Birthday Sax

Hello there.

So last night my friends and I celebrated our friend Joanna’s 29th birthday.

I loooved Jo’s birthday dress. Just loved it. She was a radiant birthday girl.

You may remember my post about Jo’s MUZIKal birthday last year, when a bunch of girls headed downtown in a limo to the club MUZIK. It was good times for sure.

(last year’s MUZIKal girls)

Jo is definitely a fan of elaborate birthday celebrations, and I am definitely a fan of any sort of celebration, so it works out well.

This year nearly the same girls were in attendance, and we again went downtown for shenanigans. Our first stop was dinner at Spice Route, an Asian bistro + bar on King Street.

This would be me with most of my best friends from high school if you are new to my blog. They are a fun time (I will get to that).

I was a terrible blogger and did not take any pictures of my meal. No biggie though, I actually thought my dinner was terrible and I would not recommend anyone order it… I hate saying that. I really rarely complain about my food (really, I will eat and enjoy pretty much anything), but everyone who tried it agreed with me. It was called vegetable curry, but it was not a curry at all. It was almost like a really mild, tasteless teriyaki. It reminded me a lot of the chicken and vegetable teriyaki Lean Cuisine, but worse. Seriously, I was so not impressed.

Moving on though, everyone else enjoyed their meals, and I shared a pitcher of sangria with my friend Lisa and that was delicious (but I have never met a sangria I didn’t like, so…)

Joanna’s birthday cake was ridiculous!

Seriously ridiculous. I’m pretty sure it was diamond encrusted and had a HUGE flower on the front of it. It was probably the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. And the flavour was banana and Nutella, with buttercream icing. Just an absolute dream. I wanted to dive into it face first. But I settled for my one slice and was a happy camper. Such deliciousness should be illegal.

After dinner it was bar time! We headed to Century Room, also on King, almost directly across from Spice Route, so it worked out very well location-wise.

I am a beer drinker through and through, but we had bottle service so vodka it was! I can get down like that.

So, we brought a dollar store saxophone with us as a prop. I need to address the sax because it ended up being the highlight of the night for me. There was a lot of pretending to play George Michael’s Careless Whisper, like this fine young gent:

(Side note: that is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen, and if a shirtless man in a mullet came up to me and started playing Careless Whisper on a saxophone I would DIE. I would not be able to contain my laughter and I’m pretty sure I would actually pee my pants.)

So pretending to play Careless Whisper and getting people to dance for us was fun for a while, but then Dawn stepped it up and added alcohol (champagne actually, very classy) and a straw to the bell of the sax and would hold it out to strangers (men) and ask if they wanted to drink from it.

I could not get over how many people actually drank from the saxophone. People were actually excited to drink from the saxophone! Sometimes we didn’t even say anything, we just held the sax up to them and they would purse their lips for the straw. So trusting!

If someone came up to me and offered me a drink from their saxophone, there is no way in hell I would take it. That is just disgusting. So funny though. So, so funny.

God I loved that sax. And I’m pretty sure Ray Charles (above) drank from it and loved it.

Obviously we had the glasses also, since we never go anywhere without them.

The glasses and the saxophone were a winning combination.

We also found a very, very short man.

Please note that I am 5’9″ and I am wearing heels. Dawn is 5’4″ and there is actually a picture of her walking under his legs (I don’t know who took it, but it’s somewhere!) I have no idea how tall that guy is but I am going to guess around seven feet. Holy tall, Batman! He was so, so nice (and tall).

Just such a fun night. And I know the beautiful birthday girl had a good time, so that’s all that matters.

And in other exciting news, it turns out there was a crumb stuck under my trackpad and it is now back to normal! Yes yes.

Have a great night!


21 responses to “Birthday Sax

  1. You girls are hilarious!!!! This is too funny. And you are all so beautiful! Looks like it was such a fun night.

  2. Ummm can I come party with you? Please?

    I can’t say with certainty that I would decline a sip from a sax. I think it would depend on my blood alcohol content 😉

    The cake is so pretty! Banana & nutella sounds delicious. My birthday is in just a few weeks, and I told Dallas the only thing I want this year is *drum roll* a vegan cake that I don’t have to bake for myself. Haha. *crossing fingers* Too bad about your curry :/ I don’t like complaining either, but a weird teriyaki taste does NOT a curry make.

    Glad you had a great weekend, Lindsey!!

    • Anytime Char, anytime! I am actually coming out to Vancouver/Victoria at the end of June, so your dream may come true! No seriously, if you want to meet up I am more than down.

      Yeah, who am I kidding, I’d probably drink from a stranger’s sax also…

      Good luck with your vegan cake!

  3. You crazy girls and your crazy shenanagans! A saxophone, priceless! Where did that cake come from?! It’s huge! Glad to see you’re out having fun!

  4. The Sexy Saxophone Man is a great moment in youtube history, and has been the theme of many of our drunken nights with my buddies…. Though I’ll admit, we’ve never bitten the bullet and invested in our OWN sexy sax.


  5. haha per usual, i love everything about this.
    that cake is REDICULOUS! omg and banana nutella flavor? heaven!

  6. The saxaphone was actually $1. So given that 50% discount, I think we can afford another one. I believe there was also a flute. However, it did not fit the Sexy Sax Man fantasy that I had in my head when we purchased it. My sister and I are thinking this may make a good Halloween costume….are you in? A sexy sax trio perhaps?

  7. Did the guy that ask you to drink from his saxophone actually HAVE a saxophone? Or is that just a dirty euphemism? Love, love the tall guy pic! Glad you had a good time since it sounds like it hasn’t been the greatest week man-wise. Love ya, girl!

  8. those look like good times! And that CAKE! oh my gosh.
    I remember when I was 29. I’d always say, “I’m doin’ fine at 29”. Because it rhymes, ya know. Now I’m 39 and no longer feel like rhyming. LOL!

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