Bala Babes (and Troy)

I have been excited for this long weekend to get here since June. My friend Crystal is visiting from Calgary (who I just saw while I was in Calgary), and she organized a girls’ weekend away with our high school friends at her aunt Christina’s house in Muskoka. Sort of a re-creation of our girls’ weekend away last year.

(this picture would be from last year)

Muskoka is a region about two hours north of Toronto, and is referred to as “cottage country” around here because there are so many lakes, and so many summer cottages. It’s a very popular tourist destination, even for those who already live in Ontario.

Here’s a map for you so you can get an idea of the amount of lakes.

The lakes are something I love so much about Ontario! I just looked it up, and according to Wikipedia, Ontario contains about 250,000 fresh water lakes. That is a lot o’ lakes! I really love swimming, so it works out well for me.

Our destination for the weekend was Bala, which could possibly be the cutest little town of all time. There is not one chain store in it. Not even a Tim Hortons.

We were very excited about our night out in Bala, and I think Bala was excited for us to be there too. When I tweeted about it and posted an Instagram photo, Bala actually replied.

And of course this made us laugh quite a lot. I love the internet.

Anyway, we arrived at Crystal’s aunt’s around noon on Friday and immediately headed to the beach.

Crystal’s aunt Christina was working, but her boyfriend Bryan came along with us and acted as our official photographer.

We swam and leisured around on the water for a while before heading back to Christina’s to get ready for dinner and a night out.

We had all the same girls as last year in attendance (plus Dawn’s sister Melon), so we really wanted to re-create this picture from last time.

Only this year instead of the glasses we had the world’s longest beard.

Obviously the beard had to come out with us, and we had some other props as well, including the glasses, and a little doll that we named Troy.

Troy was absolutely the hit of the evening, and everyone loved him. Our first stop was the Moon River Lookout, a restaurant in Bala that overlooks Moon River (as the name would suggest), and the staff was very accommodating and made sure Troy had his own seat at our table.

And his own drink.

It was great for Bryan, who would have been the only male in attendance if it weren’t for Troy. I don’t think he minded being in the middle of all the ladies though.

Yeah, I’m going to say he liked it (and I like our demon eyes, silly iPhone).

I ended up sharing meals with my friend Emily, so together we ordered the beer-battered pickeral fish and chips and the heirloom tomato and bocconcini salad.

The fish was especially good, and the salad was pretty good as well, though TINY. I am so glad I did not just order that as my entrée, because it was seriously one chopped tomato and three pieces of bocconcini cheese on some spinach. My hunger monster would have came out with a vengeance if I had eaten only that. It was a pretty decent serving of fish though, so that was my savior.

Dinner was a fun time, and even the owner came out to see Troy.

We liked his style (literally, we liked his shirt).

After our romantic dinner on the river, we headed to Bala Bay Inn to continue our party. It was pretty dead in there, but we have no problem making our own fun.

I can’t even tell you how many people asked us what the occasion was. There was no occasion. Why does there need to be an occasion? We just like to have fun!

Troy had a lot of fun making new friends.

He was that man’s good luck charm. He sank five balls in a row with Troy attached to his cue.

We also liked to make people wear the beard with Troy tangled into it. And then make them pose.

I know, we are ridiculous. I’m sure a lot of people do not find this funny, but let me tell you, we are hilarious to us. I was laughing pretty much the entire night.

But we lost Troy that night. Someone who did not share our sense of humour ended up stealing him and throwing him far away. We were sad.

But the next day, some of the girls had to leave in the morning, and shortly after they left we got a text with this picture attached to it:

TROY! They found him! He was wrapped around a stop sign. I can’t tell you how much this made us laugh. We were absolutely dying when we got that text. Troy lives on! You may be seeing him again…

It was a very fun time with the ladies. Saturday was pretty ridiculous as well, but I’ll save that for tomorrow as this is quite lengthy. I hope you all had a great long weekend!

13 responses to “Bala Babes (and Troy)

  1. I”m having a Flat Stanley flashback. Leave him with a twitter note so whoever takes him on his next journey can keep you updated on his travels.

  2. You girls are seriously hilarious. I was dying laughing as i was reading. You look like you have so much fun!!!! and you have made me think of all the funny things my friends and I need to bring out with us… many ideas.

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