Three Thing Tuesday

Goooooood morning!

Just a few things I would like to talk about today.

1. I heard from several sources that my video of the piggyback fail was shown on Good Morning America! I am not positive if it aired on Sunday or yesterday, as I was pretty sure that show was a weekday thing, but either way, I missed it. I don’t mind that it was on there, and actually I think it’s pretty hilarious, but I would like to see it just so I can hear what they said about it. Because judging by my search terms over the last couple of days, there was definitely mention of my underpantalonies. Most of the search terms leading here are something like “bridesmaid piggyback underwear,” so that is nice. Thank you for that. How about we concentrate on the fall and not the fact that I accidentally flashed everyone?

Also, without the back story, it looks like Woody just tackled me to the ground. I am so hugely unsuccessful with the piggyback that it is very unclear what is actually happening. Woody is one of the nicest guys I know, and I do not want anyone to think he is the type of person who would just randomly launch his heavy ass onto his bridesmaid’s back. It was absolutely premeditated. And it was also my idea.

So I am interested to know what people are saying about it.

Anyway, if you happened to catch it, please clue me in! Or if you have a link to the actual show, that would be fab as well.

Also, I would just like to say, the internet is crazy.

2. Yesterday while I was driving I noticed the hugest, dirtiest spider IN my car, right in front of me, on my dashboard.

It was not unlike this spider:


I HATE spiders (I have talked about this). Like you do not understand how much I hate them. I freeze when I see one. They are the one thing that make me immediately panic inside.

It was also white, which means to me that it has never seen the light of day, so I don’t know how long it was hiding out in my car just waiting to get me.

So I instantly froze and just stared at it for several minutes saying “oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” while trying to concentrate on driving and not hit the car in front of me (I actually caused my mom to get into an accident once when I was little when a spider dropped from the sun visor into my lap and I nearly had a panic attack).

I also have a really big problem with killing spiders. I just prefer not to do that (because I am afraid, not because I value their life). But I couldn’t just leave it there to kill me.

Sooo I found a napkin, bucked up, and squished it repeatedly, while yelling “ahhhhhhhh!” and trying to hold it away from my body. But then I had the problem of having the napkin in my car. I wanted to just chuck it out the window, but I couldn’t bring myself to litter. So I kind of just propped it up on my dashboard so I could keep an eye on it to make sure the stupid spider wasn’t going to have a second life and crawl his creepy eight-legged self back out of it.

And now I am terrified of driving because I keep thinking he was living in my car for quite some time and probably had babies in there. It is not fun. Not fun at all.

3. I have been having some serious problems sleeping this week, and that is really rare for me because I usually fall asleep immediately and wake up to my alarm. Insomnia, or waking up in the night, is not something I have ever struggled with.

A lot of very weird things have been happening over the past week or so, mainly revolving around that video, and I am not sure how to handle this attention. I feel very excited, but also like it’s difficult to concentrate on anything. My brain will just not shut up. My life already does not feel like my same life I had six months ago, so anything added on top of that is just too much. I mean, it’s good, and I am truly excited to see how this plays out, but it just feels unfamiliar and different. And it needs to stop affecting my sleep. Because I NEED my eight hours.

So now I have discovered that I may actually have three moods. Happy, hungry, and exhausted.

And my exhausted face is basically the same as my hunger face, only without the drool. And with squintier eyes.

And well, that’s all I got. I gotta save my energy for work. Have a great day!


17 responses to “Three Thing Tuesday

  1. That spider story is amazing because I can picture you freaking out about it, and I also love that you could not bring yourself to litter despite the terrifying circumstances. Hahahhaha. LOL’ed for real over here.

  2. You with spiders, me with crickets – one got in my skirt once while I was driving and it’s a wonder I’m still alive.
    So I googled “GMA Play of the Day” which is the most likely segment of the show where your video would be. I didn’t find it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there — there was another bridesmaid fall, but it was a bouquet tossing incident. Good luck getting some sleep.

    • Crickets are really ugly little beasts, and they have that weird leg-rubbing thing, so I hear that. But I like crickets because I like Jiminy Cricket.

      I am a seriously skilled googler. I feel like I could honestly google anything. But I can’t find it! It is a mystery.

  3. You know that your spoon ass can call me when you can’t sleep…you ARE 2 hours ahead, ya know. Ohhh the many spiders I have killed on your behalf lol. We WILL find that segment, and it will be funny!

  4. What if the spider was terrified of you?

  5. You’re viral baby! Make some t-shirts like Antoinne Dobson. DO IT.

  6. You and I are spider buddies apparently. Here we go. Driving along, I am the passenger and I see a spider on the center console. He isn’t small. I freak, yell out, “HOly Crap. There’s a spider! I’ll walk! I love you!” and I get out. Now, I should tell you, we were at a slow crawl because the light was red and just turning green. My husband says, “what? WHAT??? WHERE???” bam bam bam “GET IN!” I get in. Husband and son laugh their asses off as they look at me like I am nuts. And they have the best story ever to tell.

    • Hahahaha. This REALLY made me laugh. I can’t believe you bailed out of the car! I totally woulda done that had I not been driving myself, and on the highway. That’s awesome. They do really have a great story to tell though, and so do you, and that’s all that matters.

  7. Spiders don’t bother me (unless they are hairy or have red triangles on them) and usually I can smush them with my bare hands. I know I am so hardcore. Cockroaches on the other hand…..ummmmm NO!
    Your video was hysterical, I want to know if you were on GMA too!! You have to track it down!! Maybe you will get to go and be on the show and be all famous and I can be like “that girl has commented on my blog before” and then I will sorta be famous too. Sound like a deal?

  8. i saw your video on gma! i am pretty sure it aired on sunday. i think the gentlemen referred to you as the bride and groom who wanted to make a grand entrance to the reception.

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