Cam & Leah’s Big Day

As mentioned in my last post about the piggyback fail, Saturday was my friends Cameron and Leah’s wedding.

I love going to any wedding, but I specifically love the weddings of friends, because I know so many people there and it is just a big party.

I also felt very invested in this wedding in particular. Since I was a bridesmaid I got to be heavily involved in all the fun things leading up to the wedding. The shower

The bachelorette weekend

The rehearsal dinner (and after-party at the groom’s parents house)…

I loved hanging out with these girls so often, and had so much fun with them leading up to the wedding. The big event had such a build-up for me that I even almost have post-wedding blues, and I’m not even the bride! I can’t imagine how Leah must feel.

The bridal party were paired up for the hair and makeup thing, and my partner for the day was Cameron’s super fun sister Jessica.

We got our hair and makeup done starting at 9am, so I really expected to have flat hair and melted face by four, but it all held!

We got our makeup done at Mac, and I thought they did a really great job with all of us, everyone looked beautiful! Though I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup in my daily life, so I definitely felt like I was wearing too much for daytime. I felt like I needed to be in a dark club or something.

I would really recommend going to Mac to get your makeup done. It’s $50, but you also get that $50 towards any Mac products. So if I ever plan on buying anything from Mac, I for sure plan on getting my makeup done while I’m there. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

I was also extremely impressed with my hair.

We went to Charbel in Pickering Village (FYI if anyone is from the area), and Charbel himself did my hair! I think he did an amazing job. In a random coincidence, Jess and I brought the exact same picture of Carrie Underwood as our bridesmaid hair example, so Charbel switched mine up a little bit so we wouldn’t look like twins. I really loved how it turned out, especially from the back. I would definitely go there again. He was also ridiculously complimentary while he was doing my hair, so that made me feel nice, even if he says the same things to everyone.

The entire bridal party chipped in to get Cam and Leah a videographer as their wedding present, and the video guy was with us the entire day. So after we were all prettified, all the girls met up at Leah’s parents house and hung out while being stalked by the videographer. It was good stalking though, not creepy stalking. They really did capture our every move (including my and Woody’s fall). I told the girls I felt like I was on a reality show! I really can’t wait to see the video.

Finally it was time for us girls to get ready, and the two maids of honour, Bri and Karen, helped the lovely Leah into her dress.

Her dress was beautiful, and she was so stunning. She looked like she stepped out of the pages of a magazine. And actually, I felt like we were all at a magazine photoshoot…

I’m sure the actual pictures will turn out a lot better than this one though.

After some pics, the limo arrived to take us to the wedding venue.

I really thought we all looked great. I loved the colour of our dresses, and the style was flattering on everyone. And everyone’s hair and makeup turned out so well.

But no one compared to Leah.

I couldn’t stop staring at her, she was so gorgeous. And her parents look pretty fab as well!

The wedding was held at the Miller Lash House, which is a historical home in Scarborough. The gardens and grounds were absolutely beautiful. It was the perfect venue for an outdoor wedding. And the perfect day for it also. It was so bright and sunny! It did sprinkle rain for about two seconds, which means Cam and Leah get the good luck that rain brings on your wedding day, without getting all the crappy wetness. Win.

I have zero pictures of the ceremony, but I googled and found a picture that looks nearly identical to Cam and Leah’s setup so you can get an idea.


Picture tropical purple instead of pink and that was pretty much it. I loved the flower petals, it was a nice touch!

The groomsmen all looked great too, with their dapper gray suits and argyle ties.

I’d say the ceremony was a huge success. No one fell walking down the aisle (lucky I didn’t try to piggyback Woody for that), and Cam and Leah were clearly so emotional and in love. I completely teared up.

After bridal party pictures it was reception time! Immediately after our memorable entrance, dinner was served. It was quite a spread.

I designed Cam and Leah’s wedding menu and programs, and I thought they turned out pretty snazzy.

The food was amazing also. I was salivating over those menus while I was making them, so this dinner was a long time coming for me.

First up was a cute little salad with the most amazing Cajun shrimp.

I didn’t eat a lot of the salad, as this was served seriously immediately after Woody and I fell so I was a bit disoriented. But I ate that shrimp like nobody’s business. It was delicious.

For my main, I chose the beef, which came with a honey-lime glaze and topped with tropical fruit salsa.

So good. Cleaned my plate.

It was such a nice atmosphere inside the wedding tent, and I loved how it was open on the sides. Right behind the head table was a beautiful ravine. It was so pretty.

The speeches were really well done also. Jessica’s in particular had me dying laughing. She opened with, “I can’t believe I am doing this, but…I’m pregnant,” and I thought their dad was going to have a heart attack. But she continued, “With joy, and emotion…” and everyone lost it. So funny.

And then it was time to party! The lovers kicked things off with their first dance.

So romantic. I love it when couples are all gazing into eachother’s eyes during the first dance.

And the first dance was followed by many, many more.

Just an entire night of crazy dancing.

That would be Cam’s uncle. And in the background to the left is Andrew, who was a best man along with their friend Mike (his girlfriend Bri was a maid of honour, and you may remember them both from our camping trip last summer). I actually met everyone through Andrew six years ago, and have become good friends with them since. It was really great to see everyone, especially the guys, who I have barely seen since March.

Oh yeah, so Andrew caught the garter and then proceeded to wear it around his head for the rest of the night. It was attractive.

It was great to see Leah’s friends as well, who I have gotten to know from parties and stuff over the years.

And Cameron’s mom, Mama Smith!

I love Mama Smith, let me tell you. She is so much fun. We were supposed to take a nice photo here, and at the last second she bit me! Such a cheeky minx. She also makes the best cheese ball of all time. I am not exaggerating, I cannot get enough of it. I NEED to get her recipe.

It was such a great wedding. So much fun, and so much love.

Congrats Cam and Leah, you beautiful lovers! I was so honoured to be a part of your big day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


6 responses to “Cam & Leah’s Big Day

  1. Beautiful wedding and all you bridesmaids are stunning! Not to mention the drop dead gorgeous bride!! That food has me seriously drooling right now!

  2. Such gorgeous bridesmaids! Loved the pink boa shot too, that one will be a classic!

  3. Looked like an amazing wedding! Your hair was stunning, seriously!! SO PRETTY!

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