Prom Night 2012

Last week Mark (my friend Dawn’s fiancé) mentioned to Dawn and I that the wives/girlfriends of the guys on his hockey team were hosting a fundraiser on Saturday night. We were all “Oh yeah, that’s cool.” And then he mentioned that the theme of the fundraiser was “prom from any era.”

I love dressing up. And I know Dawn and Mark love dressing up as well.

And who doesn’t want to relive their high school prom?

(Dawn and I at our Grade 12 prom)

We were immediately down. It definitely sounded like a unique way to spend a Saturday night.

We contemplated hitting up Value Village (Canadian thrift store chain) for a hideous dress from the 80s, but then Dawn found her actual dresses that she wore to prom in high school.


Dawn is actually wearing the same dress she was wearing in our Grade 12 prom pic above (and the same shoes also). And she wore the little red number that I am wearing in Grade 11 (our high school only had 150 people in it, so we went to prom every year…because if it was only the graduates, there would be like 20 people there).

It was so fun to get dressed up, and we really went all out. We got ready at Dawn’s, and then dropped by Mark’s parents for some typical fireplace prom pics before heading over to the party.

And then Mark joined us.

And yes, Mark let us dress him up like a girl. He is wearing Dawn’s Grade 8 graduation dress, which is floor length and velour. We tried to put makeup on him also, but no dice there. He looked ridiculously attractive though, and his parents were very proud of him.

Prom was in the same hall I went to Brownies in when I was a kid, and they had it all decorated for the occasion.

Mark is soo attractive (and I need to learn a new picture pose).

There were many other great prom outfits as well. A mix of 80s and 90s…

Some 70s?

Barbie and Ken prom…

Lederhosen prom…

A prom mullet…

(Which the man was originally wearing but Dawn hijacked)

And some I am just not sure.

And sometimes people would let us switch outfits with them…

Dawn has borrowed this chap’s bowtie, and he has kindly let me wear his vest and jacket. We let him wear the glasses in return.

One girl came dressed in regular clothes, but had a doll baby strapped to the front of her. Dawn and I asked her what was up with that and she said she couldn’t go to her high school senior prom as she had a newborn baby.

So we got a picture with her and the reason she couldn’t go to her prom.

That man is her son. They look the same age!

I think this is my favourite prom dress of the evening:

She said that was the actual dress she wore to her high school prom. Just beautiful. She looked like Cinderella!

Mark was the only one who came dressed as the opposite sex though. And when Prom King and Queen were announced (we all voted throughout the evening), guess who won the title of queen?

Ohh Mark. So deserving. And such a beautiful queen. He and the hunter were a gorgeous couple.

It was a special moment. Balloons fell from the ceiling in honour of the Prom King and Queen…

And Mark promptly shoved them down his dress to complete his costume.

Just amazing. Such a hot couple.

It was a really fun night. I had a great time.

So…favourite outfit?


13 responses to “Prom Night 2012

  1. That looks like so much fun!

  2. This is THE funniest thing I have ever seen. I’m slow clapping you at my computer- well done!!!!!!

  3. I’m glad you stated that the first picture was from your actual prom because there is no way I could tell the difference between then and now. You haven’t aged at all. Bravo!

  4. awwww I’m actually so jealous! haha, my prom dress is still in my closet and I’m sure I still fit it. You all look gorgeous & it looks like you had a lot of fun. Mark is the prettiest, though 😉

  5. i’m in love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Aw you guys looked great!! I would loveeee to wear my prom dress again!

  7. Oh man, I want to go to one of these!

  8. How fun! I still have my senior prom dress. I would love to wear it again to a party like that!

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