If You Could Google Anything…

I am a talented googler. I google pretty much everything, and I am very proud of my googling skills, which I have been carefully honing since high school. I sometimes think to myself that there is nothing I can’t find via google.

Google is the first place I turn when I don’t know the answer to something. And if I have just met you…watch out. I am probably googling you. If you are my friend or coworker, I have googled you. If you have an internet scandal, I know about it.

I just like to google. I am a googler.

Sometimes though, I think I might be too dependent on google.

Yesterday I misplaced a handwritten note somewhere on my desk in my office, and for a moment I thought I could google its whereabouts. When I remembered that google does not have the answer for everything, and no you can’t actually google something you physically misplace, I was disappointed. Why can’t google know this?

What would it be like if you could google something you’ve lost?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just be like…

And google would be all…



And google would say:

And I would be forever grateful.

And wouldn’t it be nice if google could also answer questions about your life’s mysteries?

For example:

And I’d also like to know…

And google would tell me…

Google really needs to get on this.


23 responses to “If You Could Google Anything…

  1. Best post ever!

  2. Awesome! Love it!!
    You should make this happen. 🙂

  3. I am so happy right now.

    This was amazing.

  4. This is scary, I feel like society is not far from reaching this kind of advancement in technology. It sounds great, but always being dependent on a website?? I would feel way too useless…Even though it would be helpful, I would like to know that my brain is still used for something.

  5. Google should be the new magic 8 ball – answering any question and solving any problem, any time!

  6. life would be so fantastic if Google were that smart. you smartypants, you.

  7. Winnie foreva!!!

  8. This is amazing, I love it!! The part about Winnie brought tears of happiness to my eyes!!!

  9. LOL!! omg I love this. The URLs on each search are hilarious, too. If only Google could help me out with my scatterbrain 😛

  10. Is it weird that this creeps me out? I’m all “oooh…big brother google…” Ha! I love google, though, especially every time I have an argument with JP about something extremely important, such as whether or not cucumbers are better than celery. I don’t know how anyone ever solved disagreements before google.

    • not weird at all, it creeps me out too! I am so careful with my search terms now, and if I google something, I’ll usually just copy and paste the address of the page that I want to visit and put it in my browser – rather than just clicking on it in the results. This way, no one sees my info and also my search term! I am sneaky.

      Cucumbers are better than celery. No need to google, just ask me. Cucumbers win every veggie argument.

  11. This would be totally brilliant and I am actually surprised that Google has not figured this out yet. I too use Google for almost everything. If I could ask it anything right this very moment I would have two questions, “where are we going to live” b/c I need to KNOW!! And “why does my stepson not do the simple things we ask him too?” Although since he is 13, that might even be too much of a mystery for even Google to figure out?! 😉 Love this post!!

  12. THIS IS THE BEST POST I HAVE EVER READ!!! I ask the Google machine everything as well and I do get frustrated when he/she doesn’t have the answer. Like when I ask what I’m supposed to eat for dinner. It never comes through on that one…

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  14. Hahah this is such a great post! It’s amazing how dependent we are on Google…for everything!

  15. Hahhaaha best post evaaa (although I say that about most of your posts 🙂 ) Google does help to save my life on a daily basis, it’s time for it to get more personal 😉

  16. This is hilarious – the URL’s that go with the answers are really the icing on the cake. Well played 🙂

  17. Hahah i wish that.
    I google everything too! it really is sad. and your right, that would be an AWESOME feature google could add haha
    this is sorta random but we have instant messaging within our office and sometimes i confuse it with text messaging. that sounds dumb I know haha. Let me explain… my coworker went to lunch and i decided i wanted her to bring me back an icecream from the place she was going. so i sent her an instant message…. and then when she came back 20 mins later empty handed i was disappointed and asked if she got my message and she said NO? and then when she logged back onto her computer we laughed for 20 mins. haha

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