Shamrock ‘n’ Roll

So it needs to be said. I love St. Patrick’s Day. It is hands down my favourite pub night of the year.

There is something about grown-ups dressed as leprechauns that just warms my heart. And when I say grown-ups, I don’t mean like me. I mean like my parents. Real grown-ups.

Like this man:

We started the night off at my friend Dawn’s for a little barbecue, and everyone was in their festive gear!

You may remember my friend Corey, from his mature 30th birthday celebration, and know that he just loves dressing up (oh yeah, the ugly Christmas sweater party also). I really enjoyed the mustache attached to his shirt. Added a little somethin’ extra (I actually found that mustache today attached to the side of one of the boots I was wearing, after I had gone grocery shopping, in those same boots).

I was actually not feeling very well yesterday, and not really on Friday either, so my usual raging appetite was not really making an appearance. But I knew the green beer festival was about to commence and I needed to eat, so I made myself have a burger. And then I just told myself what I usually do when I am not feeling the greatest: “You are NOT sick”, and I felt much better as the adrenaline of St. Patrick’s Day hit me, and I feel fine now (my fingers are crossed though, I am not sick!)

Shmanyway, we hung out at Dawn’s for a bit before heading to the Waltzing Weasel, an Irish pub in Oshawa. This is the closest I got of a group shot of everyone.

I’m missing at least 10 people, but so much beautiful green!

Pubs are the absolute best on St. Patty’s Day. I can’t imagine celebrating anywhere else.

And ohh, you know we had green beer.

Which I am nearly spilling in the above picture (I saved it, not to worry).

Dawn’s fiance Mark had the best attire I think.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I thought the braids brought out his gorgeous blue eyes, and the mustache pin really did it for me.

My friend Joel was pretty fabulously festive also.

Nothing screams Irish like a grass skirt.

I stepped my own costume up as the night wore on with a little green mustache action.

It was an attractive addition.

(Note: it was not snowing. My camera just likes to be a jerk sometimes.)

We ended up pretty much closing the bar down at midnight, as that is what happens when you arrive before 6pm. I was a fan of this though, I was home nice and early!

It was a great night. Just a really, really fun time. Best night I have had in a while. Hope you guys all had a good one too!

And now it is bed time. Back to the grind for me tomorrow!


15 responses to “Shamrock ‘n’ Roll

  1. Sounds like you all had a great time. Start saving up for some awesome costumes next year.

  2. Boo. I lost my comment. Ok, here goes again…
    Looks like you had fun and all that dollar store stuff looks great! I’m so doing that next year. Or for the 4th!
    So bars there close at midnight? Ours are open till 2am. And some towns here are open till 4am. That is just excessive. haha, just kidding. Not it’s not, it’s awesome! 🙂

  3. Looks like so much fun!! I’m loving all of your outfits…so festive :). Glad to hear that you’re feeling better!

  4. haha i saw your tweet about the fake green mustache on your boot. Hilarious!

  5. Wow! You guys go all out! I love that the bar was called the Waltzing Weasel. That’s absurd and wonderful.

  6. But next year, you guys should try to remember to wear green and Irish-y things… 🙂

  7. Glad to see you did it up on St. Patty’s day. Mark and I fell asleep in front of the tv at 8pm. So sad, sigh. The life of a new parent. Looks like you had fun and I’m glad the moustach followed you to the grocery store.

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