Weekend Fun Times

Friday night after my conference, I pretty much headed straight to the movies to see American Reunion with my friends Dawn, Leanne and Julie (and their men, but no one cares about them). Leanne pointed out that the four of us girls saw the original American Pie together in high school!

So romantic.

I was actually really impressed with the movie. It was a lot more funny than I expected it to be (I just expected it to be dumb), and it made me laugh quite hard throughout. I loooved the first two movies, but was not as big of a fan of American Wedding (I never saw Band Camp or any of the other weird ones that had none of the same actors). I thought Stifler was too over the top in American Wedding, like he was over-acting his character or something. And he kept doing this weird thing with his lips that really bothered me. But American Reunion was good, and funny. Stifler was back on his A-game, and all the other characters were tip-top.


I would also like to say that Eugene Levy lives on as my favourite person on the planet.


He makes me laugh so hard. Even just looking at his face makes me laugh.

I had some wine with the girls afterwards, and it was a struggle to stay up until midnight, let me tell you. I was so exhausted that I nearly passed out holding my wine glass. I can’t even describe to you how excited I was to sleep in on Saturday and spoon my cat.

At the risk of sounding incredibly cool, my cat is the best spooner in the world. She snuggles right into my chest under the covers and purrs her cute little face off. It is the most comforting thing.

Saturday night I had a girls’ night with my good friend Sherrie and a bunch of her friends who I’ve met a few times and enjoy quite a lot.

(Sherrie is in the middle, and she is baaaad in plaaaaid.)

We went to our very favourite country bar, The Corral. It is always, always a fun time, because there are usually hilarious people in attendance…

Yes, this picture of the beardo and I was taken there.

And also because the dance floor is always rammed, and there are impromptu dance floor parties with strangers.

Well I do know these two cheeky minxes…

My friends Candis (you may remember her from her birthday Mardi Gras party, and my ugly sweater Christmas party) and Amber were there for a bachelorette party, so I randomly ran into them and we dosey-doed for a bit. Because that is what you do at country bars.

And it should be noted that my awesome dance skills live on…

Fun times. Just a ton o’ fun.

Sunday I slept in once again (cat spooned) and it was gloooorious. But it was a beautiful day, and I eventually made it outside for a little trail run.

So beautiful. I guess running on a trail is harder than pavement because the ground is uneven, but I actually enjoy it more because of the scenery. Obviously there is more to look at. It makes me feel thankful to be outside, and miss where I grew up (even though this is in a tiny city forest). So it doesn’t feel harder to me. I like it.

And welp, that is my weekend in a nutshell. I don’t have a better ending, so that is it. Hope you guys all had a fab one as well!


10 responses to “Weekend Fun Times

  1. i like all your posts

  2. FormerBlogger

    I mean, we’re already friends, so I feel like I can say this: the shirts you wear make your nungas look GREAT. I’m pretty jealous. I’ll second “fondsdecranhd” above (who is definitely not a spammer) and say “i like all your posts” as well.

  3. All of that, above, was me, Stephanie. I’m working on removing this dumb cat from my Gravatar. The reason I did that in the first place now eludes me.

  4. I think Beardo looks like Hagrid.

  5. I liked American Wedding. Pubes flying out a window onto a cake? COME ON. Comedic gold right there. I don’t even think I remember Stifler much but I own it so it’s not like I can’t throw that puppy on WHENEVER I WANT. You hear that? ANYTIME.
    Glad to hear you liked AR though, cuz I wanna see that one. I’ve had enough of seeing Fabian’s movies. It’s Paula time! oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh

  6. So American Reunion was good, hey? It’s totally a movie for our generation as we all saw it in high school. It actually came out my last year of high school, so it was appropriate. That’s awesome that you saw the original with those girls. Glad to see you are partying and sleeping in. I’ll live vicariously through you.
    So jealous of your kitty snuggling. That’s super cool!
    So, I’m back commenting on your blog. The notifications were going to my junk mail so I missed a few. Xoxo!

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