Big Chief Island

Saturday morning after our night out in Bala, Crystal, Jo and I drove to Orillia to meet up with Crystal’s parents-in-law (wait, parent-in-laws? I think it’s the first one) to take a little cruise on their boat.

And their boat is huge and awesome, and just reaffirmed to me that someday I WILL be getting a boat.

Anyway, we had big plans for the day. Crystal’s in-laws (I am just going to call them by their names now, Rhonda and Ed) wanted to take us to Big Chief Island on Lake Couchiching, which is an island surrounded by a huge sand bar (think beautifully sandy with waist deep water) where boaters anchor their boats and then, well, they party.

I have never been there, and I don’t even think I had even heard about it previously, but when Crystal started talking about it I could barely contain my excitement. First of all, it sounded like an extremely fun time, and second, it was in the WATER. I love being on, in, near, or around any sort of body of water, so the fact that there was a party IN the water had me extremely pumped up.

I gotta say, Big Chief Island did not disappoint. I can not remember a time where I’ve had more fun, and I’ve had a lot of fun times, so that is saying something.

We arrived at Big Chief Island around 11:00am, and here was our beautiful set up.

Rhonda and Ed invited another couple as well, who are in the above pic, and were a lot of fun. A few hours later there was a boat on the other side of us, but we immediately made friends with the people in that boat next to us. They were nearly my parents age, and pretty darn funny.

And oh yeah, somehow we acquired a male blow-up doll, complete with a lei. Mildly inappropriate, but he did not come with swim trunks, and we are not about to turn down any props that come our way. I have very few pictures without him in it, and this post is better with pictures, so… Here is Chester.

We liked him.

Also, this is my blogging moral compass: if adults think it’s funny, then it’s just funny, and it’s safe to talk about (and by adults, I mean like my parents). Adults DEFINITELY thought Chester was funny, and actually, the interesting thing about the crowd at Big Chief Island was they were mostly our age and older, which I enjoyed.

Carrying on, before it got too busy, the girls and I went out into the water and played some frisbee, and also played around with Rhonda and Ed’s dog Royal.

Royal looooved fetching the ball in the water. Just loved it.

We also did some general leisuring…

And Rhonda made us some EXCELLENT corn-on-the-cob in their ridiculous boat’s full kitchen, so I annihilated that.

And then I don’t know what happened, but a couple of party boats pulled up, anchored, and it suddenly got BUSY.

So we girls decided we needed to go on a tour. We needed to show Rhonda and Chester a good time.

Our Crew

So we just casually floated Chester into the crowd, and he was immediately picked up and danced with (oh, there was music!)

There was quite a lot of dancing going down.

And an endless, ENDLESS amount of photo ops.

(That guy was boatless by the way. He swam there! Impressive.)

We are usually the prop queens, but pretty much everyone had something funny with them, so I was a fan.

Jo and I eventually decided that we needed to at least check out the party boat. So we waded over, climbed up, and did some dancing.

Where’s Waldo for sure. That boat was basically a clown car in boat form.

There was also guy named Durty Curty basically putting on a concert, so I waded over and had him serenade Chester.

Looking at the pictures honestly makes me laugh so hard. I have never, ever been anywhere like this in my life. And I had no idea there was anywhere even like it in Ontario. It was so ridiculous. Thank you, THANK YOU Rhonda and Ed for bringing me! I want to be your best friend!

Sadly, the day eventually had to end, and we packed up shop when it got dark. Honestly, we were there for about 10 hours but to me it felt like two. It went by so quickly.

I slept the entire car ride back to Bala (being in the sun all day will burn you out), but we had concert tickets for 54-40 at the Kee to Bala, so that is where we went next. I didn’t even change first. I was in my bathing suit, with a cover-up, totally fresh-faced, mildly sunburnt, and beachy-haired, and we went to a concert.

And I loved it. Such a busy, super fun day. I was soo done by Sunday. Just dead.

Friends, if you live in Ontario, and you own a boat, you need to go to Big Chief Island. Holy cow is all I have to say about that.


11 responses to “Big Chief Island

  1. Wow, that sounds like such a blast!! I wish I were close enough to go out there for a weekend! I love your posts…so fun!

  2. How did we never know about this!?! I feel like I’ve been robbed of endless hours of fun and reckless harassing! Nicely done! We are going here next summer! Chester was a precious gem.

  3. Looks like a blast!

  4. Chester is hilarious. I love all your props. Although, Troy is my favorite. You have so much fun. I would fit in swimmingly with your party crew. I am sad Ontario is probably far away (I actually have no idea where Ontario is… “up” is my best guess).

    • Excellent. I love hearing this. Troy may be my favourite too. I am so glad we didn’t end up losing him.
      Yes you would, and I just googled it and Minnesota is only an 18 hour drive from Toronto. And it’s more parallel than up! Toronto may actually be a little further south than you (although parts of Ontario are north of you). Anyway, it’s roadtrippable is what I am saying. And luckily Big Chief Island is child friendly! We had the cutest little girl ever dancing with us for a while, and she LOVED it.

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