Full House Bachelorette

Saturday was my friend from college Fran’s bachelorette party.

Franny is obviously the one laying across us on the couch in her fancy pink boa and bachelorette sash.

Fran will also answer to Franimal, Franny-pack, Franny-pop, Franski, Frannington, and pretty much any other word that I can sneakily slide her name into.

Miss Franiel wanted to celebrate the impending end of her singledom by hosting all her friends at her sweet new house for a little party. I did not take a lot of pictures, because I didn’t really know anyone very well and I feel very awkward shoving my camera into stranger’s faces (well unless I am out somewhere with random real strangers who I will probably never see again, no problems there).

Also, this may come as a surprise because I’m pretty outgoing and I will talk to just about anyone, but in small, intimate settings with people I don’t know, I am very shy and awkward at first. Unless my Bestie is with me, because then I have the courage that only a best friend can bring. And then probably no one else can get a word in because we tend to be very excited and loud. One of our other friends actually told us that we should start a professional party-starting business because we are slightly crazy, and also so good at getting the party started.

Like you can just call us if your party’s lame, and we’ll just show up at your house and get that party started right up for ya. We will bring props and everything. Actually, now that I think about it, I think we need to make this happen.

Anyway, it takes me a while to warm up sometimes, is what I am getting at here. But I really enjoyed meeting all of Fran’s friends and hanging out with them, and now I am super excited for the wedding because I will know people and I won’t be shy and awkward and I can get that party started with full confidence. It’s gonna be a good time.

Moving on, we ate and drank and all was well, and then the night took a turn for the super creepy.

It turns out Fran had a collection of Full House dolls when she was a kid, which she kept, and she brought them out to the party.

I have never even heard of these dolls! Apparently they were only available in the US, and you couldn’t order them and have them shipped with a Canadian address (don’t even get me started on this, it happens all the time and it bothers me so much).

I was dying over them, because I love Full House, and my friends and I have a serious inside joke about Danny Tanner. Sadly, Uncle Joey and Kimmy Gibbler were missing, but Uncle Jesse sure was looking dapper in his vest. He definitely has a bit of an Aladdin look going on.

None of the dolls really even resembled who they were supposed to be, except Danny Tanner.

I thought he was pretty close to the real deal. I recognized him right away without seeing any of the other dolls.

And what I think is even more creepy is Fran’s almost life-sized doll of Michelle.


I am so thankful that I am not famous and no one would ever make a Lindsey doll. I can’t even imagine how creepy I would look.

Franny loooooved those creepy little dolls though.

So then the girls put on the *NSYNC radio station and we made the cast of Full House dance around to the sweet, sulty voice of Justin Timberlake and friends (I was actually never really an *NSYNC fan and I am not sure the names of anyone else in that band and I am too lazy to Google right now). But I will just say, God must have spent a little more time on Danny Tannerrrrrr.

And with that,


17 responses to “Full House Bachelorette

  1. Those dolls are awesome. Impossible to not have fun at a party with those around. Totally agree about Uncle Jesse looking like Aladdin!

  2. lol Ohh Franny-pack….Those dolls made me scared a little bit, except for Danny Tanner and his long limbs. He will always be okay in my books. And YES, this business has to happen. Let’s get in the same town again and get the party started!

  3. You are famous Lindsey! I saw you (and your video) on Good Morning, America yesterday! Yeeeeeeah booooy! Muhahaha 🙂 Um, P.S. I would totally be unable to sleep with that Michelle doll in the house. Just sayin…

    • Whaaaaaaaaat! I just heard yesterday that this may happen, I didn’t know that meant they were going to show it TODAY. Aww, I missed it!!! That is hilarious. Was it funny?!
      Uh yeah, I hear that. I actually think Fran used to sleep WITH that doll.

      • They had it on Sunday morning. Every Sunday, the hosts share with you their current internet video “Obsession.” And you were one! I was all like “Oh my God, I KNOW her!” And my mom was like, “You know her? Who is that poor girl?” And I was like, “Well, I don’t KNOW her, know her. I read her blog, so I kind of know her…in a weird, internet way…(trailing off…).” Blank stare reply from my mom.
        I don’t think they were portraying you in a bad light, it was more of an “ooohhhhh, that’s gotta hurt!” kinda light. And yes, you could see your pantaloons, but I don’t believe they actually mentioned that. Who cares anyway? At least you were actually WEARING undies. So…win?

  4. i could barely sleep after you sent me those pictures

  5. OK this has nothing to do with the bachelorette party (which looks awesome, btw) but I FINALLY got around to listening to that Muppets White Blank Page cover you sent me and you were not kidding. Hilarious. It was already awesome but then the Swedish Chef comes in and I almost peed my pants. AMAZING.

  6. OMG how come I never knew those dolls even existed!? LOL they are priceless!… the only non-Barbie dolls I had growing up were Jem and then Joe from NKOTB! 😉

  7. You totally should start a party-starting business. You make parties so fun. That is why I invited you to my party this weekend.
    I have never heard of Full House dolls either! And I hate that whole shipping to Canada thing.
    Super creepy. Didn’t NSYNC have a video with creepy dolls?
    Ps. Uncle Jesse is turning 49 this weekend. Just sayn’

    • Oh I will be making your party a fun time for sure!
      Yesssss…didn’t they? I think they should have a reunion and make a new video with the Full House Dolls.
      And dannnnng Uncle Jesse looks good for his age, that’s crazy!

  8. Soooo…how many wedding-related events do you go to every year? My guess is a lot.

    I didn’t know they had Full House dolls. I had NKOTB dolls though. My Barbies loved them.

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