Jussssst a Few Things this Friday

Hello hello!

I just have a few random things I would like to talk about this Friday that don’t really have anything to do with each other. So, here they are in list form.

Potted Potter

You may remember back in March I blogged about a play I saw in Toronto called Potted Potter. You may also remember that it is not actually about Harry Potter smoking illegal substances (as I had originally thought), but it is all seven Harry Potter books condensed into 70 minutes (hence “potted”), performed (and also written) by two British actors Dan and Jeff.

It is kind of a play and a comedy sketch all in one. Fun times, fun times.

When I originally talked about it, quite a few people mentioned they would love to see the play, and were sad it was only showing in Toronto. Well, my favourite foreign chums, guess what? Potted Potter opens off Broadway this Sunday until mid-August. Exciting!

If you live in New York, or are taking a little NY vacay this summer, I HIGHLY recommend seeing it. Highly. I actually went back and saw it a second time with our intern Hannah, and I loved it even more than the first time. Hannah and I were both dying of laughter, honestly, and almost literally…I was laughing so hard at one point that I was concerned I may actually have a heart attack. It is funny. Very, very funny.

Oh, also, do you remember the guy on the right?

That is Jeff. We continued talking after the incident where I said he looked, ah, slightly toasted (you can read about that here if you want), and we are friends now (we actually are, this isn’t one of my random “friends” like Dean with the free oatmeal samples the other day. It’s legit. He’s funny.)

Anyway, go see Potted Potter. I promise you it’s great, whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not! (probably more if you are, though.)


So, I went to visit my beautiful little Nana a few days ago, and I saw this awesome sign on the doors of her nursing home:

Um…? That is terrifying. I think maaaybe they need to use a less dramatic word, because when I hear the word outbreak I immediately picture…

And side note: I miss the Walking Dead!

It was just an outbreak of the flu, so no crazy zombie virus or flesh-eating disease… I wasn’t too concerned, since I haven’t had the flu in almost 20 years (knock on wood times a million) but just to be safe I was careful not to touch anything except my Nana (who actually did have the flu, but she is all better now).

The Cookie Club is Back!

I mentioned before that we have a Cookie Club in our building, where we get together once a week in a fellow Provincial Sport Organization’s office, hang out for 20 minutes or so, and eat cookies. It’s a pretty sweet deal. I have been skipping the cookie club for the last couple of months or so though, so I haven’t been talking about it.

Usually whoever is hosting will send out an email and be like “Hey, it’s cookie time! Come to our office RIGHT NOW!” which is great…except usually the email is actually sent right when it is cookie time, and sometimes there is a delay and I don’t get the email until half an hour later. I don’t want to show up by myself 20 minutes after everyone’s left and be all like

And then make them stand with me all awkwardly while I eat all their cookies (because I could possibly eat ALL their cookies). So I have been missing out on the cookie club, sadly.

And one time I didn’t get the email about the cookie club until the next DAY. I can’t tell you how depressing it is to get an email saying “OMG!!! We have the absolute BEST cookies of ALL time in our office right now, you have to try them, you will DIE!” the day after the fact and after all the cookies are gone. Sad day. Sad, sad day.

But the last two weeks the cookie emails have been sent out hours in advance, so I was all prepared! This week my friend Laura from Ontario Volleyball made banana rainbow chip cookies…

Banana rainbow chip! Hoooooooly those were good. I will be getting her recipe, because yowza. Deliciousness.

Book Hoarding

It has come to my attention that I may be a bit of a book hoarder…

(Yeah, I totally saved all my Chrisopher Pike and RL Stine books and kept them in my guest room…just in case anyone staying over wanted something light to read while recovering from their hangover.)

I think I am usually pretty minimalist when it comes to my possessions, but for some reason with books I save them all! I just can’t bring myself to give them away. They are probably my most prized possessions. I worked at Chapters for about four years, and every year employees would get free admission to the Toronto Book Expo, which I obviously took advantage of. I would be carrying boxes of free books home with me. It was awesome.

So, most of them are moving with me…

And I still have about two more boxes. They are heavy. Sorry to my friends who are helping me move. I WILL make it up to you (with some bevvies and pizza).

National Doughnut Day

It has also come to my attention that today is National Doughnut Day! I think I will be celebrating by making myself a mustache out of my favourite Tim Horton’s honey dip donut…

(that’s a fairly old pic…I have done the doughnut stache before)

How will YOU be celebrating?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


19 responses to “Jussssst a Few Things this Friday

  1. You’ll have to post that banana rainbow recipe when you get it. Or prepare to die.

  2. Christopher Pike!!! AHhhhhh that is a name I haven’t heard in a long time! I loved his books!

  3. Also LOVED the Christopher Pike books 🙂 What a blast from the past!

  4. Potted Potter sounds awesome!!! that would totally be something I love…I wish I could get to NYC!

  5. Krispy Kreme locations are giving away free doughnuts to celebrate this excellent day of the doughnut! Jump on it!

  6. Zombie is also the first thing to pop in my mind when I hear the word “outbreak”. And also…that guy in Miami who attacked and chewed the other guy’s face off? Zombie. Honestly, I think the zompocalypse is pretty much inevitable at this point.

    I never got into RL Stine, but I owned every single Christopher Pike book. His stories are legitimately well-written…and he was a famous YA author when there weren’t a lot of YA authors. Sadly, I parted with my CP books long ago, but I wish that I’d kept them.

    • Oh God. That story is TERRIBLE. I am an idiot and read the Huffington Post article on it, where it SHOWED THE VICTIM’S FACE. Ughhhhh. I can never unsee that. So, so horrible and disgusting. What is wrong with people?!

      They really were well-written! His plot lines were so intricately detailed (um, unlike RL Stine). I also had all his books, and still have most of them! I will be making my kids read them one day (yes, making). What book was your fave, do you remember?

      • OK, I came back to tell you: do NOT read the 2 sequels to Remember Me. Remember Me was an awesome book and I didn’t realize that he’d written any sequels, so when I saw the series in the Real Canadian Superstore last year, I was so excited to buy them. But they are SO bad. They’re not about ghosts or mysteries anymore…they’re about reincarnation and gurus and really REALLY stupid new agey stuff. Do. Not. Read.

        My favourites were Remember Me, Witch and Spellbound. I was actually thinking about Spellbound a few weeks ago while I was hiking.

      • Sadly I read them 😦
        He did the same thing with the Last Vampire. The first book was so great and then the other five were all weird. Sometimes he does go into weird territory, I will say…
        LOVED the Immortal, also one of my faves. And also Spellbound and Witch, but man, the Immortal made me want to go to Greece!

  7. The donut is nice, but I prefer the frog’s legs look. Au revoir!

  8. OMG Christopher Pike!! I had completely forgotten about those books!! My sis and I used to trade them and then have these lengthy discussions. We though we were sooo cool. Haha thank you for bringing back so many memories. Can I stay in your guest room now and read them all? 😉

    • Wasn’t he amazing?! My bestie and I used to do the same thing. He really was a great writer. I know they reprinted all the Remember Me books – I hope they do the rest so a new generation can enjoy the teenage suspensefest.
      You are welcome, and YES. Any time.

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