We Be Long Weekend’n’ (and I be usin’ poor grammar)

There are few things in life I enjoy more than a long weekend.

May 2-4 weekend is one of my faves, as it marks the beginning of summer for me, but it can be kind of iffy. It can either be snowing, or it can be absolutely gorgeous (and I have been camping on the weekends when it has been snowing in the past, and it was not the most fun). Thankfully, this weekend was the latter. The weather was AMAZING. It could not have been more beautiful. Pure sun from Friday to Monday, and temperatures ranging from 25-30 degrees C (about 77-85 degrees F for you Americans). Perfect. Jussssst perfect.

I knew the weather was going to be great, as I pretty much stalked The Weather Network app all week, so my only goal for the weekend was to spend as much time outside as possible. I totally passed out at 10pm on Friday night, as last week killed me and I was absolutely exhausted, but Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed on a little road trip!

We brought Bolt with us, and he was a good little backseat buddy.

My friends Dawn, Leanne, Julie and I decided to hit up Guelph for the night. We were looking for a cheap getaway, and Dawn’s parents have a house in Guelph that they rent out to university students which is empty for the summer, so it was the perfect destination. We arrived around noon and immediately hit up the beach.

It was glorious. I love the feeling of warm sun on my skin. I have missed it all winter.

We had a bit of an adventure on the way back from the beach, but I have decided it is going to be a separate post because it is a story, and it is a little lengthy. So after our mysterious (sorry about that) adventure, we headed back to the house to get ready for a night out.

‘Cause we be Ranchin’!

The Ranch is a country bar in Guelph that the four of us have had some excellent times in while Dawn was attending uni there. It is a guaranteed fun time.

And I was pumped to see that they have added a new attraction since I was last there (about 8 years ago)…a mechanical bull!

It has always been a dream of mine to ride a mechanical bull, so I was happy that it came true.

I rode it (and was thrown off of it) several times.

It was not easy to stay on that thing, and that is an understatement. My longest ride was probably about 10 seconds. Pretty fun though. I may have to get one of these installed in my new pad.

In a rare occurrence for me, I did not take a lot of pictures of our ranchin’, but it was a good night! And you know the glasses came out to play…

And cowboy hats also.

Sunday morning we all slept in before heading back home. When we got back, Dawn and I immediately headed over to my friend Sherrie’s to hang out by her pool. I’m pretty sure Sherrie has the best backyard in the world. It’s perfect for lounging around in the sunshine.

We parked ourselves beside the pool and did not move for the rest of the day, except to roll into the water when we got too hot. And to get popsicles.

It was a dream.

Eventually Dawnald had to leave, and Sherrie and I decided to go out for a few pints on a nearby patio later that evening…

Annnnd we be eatin’…

Those nachos were just as amazing as they look. Although they definitely included the spiciest jalapenos I have ever eaten. My mouth was on fire!

We packed it in around 11, tried to watch New Years Eve, but both passed out by midnight. We are wild and crazy gals for sure. What, laying around in the sun is tiring…

And yesterday was a repeat of Sunday. Just lounged around Sherrie’s pool all day, did some swimming, took her dogs on a lengthy walk, ate more popsicles, and also Kraft Dinner!

With hot dogs, of course. This is definitely a meal that reminds me of summa. I love hanging at Sherrie’s parents’ house (and also her parents), because in addition to their amazing backyard, they always have my favourite foods kicking around.

Such a perfect weekend. I am feeling a little sunburnt but very happy today. Hope you guys all had a good one as well!

And sorry about all the “we be whateverin'”… I’ve been saying it all weekend, and now I can’t stop! Gotta go though, I be workin’!


17 responses to “We Be Long Weekend’n’ (and I be usin’ poor grammar)

  1. Damn that Popsicle and pool pic makes me envious!!

  2. Nice job bull riding! I did it for the first time last year for my 30th birthday. Fun stuff!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome long weekend! Can I come hang out with you? lol

    Ours was pretty low key, but good. Went hiking, spent time with friends, relaxed. Sometimes I love staycations just as much as vacations 🙂

  4. that pic of the Popsicle and pool makes me crave summertime so bad!! Sounds like a perfect weekend!!

  5. My eyes keep going back to the popsicle…I’m not even a big fan of popsicles (usually they’re fruit flavor…I tend to want things with chocolate)..but it looks amazing. Just like…a picture of that popsicle kind of says it all about how I want my summer days to be!

  6. Sweet jebus those nachos look good. I feel like charlie brown on halloween and all the kids are opening their candy and he’s saying “I got a rock” and there are those nachos. . . so . . . nachoey. . . and I’ve got a fucking can of sriracha peas in my office’s credenza. . .

    Are Sriracha peas the same as nachos?? no. They are not even a close second. Now I’m pissed that I read this blog.

    Good post though. . .

    • Welp. I wish I could say they weren’t that great, but that would just be a lie. They were awesome. Perfectly nachoey in fact.
      I am currently eating carrots though, and I think sriracha peas are better than carrots, so…now I’m pissed I read this comment.

      • blogginglily

        i just had carrots for lunch. But I wish I’d have saved the Sriracha peas I had earlier, so I’m pissed at your reply.

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  8. Haha I love this post. I gangster sang all your pictures in my head.

    And mechanical bull!! Had a long weekend away with some girlfriends a couple weeks ago (cold, freezing to the bone cold though) and we spent a whole night trying to hunt down a rumoured mechanical bull!! Looks like awesome fun.

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