FREE PONY RIDES! (except not.)

So you may remember I was supposed to move yesterday… Welp, I did not. Sadly, my move-in date got pushed back to this Friday, as they are doing renovations on my apartment and aren’t finished them yet. Meh meh meh.

I am definitely disappointed; I was REALLY looking forward to moving. But what can ya do? At least I have a few extra days to pack, which is a very good thing. I have been slack-a-lackin’ on the pack-a-lackin’.

Anyway, let’s do some weekend recappage. I have a TON of pictures, so gird your loins.

Saturday night was my good friend Emily’s 29th birthday.

Emilio is one of my oldest friends. We have been friends since Grade 1! We have been through a lot together, and she stood by me during the Captain Hook incident (and kindly pointed out that I had Egg McMuffin on my face).

Emily and her lover Corey hosted a party at their crib on Saturday night, and the Facebook invite said there was going to be pony rides!

I found it really funny that most of the people who commented on the event page were like “OMG, is there actually going to be pony rides?!” and Emily responded to none of them, thus luring people in… Because really, who can resist a party with pony rides?

It was a dirty trick. There were no pony rides (I knew she was joking, but it was funny that people actually thought she was serious).

Pony rides or no pony rides though, I had a great time. Some of my best minxes were in attendance…

And there was a LOT of food.

This may be the best snack room of all time. I love how it was decorated in pure pink, like a child’s birthday party. And I loved the assortment of snacks going on in here. I kept dropping by for a little face-stuffing action.

The chocolate chip cookies on the top left were amazing. I had three of them.

And this table totally reminded me of elementary school lunches. I was so impressed with the selection. Gummies, Tootsie Rolls, and those little cupcakes with the white swirl icing! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had those. I shoved a package in my purse to take home with me in the morning. I’m kicking myself for not taking a package of those brownies with me also…

We had a pretty awesome dinner as well.

So much for eating less/healthier. Ah well. I can’t pass up barbecue fare (can anyone?).

I honestly felt like I was at a carnival. Em has a popcorn machine…

And a cotton friggin’ candy machine.

That thing was amazing. All you have to do is throw in a couple of hard Jolly Rancher candies, swirl your stick around a bit…

And BAM. Cotton Candy.

I think I need to get one of these… It would probably be pretty dangerous for me though, I’d be eating cotton candy all day long.

Also, remember the Princess cutout we brought to the bar for Corey’s 30th birthday party?

It made a reappearance. And it had a pirate friend.

Leanne and I had some fun with those.

Emily has a million hats kicking around for some reason, so we also had an impromptu hat party.

And a sparkler party…

Ladder ball…

And a bonfire!

I felt like I was camping.

There were definitely some childhood elements to this party, but we managed to grown-upify it with some booze. Like birthday cake shots…

(with birthday cake vodka)

And frozen shot glass shots also.

I reallllly liked those.

So I need to take a second to highlight a few of Emily’s gifts.

For our friend Mark’s birthday a couple months ago, Corey and Emily got him an abnormally large stuffed bear.

(Oh, and I am wearing the same shirt. Good thing I am not a celebrity.)

The bear was a joke gift, obviously, as what are you going to do with that thing besides have photoshoots with it? So Dawn and Mark decided to repay Emily by giving her a picture they randomly acquired.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Corey and Emily liked it.

Obviously it had to go on the wall.

So beautiful.

Emily also received the world’s longest beard.

Which was passed around…

I am a beardo. Someone told me to look seductive for the photo, so there you go, and you are welcome. I do think it gives me a wise and stately demeanor at least.

Anyway, fun times. Fun, fun times. Happy Birthday to my lovely Emilio!

29 years from now I hope we are still throwing parties just like this one!


28 responses to “FREE PONY RIDES! (except not.)

  1. how fun!
    and really random but i LOVE your shirt!

  2. Consider my loins officially girded!
    Also, I could not be trusted around that food table. All those swirly cupcake wrappers would be opened and you’d see a trail of crumbs leading to my shame.

  3. I don’t think Emilio appreciated the beard as much as I had hoped so I’m glad it got a public shout out. Perhaps it will be better received at Dave’s b-day!

  4. I am turning 29 in July and totally wish someone would throw a party like this for me–I want the World’s Longest Beard! When I was in grade school, we used to have contests to see who could get the white swirly off the cupcake in one piece.
    P.S. I got a cotton candy machine for Christmas one year. Best. Gift. Ever. Unfortunately I only got to use it once; my mom put the kibosh on that right quick when she saw the amount of sugar I had dumped all over the kitchen floor. Heehee.

    • But why would you want to remove the white swirly icing?!

      Where do you live? I will throw you a party! You should ask for a cotton candy machine. This one didn’t even require sugar! Just candy.

      • Haha oh we ate the swirly part, it just became a huge competition to see who could peel it off in one piece. Have you ever tried? It’s hard! I live in New Jersey, which, for the record, is nothing like Jersey Shore 🙂
        I just have to tell you that I seriously laugh out loud at your blog. It earns me some funny stares at work, but who cares?

      • I have never tried! Haha. I will next time I eat one.
        No worries, no New Jersey judgment here. I live in Canada and we don’t live in igloos, have beavers for pets or say aboot. We do say eh though…

        And I love hearing that, thank you! I laugh out loud at work all the time. My coworkers like it.

  5. I miss having those little snacks in my lunch.

    Those birthday cake shots look awesome!

  6. I am amazed at how many rare childhood treats (like cotton candy) can now be available in the comfort of your own home! there are things for snow cones, donuts, funnel cakes…we live in such beautiful times!

  7. Emilio Browner

    Love the Post and I loved the beard … in fact I am wearing it as I type!!! I just was afraid that it would get ruined and seeing how Dawn cautioned me on the price … I decided to save it for special night out on the town! I am so glad everyone could make it and I almost feel famous for being the subject of your post !!! However what happened to the shout out about the magical road and the adventures of the firefly hunter ????

  8. OK what is the verdict on Birthday Cake vodka?? I’m so curious to try it but I feel like it will either be a) amazing or b) disgusting. Thoughts?

  9. The beard was magic!!!!!!!!! Rusty can wear it at Dave’s big day!

  10. What a fun party! I should buy a beard like that for my boyfriend since he looks scraggly and weird when he grows out his facial hair (or so he claims).

    Also, I was DYING as I read the Captain Hook incident story. My mom tried to teach me how to drive stick in her car back when I was a teenager. She gave up because I kept screwing up and she was worried I’d break something.

  11. The cotton candy machine is SWEET! no pun intended. Which reminds me, I was going to shop for an ice cream machine. . . just to see how much. #watchingtoomuchchoppediguess

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