Potted Potter

I am on vacation this week! My office closes for the March break since we work with school administrators, and believe me I know how lucky I am, and I am making a point to enjoy every second.

And when I say I am off for the march break, the first thing people ask me is if I am going anywhere. So let me tell you, no I am not. It is crazy expensive to fly on the March break. The prices of everything are ridiculously jacked up. I am also trying to save my money for a couple of other trips that are coming up, so no traveling for me.

Since it is supposed to be unseasonably gorgeous this week, my plan is to spend as much time as possible outside (a lot of outdoor runs, seeeee ya treadmill!), and get shtuff done around the house. I will not be watching an entire season of Big Brother (like I did on Christmas break), nor will I be watching the entire first two seasons of Downton Abbey (Family Day long weekend), because too much of doing nothing puts me in a funk and I have learned my lesson.

Anyway, since yesterday was day one of getting stuff done around the house (plus a run, plus some shopping), I want to recap Sunday, because Sunday was FUN.

Potted Potter

My friend Lisa scored two free tickets to a play called Potted Potter through her work, and since our previous adventure with Daniel Radcliffe, she knows I heart HP as much as she does, and asked me to be her date.

I had heard very little about Potted Potter, and truthfully I thought it was a parody of Harry Potter smoking illegal substances. Even after I went to the website and saw this pic, I still thought that.

Mostly because of the guy on the right.

But it was not. Not at ALL (when I saw a bunch of children in the theatre, I realized my mistake). Nope, Potted Potter is a two-man show that tells the story of all seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes. Impressive.

The play was at the Panasonic/Mirvish Theatre on Yonge Street in Toronto, in the gay district, which is always fun to visit.


Upon arriving at the theatre we stopped by the food counter to check out the snack situation.

Butterbeer?! $6 or not, obviously we had to try it. I saw the guy make it and I’m pretty sure the secret ingredients are butterscotch, club soda, and whipped cream, which sounds like it would be a disgusting combination, but it was surprisingly delicious!

See the guy in the number 2 jersey behind me? That was actually Dan, one of the actors from the show. He came out before the play started and introduced himself to members of the audience, which I thought was pretty cool.

We scored some popcorn as well, and as is typical for me with movie theatre popcorn, I shoveled it into my face, one kernel after another, until it was gone less than 20 minutes into the play.

It may have looked something like this:


The show itself was funny! I didn’t know what to expect, but the two actors were so charismatic and entertaining. I was riveted, and they had me laughing pretty hard throughout.


(That puppet in the picture above is Dobby the house-elf, haha.)

They actually had the audience join in on a quidditch game, and we had to hit around this beach ball and try and get it into one of the two hoops that were on either side of the theatre. I like being involved in things, so I enjoyed that.

Afterwards it was so gorgeous outside that we just walked around downtown for an hour or so, people-watching and enjoying the weather, before heading into Brownstone Bistro for dinner, a cute little pub that is down the street from the theatre.


There were a bunch of people sitting on the patio, but Lis had bare legs and we thought it would get a little chilly once the sun went down behind some buildings, so we opted to sit inside. But it was a reminder that beer-on-the-patio season is upon us and I am excited!

I really liked the atmosphere of Brownstone. We had a perfect corner table, right at a window on the Yonge intersection, and it was ideal for people-watching, which is one of my favourite sports.

Lisa-watching also.

Brownstone had a special fixed Theatre Menu…

Which neither of us ordered from. They had half-price appetizers between 4-6pm, so Lis and I shared an order of mussels.

And HOLY those were GOOD. But I was reminded that I am not the most elegant mussel eater (and that is an understatement), and I should probably never order them if I am out with someone and care about my appearance. Lisa said she wished I could see myself eating the mussels so that I could accurately depict a cartoon of myself. It was sloppy, I will just say.

For my entrée I went with the Penne Dell’ Orto.

Which was penne topped with grilled vegetables in a pesto olive oil sauce. I was impressed, it was good. Lis ordered the chicken marsala, and RAVED about it. Good food all around.

We also shared a pitcher of Stella, which I haven’t had in a while and thoroughly enjoyed.

After dinner we did some more walking around. We hit up Starbucks for some post-dinner drinks (peppermint mocha frappucino for me!), and then stopped by a huge candy store.

Where I made sweet love to a wall of Pez dispensers.

They had basically every candy imaginable, except for the one I was really looking for…Punkys!


Anyone else remember them? They are kind of like big nerds. I used to LOVE them. I was reallllly hoping to find them, but no dice.

Anyway, enough of the ramble-fest here, it was a great day in the city. And if any of you HP fans have a chance to see Potted Potter, go! It was great!


19 responses to “Potted Potter

  1. Ohhoooo, I want that penne. and to see this show. you canadians are my kinda people.

  2. I think Punkys must be a Canadian deal. I’ve never heard of ’em. I also haven’t heard of Potted Potter (wow… pretty exposed), but I do want to see that show! Sounds fun!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! I wonder if Potted Potter will be anywhere in the Midwest…. Probably not. Sad face.

  4. Never heard of Punkys…unless you mean Brewster. Then I’ve heard of her. In other news, I will be eating my popcorn like that from now on.

  5. Um. I need to see this show in the near future. That looks awesome, and all that food seriously just made me so hungry. Except the candy. I’m not really feeling nerds. If it’s candy, it has to be all chocolate all the time.

  6. Oh man, I need to see that play!

    I made my own butterbeer once. It was pretty awesome, but I hear the chilled version from the official theme park is unbeatable!

  7. That sounds like a great show! And the picture of the guy eating popcorn- priceless :D.

  8. I wish I could watch that!!! Looks pretty funny but I have actually never followed the harry potter stuff so a shorter synopsis would be a good run down for me!

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  10. OMG!!! I’m in your picture of you and your butterbeer! I’m talking to Dan!! Wasn’t the play great?! Nine of us went that day. My face hurt so much from laughing. We stayed behind and got their autograph after the show 🙂

  11. Oh My God yes!! We talk to them for about 10 minutes! We waited for them to come out but they never did, so I just knocked on the stage door and asked fot them to come out and sign an autograph and they were pleased to do so! Most of our party had already left to go to dinner so it was just my son, my nephew and myself but we had a blast 🙂

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