Birthday Food Fest (and Bathroom Mirror Pics)

So I’m pretty sure I’m still full from Saturday.

Saturday was Andrew’s mom’s 60th birthday (big day!), and to celebrate, his sister Catherine hosted a big party at her house with all of their family and close friends.

(Me with Andrew’s sisters Sharlene and Catherine. I am kind of tall.)

I had a great time hanging out with everyone, and also eating. Because OH MAN, the food. I cannot remember the last time I ate so much.

I stalked the appetizer table for quite a while…

Give me some shrimp and cheese and I am a happy camper.

I brought the goat cheese and honey dip, which again received rave reviews. People seriously cannot get enough of it!

While I was doing my snacking thing, Ando’s aunt Mirrell came over to me and was all “So funny! I always read on your blog that you like to hang out by the food table, and here you are!”

Yep. Not that I am anti-social (at all), I am not hanging out by the food table to get out of talking to people or anything. Usually I lure other people into hanging out at the food table with me, so the food table is where the party is.

Also, it should be noted that party finger foods are my favourite and I’m pretty sure I could live off of them. I kept coming back for more, and if I was just randomly walking by the table at any time I would usually grab a cube of cheese or something “for the road”, you know.

There were also various bowls of candy and chocolate around the house that I may or may not have dabbled in…

I don’t even think I can explain how much I love Easter chocolate.

I don’t know if I would recommend mixing shrimp, chocolate, chips and salsa, goat/cheddar cheese, sour cherry candies and fruit all before dinner. It was not exactly a winning combo in the ol’ tummers, and possibly not the best of ideas. I felt pretty sick afterwards, not going to lie…

But somehow I was able to still cram in dinner.

Dinner was catered by a local Italian deli and included chicken, veal parmesan, lasagne, meatballs, salad and rolls. I ate like a champ.

But I’m pretty sure I worked off some of my eats by playing with the kids (ie – letting them jump on me like a trampoline).

Andrew’s mom is actually birthday twins with his brother-in-law Joe, and since my birthday is fairly close to theirs, we usually celebrate all three of our birthday’s on the same day.

(Our birthday party last year.)

Obviously 60 is a big deal, so Andrew’s mom was definitely the star of the show this year. She got cupcakes…

As well as a big cake.

Joe and I got pretty giant cupcakes ourselves though, so no complaints here.

After dinner all the adults were hanging out downstairs, while the kids and teens were hanging out upstairs. Andrew’s sister Catherine noticed that the teens were changing their BBM pictures to self-portraits of them looking “cool” in front of the bathroom mirror. I am sure you know the type.

So we decided that we wanted to be cool too, and Sharlene, Catherine and I made our own super cool and attractive picture in front of the bathroom mirror, and then set it as Catherine’s BBM pic so the kids would see it. And we roped Andrew’s grandma into joining us.

Here is the comparison between the two bathroom mirror pics:

We win. And Andrew’s grandma kills me like no other.


17 responses to “Birthday Food Fest (and Bathroom Mirror Pics)

  1. I, too, love food tables. I even hover, because what if something I really liked was down to almost nothing? I need to be there to get the last of it. And seriously, that bathroom pic is the BEST EVER.

  2. Grandmas flipping the bird > peace signs for all. That’s just simple math, right there.

    Also, re: your appetizers: HOPEFULLY you weren’t eating raw shrimp!! The shrimp on that table look pretty pink and cooked! But if you were digging into other, grey ones you might wanna look into your shrimp addiction, lol.

  3. Saturday was so much fun! Thanks again for coming and bringing your famous dip! (even though I didn’t try it) I am still laughing over our bathroom pic with Grandma. Grandma saying “up yours”…Priceless! 🙂

  4. Love this! My cousins always do bathroom pics as their profile pictures and I just want to shake them!

  5. That bathroom pic is too much! Good for Grandma!

  6. Classic. Grandmas are the BEST!

  7. There is so much awesomeness in this blog! My birthday is this week and hopefully I can get some of my ”cool” friends to take a bathroom pic at the bar!! bahahaha! I mean I am turning 28…so that is cool, right!?? Grandma Rocks!!!! 😉

  8. Ahaha! That bathroom photo is clearly the exception of its kind. Unlike all others, its existence is no crime. =P

  9. bahahahaha that last photo killed me! Amazing.

    Sounds like so much fun! And I’m with ya- no matter how much candy I’ve had, there’s always room for dinner 😉

  10. Hahaha love grandma flipping the bird :). Awesome picture. And I sooooo love easter chocolate too! It’s so tasty. I would not have been able to keep my hands out of that bowl hehe.

  11. I want to trade grandmas with you!
    Fuck, can I trade lives with you?!

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