What’s Up, Wednesday?

Hello there cheeky minxes.

There are a few things that are up with me that I’d like to talk about, so let’s just get right to it!

Thing 1

Remember last week I was raving on about how I’m exactly where I want to be right now? Well, I have kind of a weird coincidence about that. I have been running a few mornings a week in the cemetery that is near my new apartment. Maybe that sounds creepy… I thought I was going to be creeped out at first, but it is honestly beautiful and peaceful and just so perfect for a morning run. It’s also huge, and has kilometres of paths. I’ve really been enjoying it.

I have also really been enjoying not having to get up at 5:30am to give myself enough time to run in the morning. I can get up at 6:45, squeeze in a half hour run, and still make it to work for 8:30. It’s fab.

Anyway, I told my mom about my morning runs in the cemetery and she informed me that our entire family is buried in there. I had no idea. I honestly thought they were buried in the town my mom grew up in. But my grandparents, my mom’s aunts and uncles, cousins…all buried there. This is such a crazy coincidence to me. It’s a popular cemetery for sure…but for them all to be there, and I move a block away from it and start running in it? That’s weird.

I don’t know exactly where in the cemetery they are, but now I feel like I have a mission when I’m running. I want to find them. I’ll probably have to go back when they are actually open and ask a staff member for a map or something.

Thing 2

I did it again.

I went to Yogurty’s last night with my friends Hannah and Lisa, and I overdid it on the toppings. I even said before I started loading up that I was NOT going to go crazy like last time because I truly prefer my froyo to be more smooth and plain.

But then I saw all the toppings…

And I couldn’t help myself. I loaded them on, just because I could.

It was still delicious. Those cookie dough and brownie chunks are not unlike the ones I used to sneak into the freezer and eat when I used to work at Dairy Queen. But next time I am making myself hold back!

Thing 3

I am obsessed with this song right now.

The video has a huge intro, but the actual song makes me tingly and excited for summer!

And I can’t get enough of this song either:

But I’m pretty sure every girl on the planet probably can’t get enough of that song, so…no originality here.

Thing 4

My good friend Dawn from high school started her own blog!

(that would be us in college)

You guys may already know her as she has popped up in a ton of my posts, and actually wrote a couple guest posts for me last year. Her blog is called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prof (as we have a close-knit group of high school friends, she travels, and she is a prof…it makes sense). I’m excited to read about her adventures, though I think a lot of them I will be participating in. Anyway, I think you guys should all go over and check her out.

And another one of my work friends, Gord, has started his own blog as well. His bloggity is called Gord Thain Reports, and is definitely more of a…I don’t know, boy blog? Which frankly I don’t read enough of. He writes well and is an interesting duck, so definitely also worth checking out.

Thing 5

I leave for a 10-day long adventure to BC and Alberta on Friday, and I could not be more excited. My cousin is getting married on an island just off Vancouver Island, so most of the family on my dad’s side will be there, and I will also get to see my mom and brother, who live in BC, and my Bestie Lisa and friend Crystal, who live in Calgary. Coincidentally, Dawn is going to be in Calgary the same time I am, so we all have some shenanigans planned. I am PUMPED. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. I am so excited I’m practically vibrating.

And that’s all I got. In the words of Cher Horowitz, I’m outtie!


16 responses to “What’s Up, Wednesday?

  1. I like cemeteries, too. I like reading the gravestones. So I say it’s not creepy. Unless creepy is cool. Then it’s creepy-cool.

  2. Um. . . are those CROUTONS on your yogurt? Because I think if you started putting croutons on your yogurt you’re totally right about “overdoing” it.

    Cemeteries are gorgeous typically, and peaceful, and great for running because on garbage day, none of the departed put out Tuesday’s fish leftovers leaving you holding your breath while you’re running by the open lids or the dog torn bags, which in turn makes you pass out. I mean. . . hypothetically.

  3. Those damn cookie dough chunks get me every time…the yogurt place near my house has them as well. I can’t even help myself.

  4. I totally remember that picture of you and Dawnald!!

  5. We be injured in that pic. Can’t wait to Calgary it up with your sensual self!!! Yeahhh…if we’re lucky, Spoon will be in attendance riding the mechanical bull.

    Thanks for the shout out darling, you’re a true blue 🙂

  6. Oh i am excited to see you ladies!!

  7. See? You can still get that smooth yogurt you love. Just put alllll the toppings, then eat those first. THEN go for the yogurt. It’s like the best of both chunky and smooth worlds. The last froyo place I went to had pieces of red velvet cake. Frosted! That was a thing of magic I tell ya.

  8. I need to hit up the cemetery, seriously – looks like an awesome running spot! I am BEYOND jealous you’re heading to BC, I miss home soooo much! Have a great time, can’t wait to see posts 🙂

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