Allie & Keith’s Beautiful Seaside Wedding

Saturday was my cousin Allie’s weddingggg.

I absolutely love weddings. It could be because of the inebriated relatives that go along with them, but I truly love almost everything about them. And I especially enjoy outdoor weddings. And if it’s a wedding on the lake I am sold immediately. So a wedding on the ocean? Well. I really don’t think it could have been in a more perfect location.

It wasn’t quite sunny for the ceremony, but it looked like it was going to rain all day and it didn’t, and it was bright, so that is a huge win!

I had a pretty hot date for the occasion.

My brotha! And contrary to how this looks, we did not plan to be all matchy-matchy. We’re not that weird. It was the only tie he brought, just coincidentally.

My Dad and stepmom Mona were also in attendance, and were also looking quite dapper.

Especially my dad. I knew, I just knew, that he wouldn’t show up wearing a plain dress shirt. Of course his shirt had palm trees on it, what else would it have? He loves his tropical inspirations.

He is now retired, and therefore a man of leisure, so he must look the part.

Anyway, let’s move on to what’s important here. The bride! Allie was absolutely radiant and stunning.

Just so beautiful. And her dress was amazing. Every time I saw her I was honestly taken aback.

Keith was beauty too, of course. His pants were a very nice colour. You know, everyone needs to rave on about the groom more often, because Keith was also luminescent.

The ceremony was gorgeous, a perfect length, and the officiant was one of Allie’s best friends! This was great because he inserted little inside jokes and personal touches into the ceremony, which I appreciated. I noticed this throughout their entire wedding actually. Everyone who spoke about them was so sincere in what they were saying. And they talked about things that were funny to everyone in attendance – adults and kids, and even if you weren’t best friends with them and knew all their secrets (because we all know our best friends are the only ones who know all our secrets). I could really feel the genuine love.

Allie and Keith each wrote their own vows also, which absolutely made me tear up; they were so heartfelt.

It is obvious how in love they are, and I love love, so I love it.

They are also funny.

Our Nana loves love too, and she unfortunately couldn’t make the wedding, so I got the ceremony on my phone to show it to her later. I know she will be so excited to see it, even if she can’t hear anything (she really can’t hear anything), she will be so happy to see how happy they are. And you better believe one of these photos will be framed and hung up in her room as soon as she gets her hands on one.

Dinner was in the dining room inside the lodge, which had an ocean view on three sides, and it was sunny! Hurrah!

Well, sunny-ish. Kind of sunny, but I will take it.

The spread was insane.

Roast beef, chicken, salmon, shrimp, mussels, potatoes, roasted vegetables, rice, and a plethora of salads. Just…yowza. I had to try some of everything. Had to.

Dessert was a make-your-own ice cream buffet, and oh man. It was good. It included waffle bits, fruit, and chocolate sauce. And in what is apparently a rare occurrence for me, I did not go overboard with the toppings. It was delicious.

During dessert, Allie and Keith’s good friend performed a song he had written for the occasion, which was a surprise and pretty awesome. And we found out later that the guy is on the McDonalds commercial with the one dollar drinks. You know, the one that is like “Only a dollar, alllll summer.” This guy sings it.

That is not the song he sang at the wedding though; the song he chose was beautiful (not that the McDonalds jingle is not). And Eric actually works at McDonalds, so the singer serenaded the McD song to him later on in the evening.

After the dinner and the speeches were all taken care of, we all headed outside onto the wraparound deck. It turned into a gorgeous evening, with a beautiful sunset.

It was a wedding day miracle.

Allie and Keith had their first dance on the deck, and it may have been the most romantic first dance in the history of first dances. Out of the ones I have witnessed, at least.

Eyes of blue sensual steel right there.

I had so much fun partying it up with all my family. Allie’s sister, Chrissy, my other cousin, was a beautiful bridesmaid, and Allie’s mom, my Auntie Nancy (Dad’s sister), was a radiant mother-of-the-bride.

(Eric and I with those two)

I love my cuzzies so much.

I wish they lived closer. But I do love having an excuse to visit this beautiful province as well.

I know from previous experience that Allie is a huge fan of the glasses…

She has worn them on occasion. So they made the trek across Canada as a surprise.

Cheers to the glasses!

Alli then got a picture of every single group of guests with the glasses.

The glasses ended up on a new person each time. She even pulled out one of my favourite tricks, the good ol’ glasses switch.

It was also a big day for my dad, who got to wear the glasses for the very first time.

He is clearly excited. And Eric is clearly impressed.

Chrissy liked them too.

The glasses bring out the best silly side of everyone. I highly recommend getting a pair.

As the night wore on, we turned the deck into a legit dance party.

I love a good dance party.

And then we moved inside, and turned that into a dance party also.

We are dancing to Thriller there, if you can’t tell.

And then Justin Bieber showed up and had a dance-off with the groom…

And Justin Bieber wins at everything, so I think you can all guess who won that.

And when the party eventually got shut down, we moved to the Big House (where we had dinner Friday night), and turned it into another dance party. And we had live entertainment! The McDonalds guy (I’m so sorry, I really need to find out his name) serenaded us, and he had backup!

And we all sang along with them. And singing Coldplay’s Yellow to live guitar with a room full of people will definitely be a memorable moment for me. I’m sorry if that sounds all holding hands by the campfire singing Cumbaya, but it’s true. It was a beautiful moment. And then he sang the McDonalds song to Eric. Also a beautiful moment.

It was SUCH a great wedding. One of the most fun I have ever been too, for sure. I am pretty sure the bride and groom were two of the last to go to sleep. I love that they stayed around and hung out with everyone.

I wish it was still this night.

Congrats Allie and Keith! I am so glad Eric and I were able to spend your big day with you! xoxo


28 responses to “Allie & Keith’s Beautiful Seaside Wedding

  1. You look beeeeyooootiful!

  2. Keith was luminescent. : )

  3. Did Bobby present them with a version of his hit, ‘Tell Me About Your Fears’ as his present? I’m glad the glasses could make an appearance at the wedding. Clearly they are a necessity for any bride.

    • Sadly, tell me about your fears did not make an appearance. As soon as he saw the guitar come out I’m sure he was jealous and was wishing for his keyboards. No worries though, he’ll probably call Allie on the phone and play an original song for her.

  4. your plate of food looks amazing! And I love how you describe the groom as luminescent. I think that is the perfect word.

  5. Keith was more opalescent than luminescent, I think. But I don’t know weddings.

  6. Your dress is so pretty! I love that colour. I also love inebriated relatives. I love dancing inebriated relatives more, so weddings are pretty much the best. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding. If I ever have one, it’ll definitely be outdoors.
    “His pants were a nice colour.” Lololol. I will remember to compliment the grooms more often at weddings now. You’re right — it’s their special day too!

  7. Nice pics! Looks like you had a great time! I like that color on you, too. Looks good!

  8. I love that you brought the glasses to the wedding. And I love that you and your brother unintentionally match. And I love that your brother is business on top and party on his feet with those sneakers that don’t quite match. And I love that huge plate of food. The only thing I don’t love? That you didn’t go overboard with the ice cream…because I could have gone for a picture of that.

  9. Hey Cuz! Those pictures are amazing and hilarious! Love the one of me and Eric and the glasses. The McDonald guy’s name is Lindy and he also happens to be the lead singer of the band “Major Maker”, they sing the “Rollercoast song”. He sang it that night too.
    It was sooo amazing to see you guys and what a party!! Hope to see you soon and please come out to visit anytime.
    Love ya,

  10. NAncy McCartney

    You have such a talent for writing…no wonder you studied journalism! I love your creativity.
    And yes…wasn’t that the most perfect elegant wedding with such a gorgeous setting on the ocean…so much fun dancing under the stars and watching the cruise ships go by…lots of wonderful food and drink and silliness and so much fun!
    love you…
    Nancy (auntie)
    so great to party with Eric! Nice matching
    coordinating turquoise tie and dress!

  11. Your brother looks just like you, with less hair. Is he younger?

  12. Linds, Love the Blog and the pictures! Keith and I were so blessed to have everyone come out and Party with us!! Love you tones!!


    Oh and cant wait to see all the funny glasses pictures with all the guests!!!

  13. I love all the wedding pics.. only recently started following you! Love your dress btw!! And your cartoons! 🙂

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  18. You just might make someone’s day. Then put your family video up there ON PRIVATE – so that only your family can see the video. The staff person I talked to thought it would be best for me to come into the store so that I could review their whole list of birthday party crafts, each with a different cost.

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