The Greatest Dog Show in the World, Only with Cats

Last week my friend Hannah and I were searching for free events in Toronto happening this weekend, and we came across this:

A cat show?! No. Way. I don’t think I have ever heard of a cat show.

We both definitely laughed at the idea of a cat show at first, but then Hannah asked me if I actually wanted to go, and I didn’t hesitate when I said yes. I love cats. Hannah loves cats (she even looked after my cat Winnie while I was away). What better way to celebrate our love for little kitty cats than to go to a real-deal cat show?

So, yesterday we hit up the cat show.

It was actually a lot of fun, and also kind of hilarious. I feel like it may have been more fun for us because we are kind of jokesters, and didn’t take the cat show extremely seriously (unlike the breeders and many of the other cat ladies in attendance). Walking around and petting all the different types of kitties was awesome.

I have never seen so many different breeds of cats in one place. I guess I am not as cat savvy as I thought, as some I hadn’t even heard of before. Like the Cornish Rex, for example.

Definitely a bit weird looking with their short hair, but still super cute and playful.

This seemed to be the most predominant breed at the show. There were a lot of them kicking around.

Also, they don’t shed! So if you’re allergic to cats this may be a good kitty option for you.

And there were these cute little muffins…

I’m pretty sure they shed a LOT, but I still wanted to shove them both in my purse and take them home with me.

The prettiest cats we saw were the Bengals though, hands down.

I love these kitties. They look like mini leopards. If they weren’t $1,500 for a purebred I’d consider getting one right meow (Hannah nearly did). Though I’m not sure Winnie would be down with that…

We also saw what I consider to be the sexiest cat breed of all time, the Maine Coon.

Now that is a sexy minx. And also a huge beast. They are the largest domestic cat breed, and males range from 15 to 25 pounds. That’s a big cat, yo.

For the actual cat show portion, a man brought the cats out of their cages one by one to show to the judges and the crowd.

He would point out specific things about each kitty, like their size, shape, and their markings.

And he would play with the kitties a little bit, to show them in their feisty form.

I was just using my iPhone camera though, so my photos of the cats playing are all blurry.

The cat’s breeders would then get a ribbon, depending on how well their cat looked/performed. Basically just like a dog show. But I’m just guessing on that,  I’ve never been to one!

Maybe I will enter Winnie into a cat show.

Just kidding Winnie, you are a mutt. She was born under my friend Emily’s neighbour’s air conditioner, parented by who knows who, and I have a feeling being a purebred may be a requirement.

She is still the best little kitty in all the land though.

And speaking of cats, I think my friend Catherine’s cat Kitten could definitely be a cat show contender.

If he acted a little more professionally and didn’t sit around spread-eagle all the time. He is a beautiful specimen.

He also just got a haircut at the groomers, and he now looks like this!

If I were a judge at a cat show, I’d give Kitten a gold ribbon for straight-up hilariousness.

If you like cats, you should go check out Catherine’s blog, Kitten The Cat. It makes me laugh very, very hard.

Anyway, fun times at the cat show for sure. It was a good way spend a Sunday afternoon.

Hope you kitties had a great weekend! Bet it wasn’t as fun as mine at the cat show, suckas!


24 responses to “The Greatest Dog Show in the World, Only with Cats

  1. it should be noted that bengal is pronounced ben-gah-l (like a term for girl, gal), bengaaahhhhlllll.

  2. I think the cats lounging on the blue print cushion look like they’re underwater. Underwater cats would be SO AWESOME. But then I look again and realize it’s just a blue background and cushion with some blue material over the top and think, “those aren’t underwater cats! it’s a trick!”

    Stupid cats.

  3. This is so funny! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I had no idea that cat shows existed. I loved seeing all the breeds, the bengal is my favorite too. I can’t believe that poor shaved lion cat, he looks so embarrassed!

  4. LOL I love cats!! My neighbors cat thinks she lives at my house. That Bengal kitty is super cute. The T-dot definitely has everything…wow a cat show who would have thought LOL

  5. Ha – sounds interesting for sure. I can’t get enough of that cat statue though. I want… no, I neeeeeed that for my living room.

  6. This is amazing! I wish I could have gone. I would have loved to have pet all the kitties! So many breeds! I loved how you said you would take home one of the kitties right meow. Lol! I always enjoy picture of your friend’s kittie. So funny. I also like how the cats were judged on their friskiness. So great! I’m coming along next time!!

  7. I would love a Bengal, too. Winnie is cute!

  8. Cat show!! AWESOME!!!

  9. ahhhh! i love it! i saw you pictured the breed of cat that I have, a “ragdoll.” yes, they do shed a lot. but their personalities make it 110% worth the purchase 🙂 love your blog!

  10. I love that shaved picture of Kitten. He looks ridiculous. That’s awesome.
    On a side note, I’ve always wondered where they get the judges for these things. Like who is a professional dog/cat judge? Do they go to cat/dog judge school and have like a degree and travel from contest to contest? I thinnk there is some serious googling to be done.

  11. I’m sorry, but about 50% of those “purebreds” are the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.

    Now I KNOW I’m gonna have nightmares… O.o

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  15. I went to a couple of cat shows like this as a kid! Yeah I was (and still am) a bit cat-crazy haha. And once at the Etobicoke Olympium they even had a show for non-purebred cats, so Winnie could totally enter one!

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