Just a Big Food Fest

So whenever I hear one of my friends telling someone else about my blog, they usually refer to it as a food blog.

This is fair enough. I originally started it as a food blog (well, more of an I-like-to-eat blog), I talk about eating pretty frequently, and it is called Happy or Hungry. So I understand why people refer to it as this (also, I think a food blog is easier to explain than just a blog). But I don’t talk about food or post recipes nearly enough to officially qualify as a food blog, in my opinion. I think I’m more of a random blog.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I am only saying this because I would like to put my food blogging pants back on for un momento. Today I would like to talk about food, and the abundance of food that I have consumed in the past couple of days.

I spent Friday and yesterday helping out at the Ontario Coaches Conference, which is put on annually by the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO).

I don’t work for the CAO, but they are in the same building as my organization and I have gotten to know their staff pretty well over the years. I would consider them friends, especially Jessica, who is my age and started her job around the same time as me. I always have fun hanging out with her, so when she asked me if I would want to be on their conference planning committee I was immediately down.

(Jess and I at the conference)

The conference was extremely fun and motivating (and I’m not even a coach). My job was to go around and take pictures (nothing really new there, it’s what I usually do at events), help run their Twitter page, and generally just help out where needed.

And eating. I am listing this as a job because I ate like it was my job. This event had the best food I have ever experienced at a conference. I did not hold back. I couldn’t help it! Here is an example of the delicious food that surrounded me:

And that was just a snack.

I LOVE cheese. So, so much. It took all my restraint not to dive head first onto that table and start shoving handfuls of it into my face.

And here is what my lunch looked like yesterday:

Salad, veggies and dip, chicken skewer, tofu stirfry (I skipped on the tofu and just grabbed veggies though), mashed sweet potato, veggie lasagne, and a whole grain stuffed red pepper in the middle. That is a LOT of food, and I didn’t even take everything. I did try to squeeze as much as possible on my plate though. It was one of the best lunches I can remember.

And I kicked off my lunchtime food fest with the best mushroom soup I have ever had.

It was perfectly smooth and puréed. Just deliciousness.

And of course I need to talk about dinner, because it blew the pants off me. Dinner was during a tradeshow/social in a huge dining room set up with four different ethnic food buffet stations: Greek, Italian, Asian, and Indian.

There were tons of salads, soups, different kinds of chicken and steak, vegetable dishes, pasta, and desserts.

It was amazing. I was in awe at the amount of food. As they were setting it all up, I was seriously having serious bursts of excitement. I could barely contain myself.

I filled my plate, to say the least.

Some stuff is buried so I’ll list it for you: cucumber salad, corn and potato salad, tomato and bocconcini cheese salad, Greek salad, roasted vegetables, pita with hummus and baba ghanoush, chicken souvlaki with tzatziki, butter chicken, pasta, and an amazing samosa. I really embraced the plate-piling buffet method. That samosa and the butter chicken were the highlights for me. SO. GOOD.

And I hit up the dessert pretty hard as well.

Fruit salad, mango ice cream and baklava (which was to die for).

I can’t eat like this on the regular, obviously, or I would be 300 pounds. I’m pretty healthy in my daily life…but if I have the opportunity to go food crazy every once in a while, I take it.

I say, eat all the things!


(and photo inspiration obviously taken from the hilarious Allie of Hyperbole and a Half).

You have to take advantage of delicious food opportunities!


11 responses to “Just a Big Food Fest

  1. I used to love being sent to workshops and conferences, partly for the change of pace, but mostly for the FOOD. My favourite yearly workshop baked fresh cookies for mid-morning snack. By 9:45, I couldn’t focus on the presentations; all I could do was smell cookies and watch the door and wait for the caterers to come through with their heaping trays. Ha!

  2. I find workshops and conferences the worst – I can’t ever find food there. 😦

    How did you make those fun collages?? Love the font and I see it everywhere. Will you let me in so I can play too?

  3. I seriously want that food! It all looks absolutely amazing! Um, and yes please to eating that soup haha…wow apparently I’m hungry. Glad you had a great time! I’m sure I would have loved being around all that food too 🙂

  4. I would walk off with the cheese tray…seriously. YUM!

  5. I definitely get overwhelmed when there’s so many different yummy-looking food options to choose from. I want to try it all! And I usually end up doing so. I’m dying over that baklava though… SO good!

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