I am a Klutz

Yesterday I spent most of the morning at a media event for work.

It was pretty exciting, there were quite a few members of the media present. And the actual event that the press conference was being held for is a track and field invitational for high school students across Canada. The event is sponsored by Nike, so they were able to lure in some pretty high-profile athletes.

That is Phylicia George, Perdita Felicien, and Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, who are track athletes from Ontario, and both Perdita and Priscilla are 2012 Olympic hopefuls. Priscilla actually won bronze in the 2008 Olympics in women’s 100m hurdles.

All three of them were really cute and nice. It was kind of awesome that they were there. I liked them.

Anyway, I was just there to take pictures, tweet, post stuff on our website, etc., but my boss was speaking so we had to be there early so he could get ready and do rehearsal stuff. We arrived around 7:15am (about two hours before the conference started), and I didn’t really have anything to do while he was preparing, so I kept busy by mingling around with the people who were also there early.

There was coffee at the event, but you know that event coffee is usually ho hum, so I befriended one of the organizers when I heard he was going on a Starbucks run (ohh just kidding, just kidding). But I was very excited and grateful when he included me in the coffee run and brought me back a grande coffee.

I took it over to the table where the coffee and condiments were located so I could add my milk and sugar.

And here is the chain of events.

I suck.

My entire grande coffee spilled everywhere. All over the table, and all over the floor. The worst part was, I was so excited for that coffee, and I didn’t even get one sip.

There were tons of people around, so it was of course very embarrassing. I am sure I will forever be known as the girl who spilled the coffee at the press conference. It was the big inside joke of the morning.

My boss laughed for about half an hour. He was all “Ohh Lindsey, there is always a story around you.”

Well, at least there’s a story.


19 responses to “I am a Klutz

  1. BOOOOOOO that sucks so hard. Regular “conference” coffee is terrible but even if you’d had to drink it you would have been OK. But the fact that you HAD THE STARBUCKS IN YOUR HAND and then… it was gone… so sad.

  2. Oh gosh. At least theres a story :). When I was young I remember a series of books called Megan the klutz. (although in retrospect, I think it was quite unpopular and may have just been 2 books and not a real series) anyways, I was overjoyed that someone had appeared to write a book about me. Trouble follows me too, you are in good company 🙂

  3. Awwww, that is totally something I would do. And I prob would turn bright red! So sad that you didn’t get any coffee too.

  4. bahahaha I LOVE the way you tell pictures in stories! Though I shouldn’t laugh, because nothing sucks more than spilled coffee. Same thing happened to my sister’s Starbucks coffee a couple months ago. Not ONE sip, and it was all over the floor. I felt so bad.

  5. Hmmmm…well at least you didn’t spill it all over the track stars. So sorry for your loss of a perfectly good coffee.

  6. I don’t go to Starbuck that often, so if that happened to me, I would have pulled a “Hungry Like the Wolf” video and just thrown that table. Because if I can’t have it, no one can. That’s normal, right?

  7. At least you commanded attention, perhaps the wrong kind, but attenion nonetheless!
    Great post! Take it from me, you still had a good day!

  8. i always laugh so damn hard at your pictures.

  9. I am also a coffee snob, but my husband takes it to another level. When he is on the east coast, I call him “Dunkin Diva” because he HAS to go to Dunkin Dounuts every single day. I pick my battles with him…

    I hate spilling, at least it wasn’t on your clothes

  10. I am worse than you. I need to wear a bib and be on leash. Thats why all my clothes are stained and cheap!

  11. Hahahaha…the most unfortunate things happen to you. But they always make me laugh.

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