Birthday Twins

It’s my birthday!

This is obviously a very exciting day, but there is a certain birthday twin of mine who is stealing my thunder…


The Biebs. Of course he had to be born today. Of course.

I mentioned this last year, but a bunch of people have actually said “Happy Birthday Justin Bieber” to me today, and since my name is actually Lindsey, I thought it was worth bringing up again (note: I like it. It makes me laugh.)

So Happy World Bieber Day (that was trending on Twitter this morning) and stuff.

Birthday’s also typically mean this these days:

And I love it! Friends I forgot I even had are writing on my Wall (Timeline?) to wish me a happy birthday. Facebook makes me feel so loved and popular.

I am working on a birthday cartoon post as a present to you guys. It’s about one of my most funny and memorable birthday’s, but it is not ready yet. Hopefully tomorrow!

I hope you guys are all having a great day as well, and if you are a fellow birthday twin, send me a picture of your face so I can Photoshop you into a picture of Justin and I having a good ol’ birthday time. Spanks.


27 responses to “Birthday Twins

  1. ‘appy beeerrrthday, my dear! good work with the photoshop. HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY!

  2. I must agree…that is one might fine photoshop job!! Happy birthday!!!!! At least you can rub it in JB’s face that he still cannot LEGALLY drink, especially if he’s rocking the US like he usually does lately lol. You’ve one up’d him on the fact that you’re doing shots, while he’s doing…Selena Gomez (sorry, had to do it – now his mom officially knows lol)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day and remember to have some cake also 🙂 LOL the JB pic is hilarious!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my boyfriend adam levine and i have the same exact birthday (march 18, 1979). im sure we will be celebrating by making sweet love all night to “moves like jagger” on repeat.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY TWIN!!!! Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Ed McMahon (RIP) also share our birthday. 😀

  6. HBD 2 you, HBD 2 you, HBD dear lindsayjustinbeiberrrrrrrrr, HBD 2 you!
    We are Pisces sisters!! I’m sending you a pic, I wanna celebrate with you!!

  7. Happy birthday doll!
    dammit Jbieb…. get out of the spotlight its lindseys DAY!

  8. Gweeeeeee! Happy Birthday!!! You are way hotter than Justin Bieber. Her hair is weird.

  9. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Haha! One of my favorite things about birthdays is that all of my long lost friends (from like, infant-hood?) come out of the depths and wish me a happy birthday! How special is that 😉

    Happy birthday!!!! (to you, not JB)

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having an amazing day pretty lady 😀

  11. Justin is not my birthday twin. But Prince is. Can you photoshop of picture of me with him? K? Thanks.

  12. Oh my god, you’re out of control.

    But I love it, hope you (and the Biebs) had a great birthday!

  13. whooo, happy birthday, Lindsey!! 😀

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