Moved In

‘Ello there!

I apologize in advance for all the text here, but I didn’t really take any pictures over the last few days, and I’m too lazy to hunt any appropriate ones down on the internet. I just feel like rambling. So, here is my ramble.

I have officially moved! Hurrah, and also yippee! My days of being a bag lady and rotating through my friends’ houses are over, and I could not be more excited.

I am loving my new pad, especially the area I am in. I have never lived so close to so many exciting things, and I feel giddy and a little overwhelmed. I grew up in the boonies, and for most of my life my family had to drive for 10 minutes to get to the closest store. We had to drive for 10 minutes to pick up the mail! Even during college when I lived in the city, I didn’t really live IN the CITY.

And recently I lived in the suburbs, and true, there were things within walking distance, and downtown wasn’t far, but for some reason I still pretty much drove everywhere.

But oh man, I see a LOT of walking in my future. There is a grocery store, a Tim Hortons, a Starbucks, a Subway (and an actual subway station), AND my gym chain, all on the end of my street. It takes me about three minutes to walk to any of those things. The liquor store and a ton of pubs with pretty decent patios are close by as well, so this summer should be a good time. There’s a bunch of other fun stuff too, but I haven’t had time to really check it out yet.

I spent almost the entire day moving on Saturday, and then spent Sunday and yesterday in Stratford (hometown of Justin Bieber, what!) for work meetings. Fun times, but basically equals no organization. My stuff is still everywhere, in a very disorganized way. But, I would rather have my stuff everywhere in my own apartment than spread around literally everywhere: my parents’ house, my friends’ houses, my car, my own house (which closes tomorrow!), and even my office.

It also needs to be said that the people in my building are possibly the nicest and most friendly people in the world. After my moving buddies (thank you, friends!) left on Saturday, I still had a bunch of stuff to bring up from my car. I made about six trips in the elevator, carrying so much stuff I looked like a packhorse, and nearly every person I saw offered to help me.

One young European couple was totally having a passionate make-out fest while we were waiting for the elevator, and the guy stopped mid make-out, turned to me, and asked me if I needed help carrying anything. And it was not even because I was staring them down like a big creepy stalker, he was genuinely offering.

Another man sprinted ahead of me to every door on the way to the parking garage, just so that he could open it for me. And I mean sprinted. And I wasn’t even carrying anything. I liked it.

As excited as I am though, sometimes a little feeling of worry will creep up on me. I have never lived completely on my own before, so when little issues come up I’m all “Ahh, I have to deal with this by myself!” and I have a minor moment of panic. It usually subsides quickly though. I feel like I am fairly independent, and I have learned that you can hang pretty much anything with thumb tacks (and hey, I did build my own tree fort).

Sometimes I also get the feeling like I am moving backwards in my life, as much as I hate to admit this. Usually you do the apartment in the city thing, and then you buy a house in the suburbs when you start to settle down. But I am selling my house, and going back to renting. And I am not settling down. I am just getting started!

I was one of the first of my close friends to take the house-buying leap, and now most of them are all buying houses and getting married, and I am doing the opposite.

I am good with where I’m at, but I am bringing this up because I feel like owning your own home is a sign of success, and renting has more of a…I don’t know. Almost a negative connotation? Like you say “I bought a house!” all proudly, compared to “Oh, I’m just renting…” like you are stupidly throwing your money away.

I am going to try not to do that. I want to be proud of my apartment. I couldn’t afford to buy a house where I am currently renting, but living there right now is perfect for me. I am not just renting. I am exactly where I want to be right now, and I am proud of it. And I am excited.

And that concludes my rant.

Also just a note, my blogging will probably be sporadic this week as I have kind of a lot going on and I don’t have the internet yet.


30 responses to “Moved In

  1. You are not going backwards! Anyone who can remove themselves from a situation they know just isn’t right and start over isn’t moving backwards, ONLY FORWARDS! It would be backwards to stay in a situation that isn’t right for you because nothing changes that way. By renting your own apartment, you are taking a giant leap forward into your new life – way better than merely owning something. 🙂

  2. I think it’s awesome that you’re renting. I know that owning a home seems like its “the thing” to do in life but that’s not everyone’s path. I sure dont intend to buy a house any time in the near…or far future because I dont want to be locked into anything. If I want to move somewhere else, I can just go! It’s all about what is right for you. It sounds like you moved to a great area, so live it up girl! It’s a growing experience and one that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Cheers to the next chapter of your life! 🙂

  3. Erin @ Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me

    Yay Lindsey! Super excited for you! Enjoy your fresh start and all that life has to offer you!

  4. Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun.

    Congrats on the move, all that matters is that it’s the right direction for you. Enjoy the new pad!

  5. Your uncle is so proud of you!!!!! Follow your heart darling diva!!!!! 🙂

  6. Emilio Browner

    Mama bear Browner is also a proud papa of her oldest friend!!

  7. Definitely not backward! I feel new agey/silly saying it, but it’s important for you to be where you need to be and it sounds like where you moved to has a lot of great things and opportunities.
    I lived by myself between ages of 25 and 38 (when I moved in with my boyfriend). I think everyone should have some time like that (maybe not 13 years) because it gives you a chance to really see who you are and how you like things.

  8. I actually read that it’s better to rent than buy. And it’s still your own place, so don’t feel like you’re moving backwards!

  9. yay i am excited for you!! for being where you want also!
    i actually miss living alone sometimes 🙂 haha i wont lie!

  10. I felt the exact same way. I initially moved into my husband’s house when we got married, but then I took a job 90 minutes away and we couldn’t afford to buy again, so we’re renting out the old place and renting a townhouse. I’m so happy though because this place we’re “just” renting is the first place that truly feels OURS — plus, it has a basement, which the house didn’t have. Keep on keepin’ on!

  11. glad to hear you’re getting settled in your new digs. i lived alone for a few years in my big house and really enjoyed it.

  12. I love renting. I think it gives you so much freedom and a bunch of possibilities. I love where I live, but I still really like knowing that I can live anywhere I want the next year (one year leases are awesome). I think you’ll really like it to once you get used to it. I think you’r gonna have a blast!

  13. Congrats!! I’m really excited for you with all these new changes and challenges. I agree with what Zo says too. Its good to spend solid chunks of time with yourself to get to know yourself really well. Also sounds as if your new neighbours will be providing future hilarious stories, I like that.

  14. I miss renting in the city! (Okay, I still rent. And I’m technically in a city, though it’s small and feels very suburban.) But yeah– so much freedom and being able to walk everywhere or take public transportation is wonderful. That’s what I miss the most about where I used to live.

  15. Renting can be smart. My husband is a real estate attorney and we’ve always rented!

  16. You are not going backwards at all! I hate that there is this certain path or progression that is defined as \”success\” – everyone does things their own way, my life made basically no sense for about five years running. Also, I love renting. I think owning is totally overrated – when you\’re renting and something breaks, you just call your landlady/lord and say \”hey, fix this please.\” When you own a home you have to do it yourself…plus yardwork, keeping the roof in tact, cleaning the gutters, and other ridiculous stuff I do not even want to think about.

    My husband and I are both in our late 20\’s, successful professionals and could probably buy a house right now if we wanted to…but honestly I am in absolutely no hurry. I have so many friends that have bought 1BR condos or \”starter\” homes that they\’ll have to sell again in 5 years when they get married and/or start a family and it just sounds exhausting to me. Plus, we\’re saving up so that when we *do* buy a house, we can afford to buy something we love, a house that our kids will grow up in and where we can see ourselves staying for a long time. Still it\’s weird when we tell people we moved and they\’re all \”Oh did you BUY A HOUSE??\” and I\’m like \”nope…still renting\” and they kind of go \”ohhh….\” like, I\’m sorry you are still not a real adult yet. Ridiculous.

    • Well this comment was great and made me feel awesome. This is true, it is so much easier to rent because nothing is really my problem.
      The stigma really bothers me, though I think I was probably guilty of it… We are renting divas, and we are proud of it!

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