Cliff Beach Exploring


I tried to post this yesterday, but had some technical difficulties. I know that pretty much no one reads blogs on the weekends, but ahh well. Hopefully someone sees this.

Wednesday was the first day since my arrival that it was actually hot and sunny. Obviously we had to take advantage, so Eric and I decided to go to the beach. Because BC has had so much rain lately, the Shuswap Lake that runs through Salmon Arm is flooded and their beach is pretty much under water. No beaching there. But I did some Googling, and I found Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park in nearby Vernon, which looked promising for beachiness.

After sleeping in, that is exactly where we headed. The directions I looked up took us the total long way into the park, and we passed some sketchy areas.

We kept seeing all these signs saying there were cougars in the area. Over 40 cougars, apparently. We didn’t see any, and I was disappointed. I wanted to see one.

We did see a lot of these though:

I’m not even sure what that thing is. They looked like a beaver, but smaller. Pretty cute though. I’d snuggle that for sure.

We had to do a tiny bit of off-roading, so good thing my rental was designed for that.

Totally kidding. That rental likes to stick to the road.

I loved our drive in the wrong direction though, and was so glad we took that route. The park is surrounded by mountains and had gorgeous views.

I was, of course, in awe. Throw in any kind of a view with a mountain and I am in awe.

We eventually found a sandy beach with a bunch of people swimming along Kalamalka Lake and parked our car. But we didn’t really want just boring old beach. I had read that there was a cliff beach with a rock face further down the shore that sounded way more cool, so that was the one we wanted to explore.

Unfortunately, we did not read where the trail was to get to the cliff beach, and we totally missed it. We accidentally took the scenic route (read: total wrong way) and basically climbed a mountain all over again. It was not easy and I was huffing and puffing all over the place. But at least it was in the beautiful sunshine instead of the poring rain.

So no, we did not take the easiest way…

But damn, it was pretty! And climbing along the cliff was an adventure!

We definitely saw some sights along the way, including a naked couple sunbathing. Eric and I both looked over the edge of the cliff to see if we could climb down, and there was full-on frontal nudity on a rock below. I have never seen Eric move so fast, he jerked himself backwards and shielded his eyes. But it took me a second to notice them, and when I did I was all “Oh…those people are naked,” and Eric died laughing for five minutes.

We also saw a few signs dedicated to fallen cliff jumpers.

It starts off “Woe to you who have climbed so high. Word of caution, you may die.”

Um, noted. There was noo way I was doing any cliff jumping, especially not after I saw that. No thank you. We continued to slowly make our way down safely.

And we finally found the cliff beach!

We were both sweaty and disgusting, so we jumped in immediately. It was FREEZING. So, so cold. But the water was such a beautiful colour, and we were swimming in such a beautiful place. And it was deep water swimming, my very favourite! The lake was extremely deep, immediately off the rock. I have no idea how far down the bottom was.

It was amazing. We swam there for a while before eventually making our way back to the sandy beach to swim and leisure around some more.

And we found the trail on the way back, so it was a LOT easier to get to. No more scaling the side of the cliff.

On our way home, Eric and I drove by a restaurant called The Beach Pub, and it looked really cute so we decided to stop by and check out the patio.

I ordered a turkey and brie flatbread with sweet potato fries.

And I was so impressed with my flatbread. It had a cranberry mayo on it, and it was so good!

After eating, we quickly headed home to shower and change, picked up my mom, and headed down to the Salmon Arm wharf for some live music.

It was BUMPING. I think the band was called Blackberry Road, but I’m not positive on that. They were a mixture of folk and ska, and were pretty good.

My Aunt Barb and my Uncle Donny (my mom’s brother) also live in Salmon Arm, so we met them there.

Eric had to work right after, so was wearing his McDonalds uniform. He doesn’t usually wear a tie to events like this. I don’t think…

My Uncle Donny (or Uncle Donkey as I used to call him) is absolutely my favourite uncle (also technically my only), so it was great to see him. He is so cheesy funny and his jokes make me laugh so hard.

Anyway, I must go. I am writing this at 3am and I am currently in Calgary, reunited with my Bestie Lisa, and we have some Stampede shenanigans going on in the morning. I hope you all have a great weekend!


7 responses to “Cliff Beach Exploring

  1. What a fun adventure! That cliff swimming area is beautiful!

  2. That cute lil bugger is a marmot. Significantly less likely to eat you than a cougar (who are required to take the “how not to be seen” class when they are babies.) And I totally read blogs on the weekend so thanks for posting your continued adventures! 🙂

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  4. That looks like a prairie dog! So cute.
    I’m thinking the cougars you missed were actually just older women trying to hit on Eric. And there are over 40 of them.

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