Bachelorette on the Beach

This weekend a bunch of us headed to the beach to celebrate our lovely friend Leah’s bachelorette!

I never wanted to leave and I am very sad the weekend is over. It was so fun. Just soo much fun. It went by way too quickly (as weekends always do).

Anyway, Friday afternoon we loaded up two cars with a bunch of beach gear and girls, and drove about three hours to our sandy destination, Grand Bend, Ontario.

Grand Bend is a cute little beach town that basically shuts down in the winter, but is a madhouse all summer long. None of us girls had ever been there before, including Leah, but we had heard awesome things about it so we figured it would be a good beachy bachelorette time.

The best part of this was, Leah had no idea where we were going until we got there. We kept her bachelorette a complete surprise and told her absolutely no details except what to pack (and we only told her that because she made us). It was really funny being in the car with her, because Leah is not the best with surprises and was totally on the lookout for clues the entire ride. She was a little detective. We packed the cars very strategically before we picked her up, so anything that might tell her where we were headed we put in the trunk.

As we got closer to our destination, Leah peppered us with questions depending on what we happened to be passing. We passed a sign advertising camp grounds, and not being much a camper Leah was all “Um… We’re not going camping, are we?!” And when we passed an endless stretch of farmer’s fields, she asked “Are we staying in a farm house?!” We told her yes. And we were going to be partying with cows. It kept me entertained.

I think our chosen location was better than either of those things though. You should have seen her face when we pulled up to this:

A beach cottage. DIRECTLY on the beach.

How perfect is that? Our backyard was literally beach.

We were all in awe of our amazing view.

I saw pictures of the place before we got there, and I can tell you that they don’t do it justice. I was blown away. BLOWN. AWAY. The cottage itself was very old and rustic and cute, and basically everything a cottage should be.

And huge, it slept 20 people!

I don’t know how we found this place but I am so glad we did. Apparently they usually only rent it out to families, but we somehow weaseled our way in there.

Once we arrived and settled in and ate dinner (homemade lasagne that we had brought with us), and broke into multiple impromptu dance parties over how amazing our location was, we got to work setting up all our games. We had so much extra space to do activities! (Stepbrothers reference there)

We had ladder ball, washer toss, frisbee cup, an unpictured beanbag toss game that we found beside the cottage, and of course beer pong.

You should know that we do not mess around when it comes to the pong, and you bet we had an official table.

We also played a few rounds of Scribblish, which was an awesome game that I had never heard of or played before. It made me laugh so hard I cried.

It is kind of like broken telephone, illustrated edition. You all get your own sheet of paper like the one above, and you start off by writing the saying from a card at the top of the paper, and then you pass it on to the next person who then has to draw that saying. And the next person has to write down what they think the saying is, judging by the picture, and then the next person has to again draw the saying that was just determined by the picture. And so on. The last picture and the saying are usually nothing like the original once it has been passed around, as you can see from the example above. I drew that first picture and I am sad the next person didn’t recognize my hippopotamus.

Anyway, after some games and some drinks, we all got ready and headed out for a night on the town!

Bri and I, with the beautiful bachelorette Leah in the centre.

Not only was our beach house ideal for its close proximity to the beach, it was also ideal for its close proximity to the bar. We had heard that Gables is the place to go to in Grand Bend, and it was about a five minute walk from our place. We were a bit skeptical about Gables, as we had driven by it on the way in and it didn’t look like anything special, but when we got there we were seriously impressed. The place was packed. Just rammed with people (hot guys, though just a note, I am not talking about the ones in the photo below).

We were excited to get into some shenanigans.

And I like photobombers.

This was definitely one of the best bars I’ve gone to in a while, if not the best. The next day we all raved on and on about how great a time we had, and how we couldn’t wait to go back. There was also a live band, and the lead singer really took a shining to our bachelorette.

We may have gotten on stage and pretended we were singers…

After dancing like maniacs for a few hours, we decided it was probably time for us to head home. Well, the lights came on, so we kind of had to.

Upon exiting Gables, we passed a poutine stand.

I cannot resist poutine at any time, and certainly not after a night out. I immediately got in line. I have explained before that regular poutine is just fries covered with cheese and gravy, but this particular poutine place had a bunch of different kinds, with various things replacing the cheese and gravy. For some reason the Tex Mex poutine really caught my eye. The menu said it was fries covered with ground beef, cheese, sour cream and salsa, and as soon as I saw it I started fantasizing about eating it.

When I received my Tex Mex poutine, it appeared they had forgotten most of the cheese, sour cream and salsa. So it was basically fries covered in ground beef. And a friggin’ lot of beef. I actually think there was more ground beef than fries. It looked disgusting, but I was excited for it so I ate it anyway. I took a picture of it, but looking at it later I decided it was too gross looking and deleted it.

The rest of the girls made fun of me relentlessly for my beefy poutine, but I left it on the dining room table when we got home, and after I changed and stuff I came back out to find them all sitting around the table and eating it. Just couldn’t resist the beef fries…

The next morning we all slept in (but not too late, we wanted to enjoy the day!), before eating a delicious breakfast together.

Scrambled eggs and the most amazing homemade salsa on the planet, bacon, and rye toast. It rejuvenated me for a day in the sunshine.

After breaky we walked outside to this ridiculousness to get our tan on.

Why do I not live here? I felt like we were away somewhere tropical!

The sand in our backyard was so nice, and the end of the yard came to a little crest which was perfect for people-watching. Directly in front of our area we set up a beach volleyball net…

Which kept us entertained for a few hours, and we roped some boys into playing with us. Our activity stations were also a big hit, and our volleyball net was so popular that after we were done using it, other beach-goers came over with their own ball to play. One group played volleyball for six hours on our net, no exaggeration.

We also went swimming!

Our location on the actual beach was perfect, because it wasn’t too busy right in front of our cottage, but here is the view down the beach…


We spent the entire day outside, and headed out for dinner around 7 to a restaurant on the beach called The Gator.

(Sorry Karen!)

I ordered a chicken fajita wrap with garden salad and it was gooooood.

We had such a great dinner experience. This restaurant had an amazing atmosphere, and we had best server of all time. We almost asked to speak to her manager to tell them how great she was. And some of us saw her at the bar later that evening and basically accosted her, yelling “BEST WAITRESS EVER!!!!!” She liked it.

After dinner we came home and I showered, as I was the only one who hadn’t before dinner and felt like a big dirt squirrel, we played some more games, and then got ready for our second night out. This time we did it up with boas!

Obviously we had to go back to Gables since we had such a great time the night before.

Annnd photobombed again.

And Gables lives on as being awesome. I think it was even better the second night. The dance floor was like a mosh pit! We once again had the fabbest time. And the same band was back, with the lead singer, aka Leah’s best friend, who serenaded us…

I just, ahh…loved everything about this night!

Oh yeah, by the end of the night we had lost all our boas on the dance floor. To men.

After we got home from the bar, and I successfully managed to avoid the poutine stand, we played more games and hung out until the sun came up. We knew the next day was just going to be filled with packing up, so we wanted to squeeze in as much fun as possible. We definitely accomplished that mission. I was dead the next day, but it was well worth it.

I only wish we could have stayed longer. I had so much fun with these girls! Best bachelorette party I have ever been to! And I want to live on the beach!

22 responses to “Bachelorette on the Beach

  1. Were the men who endEd up with the boas after keepsakes, or were they the kind of men who are going to wear them…?

  2. Ummm, you forgot the best beach game that exists. Tracball. If you know not what I am talking about, google it. There is nothing funner, and yes, I said funner.

  3. Aw, that looked like such a good time! Great idea for a Bachelorette party. All the girls looked amazing! Bring that yellow dress to Calgary when you come please!!!

  4. I’m envious of your nice beach weather. My beach weather stunk.

    Sorry to hear about your fries. I’m all about the cheese and sour cream, too.

  5. OMG that looks so amazing!! How did I not know that place existed?!
    I’m seriously googling it right now to see if it might be a destination for my hubby and I on our holidays in Aug! 🙂

  6. Shannon O'Neill

    Lindsay, I have to say I love your blog! you are hilarious. Also, think I might have to make a girls trip to Grandbend 🙂 Cheers

  7. I love skribblish! BEST GAME EEEEEEEVER!!!!!

  8. Wow, your crew must have increased hot lady quota in that town by 100 per cent. I’m sure the town’s folk will talk about that your visit for years to come. Also, photobombing is a drunken pursuit for me – those guys should have been more creative though.

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  10. I’m planning to go to the bend for my bachelorette. This place sounds perfect for my Crew of girls!! Can you tell me where you stayed!? Please email me back ASAP! Thanks!!!!

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  12. Hi there

    Just wondering how to rent this cottage. I have been looking online and I am having trouble finding anything in close proximity to the beaches/clubs.


  13. Hey just wondering where you found this cottage or the contact to rent it out! thank you!

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