LIke I get unreasonably/irrationally frightened after them, even though I know how fake they are! Well most anyway! For example, I tried to watch Hide and Seek with some friends and spent the whole movie either covering my eyes or plugging my ears (when you can’t hear, it’s not as scary haha) very effective way to watch a movie… NAHT!.
    I am glad I never saw Candyman… especially if it’s scarier than bloody mary, I would still not be able to handle a mirror!

  13. I HATE scary movies and avoid them at all costs. I have actually seen very few of them. I remember going to visit my sister in Cali (who loves scary movies….and know si hate them) and she thought it would be funny to make me watch the ring with her and i cried (I was like 17 probably) and she thought it was so funny until i was so scared I had to sleep in her bed with her and her boyfriend. HA! whose laughing now.
    And my parents lived in the middle of the woods so I was TERRIFIED of blair witch, i remember watching that one at a sleep over.

  14. I STILL can’t watch The Exorcist alone. So movies like the Exorcism of Emily Rose freak me out. The Shining still gets me too. But yeah, Blair Witch and The Ring Plus, I saw all of the Japanese versions of the Ring which were just as creepy. Oh, and the new Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later. Something about zombies that can book ass freak me out soooo much.

  15. Dude, any scary movie that seems like it could actually happen scares me. So not so much the vampire/monster/zombie ones but yea, something believable like the blair witch. Although I love hitchcock. And I also like say “cock”. tee hee.

  16. I saw maybe 4 scary movies in my entire life, one of them I didn’t finish (Mirrors) and two that I forgot because I must have been 10 at that time. I remember ”The Strangers”. I screamed like a psycho and my friends were so annoyed, they fed me cookies to shut me up. I heard it was inspired by a real story, which made me freak out even more.

  17. Candy Man terrified me. I remember watching it at a friend’s house and I had rented it so I had to bring it home with me in my car. I threw the case in my backseat. Could barely look in the review mirror on my drive home! Even now the odd time, Candy Man pops into my head when I look into the mirror……..

  18. I dunno. I haven’t seen many scary movies. I can’t stand them and am a total wuss. I want to so Daniel in something else besides HP, but I still don’t think I can bring myself to watch it! ha

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