The Guy on the Right

Sometimes I forget that my blog is public and that anyone can read it. That sounds funny, but usually when I write a post I have certain people in mind who I picture reading it, usually other bloggers or people I know. So when I am reminded that strangers read it and then essentially know what’s going on in my life, I have a little moment of weirdness.

It’s cool though, that is what I signed up for!

But I was definitely taken aback yesterday. Remember I said I originally thought Potted Potter was a play about HP smoking illegal substances, and then I posted this pic?


And I said the guy on the right further concluded my theory?

Well after I posted that yesterday I got a tweet from that guy.

Love from the potted ‘guy on the right.’

I died. I laughed about this for the rest of the evening. So funny. I was flattered that he actually read my post though, too.

Thankfully the guy on the right has a good sense of humour (I already knew this from the play, of course), but it was definitely a reminder to me that ya gotta be careful what you say sometimes, because you never know who is reading!

Fellow bloggers, have you ever had a moment where you realized just how public your blog is?


13 responses to “The Guy on the Right

  1. haaaha. think he has a Goggle Alert for “guy on the right?”

  2. I always try and think, “Now who would I not want to read this? What is the possibility that they would?” I am usually thinking family members or someone from work though. Like you, I never would have expected someone from a play to read what I wrote about him! So funny!

  3. LOL! I do that too, think of a few specific people who I know will read and then sometimes people who I dont suspect read it will talk to me about something from the blog when I see them in person. It always catches me off guard. And then there are times when I am not sure if someone has read it or not, so I have to start the sentence with “did you see my post about….?” and then I feel embarrassed. #bloggerproblems

  4. Wow! This is hilarious. I love it. At least he was a good sport about it. Plus, you gave them a pretty great review. Still, that is too funny.

  5. True, true. You be careful!

  6. Can’t believe you were @ Panasonic Theatre!! Cause right beside it (to the right), is this quint little bar called Duke of Gloucester! What’s so special about it you might ask? Well, it’s where I get together almost every Saturday now with all my fellow U-Sectories :). I’ve only known them for about 8 months or so, but have gotten to know them really well. Infact they’ve even turned the private room into a room full of tfc memorabilia. It’s essentially a home away from home away from home for us, especially during the off season!!!

    And yes, there are bonus points if you know what I mean by “U-Sectorite” 😉

  7. Awww, well I still give you the bonus points for participating 😉 ;). So U-Sectorite means someone that is in the U-Sector group ;). Now most likely you’re gonna say “Well, what is the world is U-Sector?????”, so I’d figure I’ll answer it for you right away 😉 😉 ;). U-Sector=a supporters group of tfc 🙂

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