Back in the Saddle


I have ditched you this week and I apologize. This week has been very busy and weird for me, so I took a little blog vacation. Blogging seems to be the first thing to fall by the wayside when things are a bit crazy.

I also find it really difficult to write my first post after an extended break, because I seem to have gotten out of the habit.

But time to get back in the saddle! There are some things I would like to talk about that have nothing to do with each other, and here they are in no particular order.


The trackpad on my MacBook has been acting up lately and the hard click isn’t working properly. This does not make me happy. I mentioned in my post about how I draw my cartoons that I just do them using my trackpad. Now when I click and drag to draw something, the click doesn’t stay down, and it just stops mid-line (does that make any sense?). It’s annoying. So that cartoon post I promised you guys last week is not yet done, sadly. High five for me.

So for now I am using the “tap to click” option on my trackpad and I really do not prefer it. I don’t like how often I am accidentally clicking on things.

This is seriously hindering my Facebook creeping, because 90% of the time I’m on Facebook, I am looking at someone’s profile who I do not want to know I am looking at (that’s an awkward sentence, sorry), and I’m terrified I’m going to accidentally “like” one of their photos and alert them to my stalking. Big problems, big problems.


Speaking of Lori and Carl and The Walking Dead, I finally watched the season finale the other night with my friend Dawn and her fiance Mark. We basically had a running commentary throughout the entire episode, and I was going to do a recap of our thoughts (because I think we’re funny), but then I noticed that Cely did.

She covered every point we brought up: What’s with the mystery helicopter? How are the zombies so easily led? Why do Lori and Carl suck so bad? Why does Lori suddenly care where Carl is when she hasn’t pretty much this entire season?


Who is that kid who just got eaten, and why did he let that walker in the RV? Why are they not getting off the farm immediately? Why does no one have a plan for this type of situation? What is it about Daryl that makes him SO ATTRACTIVE?!


WHY ARE THEY STOPPING THE CAR?! Who is the person with the walker pets? What is up with the compound? What’s going to happen next?!

So Cely summed all this up, and she probably said it better and more funny than I could, so if you are a Walking Dead fan you should go check out her post.


DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT THE HUNGER GAMES. I mean it. I am dying to see it and I can’t until next week. It’s killing me. Every time I log into Facebook or Twitter I am bombarded with people raving on about how amazing the movie is, and how it is the best thing they’ve ever seen, and how great Peeta is and etc. etc. etc.

Great. Seriously, if you talk to me about it I will punch you in the face.


I am glad to hear it that’s getting rave reviews though. I’m so excited to see it! I may actually re-read the first book in the meantime.


I have not been running this week at all. I walked for about 10km the other day (no exaggeration), and my entire baby toe is a blister (again, no exaggeration). I can barely wear shoes, so I assume running would not be fun and I haven’t tried yet. I’m hoping to get back on that next week, and I guess I’ll just skip ahead a week in my 10k training plan? Should be doable.

I just squeezed in a workout with Dawn though. We just did the elliptical thing, and then did squats and a crazy arm workout. I do mean crazy. I’m not sure I can lift my arms above my head right now, which is a shame since I have a big night out tonight for my friend Joanna’s birthday (you may remember her birthday last year!), and I’d like my hair to look semi decent. Ah well, I’ll just comb it and hope for the best.

And okay! Now that I have broken the ice, hopefully I can get back into my regular blogging thang. Hopefully.

Hope you guys all have a great Saturday!


14 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. LOL!! I love Tina Fey’s high five.

    I haven’t seen the season finale yet! Dallas typically downloads our shows and we watch them at our convenience. We’re falling behind, clearly. I’m excited for the 2 hour season premier of Mad Men…TOMORROW!! 😀 And don’t worry, you won’t hear about the Hunger Games from me. I guess I haven’t jumped the bandwagon?

    I hope your toe feels better soon! If it hurts that much, it’s probably best to avoid running and just do your elliptical/weights training. Anytime I have an injury, I switch to yoga for awhile. Did I ever tell you I broke my ass while snowboarding last year? True story 😉

    Have fun tonight, Lindsey!!

    P.S. I’m commenting from my Twitter account because WordPress is being an ass lately.

    • Ah, I definitely already replied to this comment! It seems to have disappeared. Silly iPhone commenting.
      Ohh man, let me know when you watch the season finale! I think you and Dallas will like (I have a friend named Dallas and we call him Salad, haha [like Dallas backwards]).
      You also HAVE to get on the Hunger Games bandwagon. I love futuristic and dystopic societies, so maybe I am biased, but I loooved the books.
      Toe is almost better, and I cannot believe you broke your ass. hahaha. thanks Char!

  2. I love the Walking Dead, but have only seen the first season. I need to get caught up.

  3. Hey! Check your MacBook battery – is it swollen (IE puffing out from the bottom?) If so, I have some advice regarding your trackpad!

    • Ah it’s an internal battery, and it’s new! I don’t think that’s it, but thank you for the advice!
      I think there is a crumb stuck underneath it… It actually seems to be working better now!

      • Ha! Well, that’s awesome. Hopefully it worked. I had my MacBook battery swell three times, which ruined the trackpad.

  4. Can’t wait to see the hunger games either! I’m glad Panem is not real because I’d totally die of starvation or in the hunger games.

  5. So yesterday, I started reading this post and was all “I loved the finale of Walking Dead! I bet Lindsey’s post is going to be hilarious!”

    So I started reading and was all: What helicopter? Kid in the RV?

    I could not remember any of these things happening. And then I realized I had not in fact seen the finale, but had in actuality, only seen the second last episode. It was just so darn good, that I had assumed it must have been the finale.

    Luckily I stopped reading your post and did not read the blog that you had linked to that recapped the entire episode (which I had open in a tab in my browser about to read)!


    I think the lesson learned here, is to not assume a show is over simply because they air a ridiculously good and suspenseful episode!

    • hahaha. That is awesome. The second last episode was very good and suspenseful, I will give you that…but they left so many questions unanswered! Actually now there are more questions that are unanswered…
      You have to watch the finale and then read my blog and then the blog I linked to! DO IT.

  6. Oh man. I feel the exact same way on Facebook. Like, I live in constant terror of liking something I absolutely do not like. #firstworldproblems for sure.

  7. Can I talk you about The Hunger Games books? I just read the first one and really enjoyed it. Nothing extraordinarily spectacular in terms of the writing itself, I don’t think, but Collins tells one heck of a good story! The three-act formatting style is very effective also.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet either, and won’t until next week. Can’t wait!

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