And Everything is Groovy

It is really amazing what a difference 24 hours can make. On Thursday I was totally feeling ho-hum, and just really discouraged (though I was trying to stay positive and kept reminding myself it was temporary). I’ve been hardcore apartment hunting for the past week (I had to make sure my house sold before I officially started looking) and not having the best of luck. I currently live in the suburbs, but I work in Toronto and my commute is ridiculous, so I’m trying to find a place in the city to minimize that, and I have a location in mind that I really want.

I looked at several places this week and they were either completely out of my price range, in a really rundown building, already rented before I could get back to them, no pets (no Winnie!), or not available until July 1st (I realllllly need June 1st as I am currently homeless). It was not uplifting. I felt like nothing was working out and everything was generally sucking.

Thursday evening I started to think about what would happen if I couldn’t find a place. June 1 is starting to creep up, and it was looking like all the decent places available were getting snatched up immediately. I can deal with crappiness if I know it’s temporary and the end is in sight… But with no definite end, the stress of things generally being up in the air, living out of garbage bags, our house not being firmly sold, and being crazy busy at work, really started to get to me. I could not put the worry out of my mind any longer. I just wanted normal life again. There were so many unknown things, and so many things dependent on other unknown things, it was difficult to remind myself of the good I have going on. This is why I wrote yesterday’s blog post.

And then Friday happened. I posted my blog in the morning, got the most uplifting comments in the world from you guys, and felt instantly awesome. My positivity returned. I had an appointment to look at an apartment at noon, so at lunchtime I headed over to check it out (only 15 minutes from my work, shazzam!), and I allowed myself to feel hopeful.

The apartment is perfect. Exactly in the area I want; exactly the price I want to pay; pet-friendly (yes Winnie!); balcony; in a really nice building with 24-hour security, an indoor pool, sauna, and rooftop terrace; either brand new or redone everything in the actual apartment; no sketchy characters in the building (there probably are, there are sketchy characters everywhere, but I didn’t see any), ample parking (always a prob in Toronto); and basically just everything I was looking for. After everything else I had looked at, and tried to look it, it was almost too good to be true, and I felt like there had to be a catch. I wanted it.

So I filled out an application. And to my complete surprise and utter ecstasy, I got it on the spot! I also made friends with the girl who showed it to me. She is my age and we have a lot in common, so we talked pretty much constantly and really hit it off. I’m pretty sure that’s why I got it so easily. Another girl in the rental office had just shown a guy the same apartment, and when we got back to the office after my showing, my girl asked her if the guy wanted it. She said he was filling out an application the next day and coming back with his deposit, and my girl said “Nope, sorry, it’s rented! We’re giving it to her,” and pointed at me. And then she turned to me and said “I really want you to live here.”

Well then alright. This is A-okay with me. More than A-okay, I was ecstatic! Just so excited. I went back today and gave them my deposit, and I’m all good!

Also, last night we firmly sold our house. We got an offer the same day it officially went up for sale, and we accepted, but there were a couple conditions with the buyer’s financing and home inspection, so I have kind of been holding my breath on that. But all went well, and last night we signed all the paperwork. Done. Sold! Just excellent news, because I really did not want to have to put it back on the market. It did look pretty sexy though, I will just say. I’ll post the realtor listing once we are all moved out, since I’m sure you guys are curious/nosey.

So, you see? Everything does always work out. I can barely remember what I was so worried about on Thursday, because now everything is just groovy and I could not be more happy! My life is still a little up in the air for now, but I know there is a definite ending and I will once again be settled. Hurrah, and also yippee! Yes, yes, and thrice YES!

And tonight I am headed to a fundraiser that is themed “prom from any decade,” so obviously I am pumped for that, as I expect it to be hilarious. So I’m not sure anything could get any better. I’m feeling pretty good.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! And sorry no pics today. I am lazy. I hope you like to read.


15 responses to “And Everything is Groovy

  1. This is so exciting! Those moments make all the bad ones wash away. Congrats on finding a place, I know how tough that can be. Still in the process of mine and getting no where…

  2. Glad everything turned out so well! Love reading about your life and catching up with my old flute and DQ buddy! Glad to see that some people never change from the funny, awesome and positive person they are! You’re right everything does work out in the end

  3. Yay so happy for you! It’s awesome when things fall into place 🙂

  4. Congratulations. That is a lot of good news in a short period of time.

  5. Yaaayy congratulations!! I’m so excited for you, and glad everything worked out. I find every time I move, I don’t find a place until 3 days before I have to move! It can be very stressful to not know where you’re going to live. I’m glad you found the perfect place 🙂

  6. Woo hoo! Glad to hear things are looking up. Now I need pics of the new apt. K?

  7. I’m so glad you found an apartment! I know it sounds trite, but I really do believe that things usually work out in the end.

  8. New apartment and a new friend. Congrats!

  9. Yay! So excited you found a place and you will be living in TO!! We can hang out now more easily due to our close proximity. So fun!! Can’t wait!!

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