Karaoke Gals

On Saturday night myself and a bunch of ladies went out to celebrate my beautiful friend Sherrie’s birthday!


I brought along my friend Dawn, and we met up with Sherrie and the rest of the gals at Sherrie’s house for a little pre-drinking action. Our plan was to take a limo to a karaoke bar in downtown Toronto called Bar+. I had never been there before, but I love karaoke so I was definitely excited. I also love taking limo’s around. It doesn’t happen very often, so it makes me feel rich and fancy.

We brought along the glasses, so obviously we needed to have a limo photo shoot with them…

Anyone else remember Jason Priestley glasses? When Brandon Walsh spotted a girl on the beach in the first episode of Beverly Hills 90210? This is what we were emulating.

I think we pretty much nailed it.



My friends and I have a thing for the Jason Priestley glasses. There are a ton of pictures of us doing it over the years. Basically if we are ever photographed in glasses, we must do the Jason Priestley expression.

The glasses were a huge hit with everyone! Like usual. How can you not love the glasses?

The ones missing a lens are my favourite.

We arrived at Bar+ and met up with my friend Lisa, who was already there.

She lives pretty close to the bar, so it didn’t make sense for her to take the limo with us. She missed the glasses/Jason Priestley party, sadly. But it’s okay, there were more adventures to come.

The karaoke bar was pretty cool, and different than any karaoke bar I have been to before. It was private karaoke. The bar had a common area where you could order drinks and stuff, and then a big hallway that surrounded the building, with a bunch of private rooms off of it.

(pic taken from Bar+ website)

We had an entire room to ourselves that included everything you needed for karaoke.

And you got to bring in your own snacks!

It was pretty awesome having the snacks there.

There were only two microphones, so the rest of us honestly just screamed the entire time.

It should be noted that I am not a serious karaoke singer. I love karaoke, but I just like to be funny. My favourite song to sing is Strokin’ by Clarence Carter, and it usually makes an appearance when I am at a karaoke bar.

Years ago, Lisa and I sang Strokin’ during karaoke night in a gay bar (fitting since the song is all about making love to your woman). Our rendition of Strokin’ followed a drag queen who sang the Titanic song (VERY well, let me add), and that was the night I discovered how seriously gay men take karaoke. They did not find us funny. Our gay friend was so mad at us for not even attempting to sing the song well, and for not being serious enough. Ah well. He got over it.

Anyway, if you are looking for a fun thing to do with a group of people, I would highly recommend this type of bar!

Seriously fun times!


2 responses to “Karaoke Gals

  1. My friends did that for my birthday one year and it was seriously a 500 million on the fun scale. Those places kick ass.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I’ve never sang karaoke before… then again, that’s probably a good thing!

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