Wedding Shower Fun (and a giant panzerotto)

So, since it is now summer time (hurrah!) you know what that means…wedding season! (And also summer event eating…)

My good friend Leah is getting married in July, and I am super pumped to be a part of her big day. I am a bridesmaid! I love attending the weddings of friends, and I love it even more when I get to be involved in them. It makes me feel special and important.

Saturday was Leah’s first official wedding event: the shower.

And I had my first official task as bridesmaid: wrapping paper garbage duty. It was an important job and I took it very seriously. Garbage bag stuffing is an art I tell you.

My other job was to make Leah a bra (hats are boring) out of paper plates and attach all her bows to it. I also took this very seriously, and the bra worked out pretty well!

Leah looked so pretty. I looooved her dress.

She got a ton of great gifts, and so many for entertaining. I told her I will be hanging out at her house all summer so she can serve things to me while I leisure around on her patio in the sunshine. What, she can’t let them go to waste…

And of course the shower included my favourite thing…food! Ohh the food.

There were quite a few of my favourite appetizers as well (cheese ball and taco dip specifically), so I had definitely already been doing some quality food table stalking before this spread was brought out. I was already nearly full, but mini sandwiches are pretty much my favourite things in the world (remember I inappropriately associate funerals with mini-sandwiches), and I’ve never met a samosa I didn’t like either. Or a deviled egg, really. I loaded up my plate and everything was great (especially the spinach salad in the above photo on the left…so, so good).

And you know there was cake…

My slice was heavy on the buttercream icing, so I was obviously in love.

I had a really fun time eating and chatting with everyone. My friends Janet and Candis were there as well, so the bride and I made sure to get a pic with their lovely selves.


And the other bridesmaids, though two were missing…

I am excited for the rest of Leah’s wedding festivities with those gals!

After the shower, I drove into the city to meet my friend Lisa for a drink. By the time we made it out it was quite a bit later, and I was feeling a little snack-a-lacky… I planned on ordering something little, but then the panzerotto on the menu caught my eye, and then this happened:

That thing was amazing, but it was not small. I was dying about halfway through…just so full. I sadly couldn’t finish it. It was extremely cheesy, so therefore extremely delicious. AND I love that it came with extra pizza sauce, because I love things a little saucy and I frequently eat specific things for the sauce. Like spaghetti.

Anyway, a good weekend all around, for sure! Hope you guys all had a great one as well, and if you’re American I hope you’re having a fab Memorial Day. I will be thinking of you as I slave away at my desk today! It’s okay, I like it.


13 responses to “Wedding Shower Fun (and a giant panzerotto)

  1. Ahhh Saturday. The night I literally made myself sick eating Oreos. (They are in the back of the cupboard, I can’t even look at them still). Lesson learned. As if I needed more food after sharing some of that panzerotto and my potato wedges.

  2. Yes, clearly I lack any kind of self-control. It’s a miracle I’m not a whale.

  3. That cake looks so good…the idea of multiple flavors of cake AND tons of frosting has so much appeal (I usually eat the cake first, leave a framework of frosting, which I savor! All hail buttercream

  4. My goodness, it is so, so, so, so, so, so good to be back in the land of Lindsey’s Laughs! I think I laughed all the way through the post. Now, I know most (normal) people wouldn’t find it as funny as I do, but I am always being told I have a weired sense of humour, but that’s ok because I know you do as well.

    I totally agree that garbage bag stuffing is an art and that bra was amazing, perhaps you could open an Etsy shop??

    I think the part I laughed at the most was you inviting yourself to hang around on Leah’s patio all summer while she waits on you serving you food (hahaha, I am still laughing about that).

    Looks like you had an amazing food day, that Panzerotto (ello lovah), well there’s not much to say about it except that I want one! How much is an airfare to Canada?? BTW, how tall are you? I also had a giggle because you are in flats and Leah is in super high heels and you are still taller 🙂

    I have missed reading you so much and popping in today has brightened my whole week up. I do apologise for taking so long to visit, but I was without a computer for nearly 2 months and I had so much catching up to do, but I am back now and will continue to pop in whenever I can cause I always, always leave your site with a huge smile of my face – without fail.

    Have a great day xxx

    • Jane!!! I think I might love you. Truly. I have missed your comments so much, they are the absolute BEST.
      Yes, I am weird, and you are weird, so it works out!

      I am about 5’9″, which really isn’t that tall, but I usually look like a giant beside my friends!
      I have been having a lot of amazing food days lately, so it’s good you’re coming here for laughs and not motivation…hehe

  5. Is a panzerotto like a calzone?

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