Letter for Nana

So unfortunately my beautifully sassy little Nana hasn’t been feeling very well lately.

This makes me sad. She had a fall a little while ago, and some other issues (she is 98 and has been extremely healthy up until this point, so it’s bound to happen), and I think her spirits are just down in general.

Being the amazingly positive woman she is, she tries to protect me because she doesn’t want me to worry about her. So even though I can tell she is not herself she will just say “Oh, it was just a little fall. I just missed my step! It is fine,” or her favourite line “I’ll just keep carrying on.” And she won’t let on to me how she is really feeling.

She is sneaky, but she knows that I know something is up. She has pretty much just been staying in bed for the past little while, and this is reallllllly unlike her. She is always up, all day long. Usually she refuses to go out of her room in her pajamas or robe, so she gets up early, gets dressed, does her makeup and hair, and then goes down to the dining room in her home for coffee.

She is always telling me how busy she is, because she is doing all these activities all day long. The nurses in her home run them, and they are graded on attendance and participation. My nana knows this, and she loves the nurses and does not want them to get bad marks in participation, so therefore she must go to everything. Thinking about this makes me laugh, and also gives me a huge love burst for her. I love that she goes to the activities because she wants the nurses to feel good about what they are doing.

Anyway, she has always done this. But recently she has been staying in her pajamas all day long, not going to any activities, and not usually even going downstairs to the dining room for meals. It’s so unlike her, and we, her family, are worried.

Recently I received an amazing email from my cousin Allie that she wanted my aunt to read to our Nana when she visited her next to lift her spirits.

(my brother and cousins Chrissy and Allie on Allie’s wedding day recently)

The email made me tear up. It was so beautiful. I am always raving on about how awesome and positive my Nana is, but I want to post Allie’s email here because she said so many great things and I just want you guys to hear all the things we love about her from someone other than me.

So here is Allie’s email, and please note I have not changed any of Allie’s original words.

Dear Nanny!

I was out on a walk today with Nora and our dog Bella and I was thinking of all the wonderful times that we have had together. What really shapes you as an amazing grandma… and let me tell you Nans, there are so many memories. I thought that I would write them down and share them with you. Of course, I am not the writer in the family (Lindsey Linds!) but I thought I would put down a few thoughts.

Where to begin… my oldest memories are back at Horsham. Early days with you and Papa ~ Papa sitting on the chair in the corner, smoking and smiling. I remember your amazing vegetable garden, your grape vines, the huge willow tree and eating the uncooked, bitter rhubarb in the back yard. I remember climbing the big maple tree where the branches were shaped like seats and swinging on the swing set in the backyard and fun trips to the park. I remember lots and lots about the food ~ fresh squeezed orange juice, canned pickles, peaches and jams, homemade pancakes with corn syrup, banana splits with the best fixings, soda floats, perogies, cabbage rolls, Easter dinner with dyed Ukrainian eggs. Easter egg hunts in the house and many hours of the Young and Restless (which is still on!!)

I remember forts made at the dinning room table, going to sleep with you on the pull-out coach and never feeling you leave, your aloe vera plants and African Violets with snails in the soil.

And you Nanny, you have always been so positive and strong in life. Never one to complain, always one to soothe and to make things better. You are a very forgiving person, one who never holds a grudge. You are so full of love and honestly Nanners, we have all learned a lot from you.

It is hard to believe you are 98 now! We are all still hoping for 100 though!
I know you have not been feeling the best lately Nanny. Please know that you are being prayed for everyday, numerous times! As you know, the Lord has a plan for all of us. Yours, of course was to be an incredible wife, mother and grandmother (plus, plus, plus)

There are just no words to describe from any of us, how much you mean to us, how you have shaped our lives, how you have supported us through thick and thin, how you have always been the strong rock – Just how much we love you Nanny!

May the Lord bless you and keep you always!
I am So glad that Lindsey could share with you the wedding. We certainly missed you out here!!
Talk to you very soon!
All my love,

We love our Nana! xoxo


21 responses to “Letter for Nana

  1. Oh no, I hope she feels better soon. She seems like such an amazing, positive lady. xoxo

  2. Oh! Love bursts for Nana! I didn’t know she was feeling so poorly, the sneaky minx. Please give her a hug for me, and let her know that I will read her horoscopes for her. Banana splits, oh that one got me. Sending my love to youuuu.

    • I will! I’m sure she’s still reading your horoscope every day!
      Oh I know you have experienced her banana splits many many times. No one makes banana splits like the Nana. Though I have all of her old banana split glassware now, so I definitely have to try!

  3. Well that made me cry at work 🙂 Sooo beautiful. What I love most, though, is that this was written to her now, while she is here 🙂 I’ve been to so many funerals lately and I’ve learned that you MUST tell people how you feel about them and how they make you feel while they are around to hear it. What a great gift 🙂

    • I know, I love that too! And she honestly lives for that stuff. Makes her day. My aunt printed out some of my blog posts about her to read to her also. So yes, I totally agree.
      Sonja, I love you. Just in case I never get a chance to tell you that.

  4. Lindsey, this post was so touching and sweet. I really hope that your Nana gets backs to her regular routine and I hope that she feels better. She is in my thoughts 🙂 Have a great rest of the week. XX

  5. I hope your Nana feels better soon!

  6. That was beautiful. Praying your Nana feels better real soon!

  7. So sweet, I hope she feels better soon!

  8. Oh what a sweet letter..not gonna lie, it made me tear up. Your Nana sounds like an amazing woman and you are so lucky to have her in your life. I am praying she recovers and makes it to see the big 100 with health and surrounded by family.

  9. So cute. I teared up too! Does your nana read your blog?

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