Cowgirls on the Loose (Stampede Round 2)

Hello friends!

Now, I know I overuse the phrase “This was the best _____ (insert whatever here) of my life!” I say it all the time. I can’t help it. I tend to get overly excited about things (a lot of things that no one else gets excited about), so I sometimes go over the top when I am trying to describe something. I say it is the BEST and rave on about how much I LOVE it. This may make people take me less seriously, because not everything can be the best. I know this. But some things truly are the BEST.

I am prefacing with that because I need to say that Saturday was one of the best bar nights of my life. Genuinely. I cannot think of a time where I’ve had more fun. I scream-laughed for at least two hours straight, which I am pretty sure is how I lost my voice. I still can’t get over just how fun it was.

Saturday afternoon, Lisa and I headed over to Kirstie’s house to meet up with the girls. In a huge coincidence, my good friend Dawn (who also has her own blog now!), was also visiting Calgary at the same time as me. Dawn was staying with our friend Crystal, who has been our good friend since high school (and mine since elementary school, what!) Sadly, I don’t get to see Crystal very often, but you may remember me blogging about her last summer when we stayed with her aunt in Muskoka for the weekend.

Crystal is on the far right. Dawnald is beside me in the glasses.

It was so awesome that four of my best friends were with me across the country! It was quite a reunion.

And a glamour shot…

My loves!

But that is not all. Dawn had some friends with her from Edmonton, and Crystal had a few of her friends from Calgary (one was Kirstie, whose house we were at), so in total we made 10. Ten girls ready for a good cowboy time.

Around 4:15, we headed over to a cowboy bar in Calgary called Ranchman’s.

We do not usually go to the bar this early like a big bunch of lame-o’s, but during Stampede everything is very busy and if we got there after 5pm, we may have had to wait in line for hours. Before 5, there was no line, and no cover. Sounded good to us. We got there and we were IN! And it was already busy.

The bar was HUGE. Just huge. You know I am no stranger to country bars if you read the post about our Ranch adventure in Guelph (where I rode the mechanical bull), but this country bar was wayyyy better. It was so busy, with so many hilarious cowpeople. We also ate dinner there because we were ridiculously early, and I had the most amazing steak sandwich (but my picture of it sucks).

It was also Crystal’s 29th birthday (welcome to the club, my friend!) on Saturday, so we of course were celebrating that event. Crystal had some props, including fake spurs (that jingle jangle jingled), and toy guns.

I am not sure there is a bar in Ontario that will let you in with a gun, even if it’s a toy. But in Calgary, hey, it’s a necessary cowboy accessory.

There is something that needs to be understood. My friends and I are a little bit crazy (good crazy!), and our main objective basically is to laugh. So we will do pretty much anything to get a reaction from people and make them laugh, because it then makes us laugh. It is a cycle of beautiful laughter.

And if I have one piece of advice for you, it is bring a prop to the bar. It is an instant conversation piece, and automatically equals fun. You know we love to bring the glasses around, and that silly saxophone that we made people drink from. Both are good times. So they both came out to play…

I had the saxophone in my purse and it was too big for it so it was sticking out a bit, and this guy came up to me and was all “Uh… What is…is that a saxophone in your purse?” Yes. What do you think it is? Silly.

And we picked up other props along the way, like more glasses…

I don’t even know where these came from, but they ended up in Lisa’s purse at the end of the night.

And I found a shirt at our table, so immediately put that puppy on…

And then I found the owners of the shirt, so this happened…

They look happy…

The best props were the guns though, for sure. They came in very handy to get people to do things for us, like drink out of the bell of the saxophone.

And remove their shirts.

Whoooooa there. What is this? I had no idea you could just point a fake gun at someone and say “Hey, remove your shirt please,” and, well…

Done! Shirt removed. I can’t even describe how much this stuff makes me laugh.

And I am immediately hitting up the dollar store and buying a toy gun so I can test this out on the streets of Toronto.

People kept asking us if we were at a bachelorette party, and we were like “NOPE!” Just a reunion of wild and crazy gals.

We met some real-deal cowboys!

I mean, I think so. That’s what the tassels mean, right? I kept an eye out for real, rodeoing, bull-riding, calf-wrangling, spur-wearing cowboys, but since everyone was in cowboy gear, it was difficult to tell the real from the impostors.

And I definitely have to mention “The Zoo.” On one of the patios, there was a window to the other patio, and there were a bunch of people standing on the other side. So, we went over there with all our props and started being silly against the window to get their attention.

The guys were soo entertaining. I was dying laughing at their gestures and trying to talk to them through the glass. We said they were like animals in the zoo because they were behind the glass…but WAY more entertaining than any zoo animals I’ve ever seen!

I mean…

Ohh, fine. Take your shirt off if you must.

Girls, I am telling you, go to the Stampede. You will love it. You will love it!!! And make sure you bring props. You will have the best night ever!

Does that picture not just scream FUN?! I think it does.

Oh yeah, one last thing. There was a McDonalds directly across from the bar, so we had to stop there afterwards, obviously. And look who we ran into!

Ronald McDonald! Well…Ronald McCreepy is probably more accurate.

And then Lis and I went back to her apartment and again stayed up until 3:30 in the morning talking. And looking at these pictures, and killing ourselves laughing.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love Stampede! And my friends! And their friends! And everything about this night!

13 responses to “Cowgirls on the Loose (Stampede Round 2)

  1. You young kids these days. Going out at 4:30pm and going to bed at 3:30am. I think I would have needed a case of Red Bull to keep me going through the night, which if course is exactly what I’ll drink to keep up with you when we finally hit the town together.
    Also, I’m getting some props immediately.

    • I am not a fan of Red Bull actually, but I am not sure how I had the energy for this, especially after the night before. I think I can turn it on when I need to, and just tell myself I’ll recover later. I was DEAD on Sunday, and absolutely annihilated on Monday.
      Oh we will be hitting the town someday. And I am excited. I will bring the props.

  2. Christina @ Food.Fitness.Fun.

    Looks like a blast! I haven’t been to the Stampede since I was a kid but hopefully when I make it back a Ronald McCreepy pops out – hilare!

  3. This post was my FAVOURITE lol. Yeah, I don’t really know how we stayed up for that long, that many times in a row. I honestly felt like I was hallucinating by the end of it, and could no longer feel my pinky toes due to cowboy boots….but good times! Good, good times. Miss u already, spoon.

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  5. There are a lot of shirtless guys! At least Ronald kept his shirt on.

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  7. Okay. This is an old post. But I had to comment because…. I definitely was at Ranchmans that day! For the first time in seven years. We almost met… Sort of!

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