Easter Shenanigans and a High School Reunion

Happy Easter! (ya coconuts!)

I just want to apologize for being MIA from any sort of blogging activities lately. Things are really up in the air in my personal life right now, so I have kind of just been taking a break. I will probably continue to be sporadic for a bit, so again I apologize, and hopefully I still have readers. I know I’ll at least have my mom as a reader, anyway, so that is okay with me. (Hi mom, Happy Easter!)

Anyway, back to the Easter thang. So I had pretty much planned on boycotting Easter this year… My mom and brother Eric live in BC (if you don’t know Canadian geography that is FAR), and I’m currently house/cat sitting for my Dad and stepmom who are in Florida (I’m having some internet problems here also, and am currently writing this from Starbucks), so everyone is kind of MIA. I had fully intended skipping out on Easter, and just buying some of my favourite little chocolate tinfoil eggs when they go on sale in a couple days, and then going on a mad chocolate binge.

(I like cheap chocolate. What can I say? I am cheap.)

But no no! My plans were foiled! My good friend Emily invited me to her family’s Easter lunch on Friday, and I love eating and I love her family, so of course I accepted.

Em is on the right and her sister Sara is on the left. We are Eastah bunnies. I have known my little Emilio since I was 6, so hanging with her fam felt comfortable and lovely. And kind of like we were back in elementary school again…

I definitely did not expect any Easter goods, but Emily’s family is awesome and totally hooked me up. Check this out:

All mine. I do not share.

So many of my favourite little milk chocolate eggs, and I definitely also remember the Easter bunny leaving me the carton of gum eggs when I was a kid, so that brought back memories. And who doesn’t love Mini Eggs?

We had a really great lunch, which was all Sara and her husband. They started us off with quite a fab carrot soup.

I wasn’t even sure if I was going to like carrot soup, but ohh man, did I ever. It was so good. Sara added whipped cream and dill on top, and that absolutely made it.

I followed up the carroty deliciousness with a full plate of Easter goodness.

From left: turkey, sweet potato, green beans and almonds, Brussels sprouts, and stuffing. I am not usually the biggest fan of Brussels sprouts, as you may remember, but honestly these were amazing! Possibly even the highlight for me. I always save a bite of my favourite food on my plate for last so it is the final taste in my mouth, and in this case it was turkey…but the Brussels sprouts were second to last, and believe me that is saying something! (I don’t think anything will ever be able to trump turkey if it’s on my plate.)

Sara totally outdid herself with dessert also.

I am not sure what this is actually (you’d think I would be somewhat food savvy, eh?), so I am going to say it was some kind of lemon lime-y sherbet. It was chilly and kind of like gelato. It was good, that’s all I know. It was really, really good.

It was such a cute Easter celebration. I waddled myself home feeling full and happy.

And last night was a barrel of fun, let me tell you. It was our friend Johnny from high school’s birthday, so he and his girlfriend Kari hosted quite the party.

Johnny and I have had a handshake that we have been perfecting since I was in Grade 10 called “the motion of the ocean,” so you know that made a few appearances.

Johnny is actually our good friend Joel’s brother, and they do not look alike at all.

Not at all. I actually found a really funny picture of Joel yesterday from when we were in Grade 9 that I would like to share with you…

So cute. We used to tell him he looked like the lion from the Wizard of Oz. He liked it.

The food spread at this party was incredible. Just incredible.

Do you SEE those cookies?! I was in heaven! Obviously I did some quality food table stalking. I had some of everything, several times.

And our friend Kyle brought an elaborate trifle!

I really appreciated that his trifle was made with chocolate and Skor bar and not berries (chocolate is always better). Not going to lie, by the end of the night I was just eating the trifle directly out of the bowl with a spoon (and I’m not even sorry). It was delicious.

It ended up being quite a high school reunion, so we obviously had to get a pic of all the Cartwright High School alumni who were in attendance.

(Mr. B, this picture is for you!)

Together we all span three grades, with Dawn, Joel and I being the youngest. I loved seeing everyone, as I don’t see most of these people very often, and a couple of them I don’t think I’ve seen since high school.

My old friend Gayle was attendance, who was my flute buddy from Grades 9-12.

We both played the flute in band (I also went to band camp, ohhh!) so she sat beside me in music for years. I miss our music days, so it was awesome catching up with her.

And Kristy, who I really do not think I’ve seen at all since high school, and back in the day everyone used to tell us we looked like twins.

I don’t know if that still applies, but she is hot, so I will take it.

And Emily and Cork made an appearance…

It was just a good night all around!

Welp, off to do the chocolate egg binge thing. Those little balls of deliciousness are not going to eat themselves. Have a great Easter!


21 responses to “Easter Shenanigans and a High School Reunion

  1. Aww, I’m glad you had an unexpectedly good Easter. Friends are the best that way. No moping around for you. You have fun and you LIKE it!
    Oh, and your hair looks silky smooth in those pictures. I want to touch it. Weird? YOU betcha.

  2. I like this new blogging style…also share those chocolates!

  3. Happy Easter Lindsey! You look marvellous as always and the food tour / descriptive text and pics were amazing — kudos to your friends for putting on the ritz — Momma Smith ‘likes’ … Take good care xoxo Cindy & Rob

  4. You def still have readers! I always look forward to your posts! Happy Easter shenanigans!!

  5. ‘You’re kind of looking away from the camera’….yes. I look like I want OUT of that high school reunion. Anyway, I wish some pictures of the goat could have made an appearance but you did a thorough job of documenting the evening. If only Beaver had been there….

  6. Take as much of a break as you need! I’m pretty confident we will all still be here, waiting for your next hilarious story 🙂 Hope everything is OK.

  7. Annnd…this new wordpress login thing makes all of my comments link back to my defunct wordpress blog. Annoying? Yes.

  8. Great to see so many alumni together. Thanks Lindsey! With CHS under the closure gun, it’s important to keep alive those memories of such a vibrant, rewarding school environment.
    I remember Joel in grade 9, personality hasn’t changed a bit. Nice to see Joel and big brother Johnny G. together.

    • I agree! I was just talking about this with Em’s parents. CHS totally shaped me into the person I am today, our school was like a family! I will be so sad if it closes.

      Agree about Joel also. He is absolutely the same. Hope you and Jan had a great Easter, and hope to see you soon!

  9. Looks like you had a great weekend! Happy Easter, Lindsey!! 🙂

  10. It’s ok! I will never stop reading your blog.
    I have to say, you go to the best food spread parties. I have to start coming with you! All the parties I go to have a few bowls of chips and some dips. Though I do love chips and dip!

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