Fat Saturday (and probably Monday)

After eating my face off at the Coaches Conference on Saturday, I headed home for a quick power nap before getting my Mardi Gras on!

(My friend Bri and I…and a couple of unknown jokesters behind us doing cheesy bunny ears.)

My and Andrew’s friend Candis was turning the big 3-0, and her and her husband Shane hosted a big Mardi Gras themed party in celebration. I frickin’ love theme parties (hello ugly sweater party!), and Shane and Candis are known to go all out with their party decorations (they host the best Halloween parties), so I have been looking forward to this party for weeks now.

About 30 people showed up, including a bunch of our good friends, and I had an excellent, excellent time. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love house parties (along with theme parties). As we are getting older there are definitely fewer to look forward to, so I try to enjoy every moment of the ones I do go to.

Which may include breaking out into an impromptu dance party…

Just lovely.

In kind of a rare occurrence I got a beautiful pic of all the boys.

Well it would be beautiful if my camera didn’t suck, but it’s not bad.

And in a not-so-rare occurrence, and even though I had just spent the entire day and the day before eating, I did some food table stalking…

I think the beer bottle adds a little somethin’.

I snagged some chips and Mexican dip, a samosa, and an unpictured pulled pork sandwich (AMAZING) along with a few meatballs.

And a birthday cupcake.

Which was quite delicious.

I started the night out fairly modestly on the Mardi Gras bead front, but I ended it pretty bead-tastically.

Umm, just a note… I did not acquire those beads in the traditional Mardi Gras fashion. Just want to clear that up.

Such a great time! I hope you had an awesome birthday, my dearest Candis!

In other news, I am in Blue Mountain until tomorrow for my organization’s Alpine Skiing Championship. I’ve just been paparazzing around, and I am just about to head to the banquet.

I am assuming more face-stuffing is to come, because here is a picture of what was on my plate last year.

Oh sweet baby cheeses. I just got a burst of excitement. Wish my pants and I luck!


7 responses to “Fat Saturday (and probably Monday)

  1. It’s a good thing you cleared that up because I was wondering how you got all those beads 😛

  2. Woo hoo…have fun!! Sounds like you had an awesome time at that house party. It looks like so much fun! Gotta love mardi gras beads 🙂

  3. I am so jealoud of your FOOD again. Specifically, cupcakes!

  4. Bahhaa I love the pic of the guys because half of their eyes are closed. I could eat that entire shrimp ring. I know this because I have a few times before.
    I want one of those cupcakes! Buuut, it’s almost our birthday month so I have a feeling there will be cupcakes abound 😀

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