Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny (and also a bit of my Nanny)

So last night was super fun. My friend Ashley invited me to go with her to this event in her town called Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny (meaning Ganaraska River). I had never heard of this before, but I like the word fanny (quite a lot), so of course that lured me in and I was immediately game.

Apparently is just like a river race. You can use canoes or kayaks, or you can make your own raft, and then you get your fanny on it and float on down the Ganny.

I found this photo on their Facebook page, so you can get an idea.

Definitely looks like a good time.

The sad thing is, we missed the actual fanny-floating… Ash had to work during the day, and I had some other things going on, so unfortunately we missed the prime fanny time.

But it is okay! We went to the Ganny bar afterwards, and a lot of the fanny-floaters were in attendance. I had a ridiculously good time.

Super classy, super classy. Let me just say that I love small-town bars (well I have actually said this before).

Ashley, her friend Leanne and I got ready together before heading over there. I have met Leanne once before, and loved her instantly, so I knew the three of us would probably have the best time ever.

(Leanne is in the middle, Ash on the right)

We headed out early to avoid any lineups, because apparently fanny-floating day in Port Hope is just as busy as St. Patrick’s Day. It is the biggest event of the year there, and people just hang out and drink at the bar all day long.

I think what I love the most about small-town bars and pubs is that there are just so many characters in there. Anyone who is 40+ and drunk just makes me laugh really hard. Doesn’t matter who it is. I love drunk grown-ups.

Like this man:

New best friend.

I brought the glasses so you know they came out to play…

Actually they made quite an appearance… Sometimes when I am at the bar, I like to give myself a little mission or goal for the evening. Last night’s mission was to see how many pictures we could get of random people wearing the glasses (I don’t like to set an actual number, so then I can’t fail the mission – I was just aiming for a lot).

The mission was a huge success.

Hey, you asked for a glasses party (or at least someone did). Here you go. You are quite welcome. (I’m sorry if you don’t find the glasses funny, but I SURE DO.)

Anyway, as you can see, people LOVED the glasses. They were basically falling over themselves trying to wear them for a picture. It was great.

So fun. It was just so much fun. The three of us basically spent the entire night laughing.

Now onto the Nanny!

This morning I headed over to my aunt’s house for a little brunch party with my fam, including my beautiful little Nana, and my two fave cousins who are visiting from BC (along with their babies).

We had ham and kielbasa (LOVE kielbasa, huge in my family) sandwiches, and the best raspberry custard pie I have ever tasted.

It was such a cute family date. I left feeling all warm and fuzzy.

I just love my little Nana so much. Sometimes I just look at her and I feel like my heart may actually explode because I love her so much.

She is so cute I just want to eat her up. Look at her all sassy in her dress with her red nails.

And again, because I can’t talk about my Nana without reminding you of her age, she will be 98 in July. 98! She is still so full of life, and so with it, and so positive. I truly believe it is her positivity that has kept her alive and healthy for so long. My aunt and cousins agreed with me. She’s the most positive and upbeat person I know.

And look at that skin! She was absolutely glowing and gorgeous.

You guys are all probably sick of the glasses by now. I know, I’m sorry. But I do have one last pic for you…

I just love her.

Hope you all have a great Sunday night!

Oh, and you should all go out and invest in a pair of glasses immediately. Honestly, it is never-ending good times.


21 responses to “Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny (and also a bit of my Nanny)

  1. Kielbasa is a huge deal in my family too! Especially on Easter. I love it so.
    I also love how much you adore your Nana. She’s like the second star of this blog and rightfully so! She looks amazing.

  2. Glasses party indeed!

  3. I’m flying to Canada immediately. We must be BFFs. Love the glasses on everyone! That’s totally something I would do.
    Last night, I was at a bar that had a Cirque theme, so they had face painting going on. All these guys were getting fake curly moustaches and uni-brows painted on. It was hilarious! The uni-brow guy told me I needed one. I told him I wasn’t ready for that in my life yet. Then I spilled my beer all over the bar. He came up to me and goes, “I think you’re ready.” LOL

  4. Omg your nana looks awesome! And she’s so cute :D. Haha and I love that pic of the guy dancing behind a girl with his mouth open- he totally looks like Jack Black!!

  5. Looks like lots o’ fun! I could see how the glasses would be a hit in a small town bar. Keep it up!
    Oh Nanners. I have missed hearing your conversations with her through the wall. Remember when we first met and Nanners and Gpa were young? Only 93 and 90? Sigh. They are so awesome.

  6. Oh Lindsey, you are so funny! Your blog is my absolute favorite. I know I will die laughing whenever I come here. I so wish we could be real-life friends.
    Your nana looks AMAZING! She looks better than my 70 year old grandma!

  7. Oh my gosh grandma is adorable.
    she is so sassy with her red nails! I LOVE IT! in that first picture she looks like she is saying “lindsey GO AWAY!” haha

  8. I def think you accomplished your mission! Although I have to say the funniest pic for me is the one of your family and the dog is at the end staring at the table. I think i spit choked. Love it. And I love your Nanny and her red nails. SASSY indeed!!

  9. I would have to say my favourite picture was of someone who was actually not wearing the glasses, but was with someone younger who was. I will let you guess, a little glasses Where’s Waldo if you will.

  10. It was such a great visit Linds!! Great glasses party too (both of them!)
    Nanners just rocks! Love your posts!

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