Sucked In

Well hello there.

I am sorry, I have abandoned you. I’d like to say that I was doing something exotic and interesting over my break from the internets over the last several days, like vacationing somewhere hot or something, but no no.

Nope, I got sucked into this:

I discovered Downton Abbey. I have been hearing really great things about it lately, and I was thoroughly intrigued. Since I love a good period drama (hello Road to Avonlea and Mad Men!), I decided to check it out. I downloaded the first season on iTunes last week, and after the first episode I was hooked. I could not. stop. watching it. Just one episode after another. I was obsessed.

I loved the characters, could not get enough of the story lines, and died for the costumes. I basically just thought everything about the show was awesome, and I wanted to pack up my things and live in it, as Lady Lindsey, the privileged daughter of an earl. I would never have to do anything for myself again, including comb my hair or dress myself. Awesome.

So that is pretty much all I have been doing in my spare time, and I ended up watching the entire first two seasons (including the Christmas special), and as of last night I am all caught up. Now I am in the same boat as the rest of you Downton Abbey fans, tingling in anticipation for season 3, which doesn’t start until September. I already miss it. I may have to re-watch the first two seasons to help with the emptiness that now resides in my heart.

Anyway, I just wanted to post something to break the ice, and I hope to be back to regularly scheduled blogging this week. I find it really difficult to write something after a period of not blogging, so this is me easing back into it!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


16 responses to “Sucked In

  1. Hahahaha “I just wanted to post something to break the ice” this is amazing. And… I need to start watching this, and I need to get me one of those corsets.

  2. Ahh yes. The time suck that is TV. I know it well. I caught up on Ringer, House of Lies, and half of Once Upon a Time over the weekend. I’m not proud. I mean, I’m not ashamed either. I’d do it again. I am convinced you and I would make amazing lazy friends together.

  3. I’ve been resisting getting into this series for exactly this reason. I feel like I will abandon all other necessities in life in order to watch. And as much as I like to be in on the fun stuff, there is showers to be taken and work to go to (unfortunately). This girl I know on FB kept updating about it and she kept calling it Downtown Abbey. Made me laugh every time. But I didn’t have the heart to correct her. Does that make me horrible?

    • ah, it was a long weekend, no work 😉

      There is a girl on my facebook who keeps spelling bonfire “bomb fire” and for some reason it ENRAGES me. But I too just can’t bring myself to correct her, so I am in the same boat as you.

      • HA!! Classic. If I were to ever misuse some phrase or word (I know, its unlikely), you absolutely have the permission to correct the heck out of me, no hard feelings! 😉

  4. No way! I just finished the Chrismas special last night too!!! I am SO ADDICTED. Literally as soon as I finished the xmas episode I wanted to start watching again from the beginning. So. Damn. Addicting.

  5. I read this post with one eye closed in case you “spoilered”! We dvr’d Downton and still have the last two (two hour) episodes to go! Terrified of finding out what happens….

  6. Given that you’re a fan of both Downton Abbey and the Sylvanian Families, I HAVE to recommend Dollhouse Downton to you, if you haven’t seen it already! So hilarious. There are three installments so far:

  7. Alright so everyone and their mom is talking about this show so I feel like I need to check it out now. I didnt know it existed until a few weeks ago and am stoked that there are two seasons to catch up on. When I watch a show, I WATCH a show like catch up on everything in one weekend.

  8. Oh Lord, I just ordered this on Netflix. The two ladies I run with are obsessed and I was tired of being left out of the conversation. I have a feeling I am going to be putting in some major TV time.

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