A Taste of Mexicoooo

Last night I went out for dinner with Catherine (or CathRON), my old pal from my days of working at Dairy Queen in high school, and the owner of this beast.

Who had a haircut and now looks like this:

Such a beautiful kitty cat.

Anyway, I haven’t seen Catherine since our Ethiopian lunch last year, the day I also showed up at my other friend’s baby shower on the wrong day (that was a fun time), and it was really good to catch up and tell each other all our stories.

It was also really good to eat. We went to this Mexican restaurant on King and John in Toronto called Milagro, which I had never been to before, but Catherine had told me it was possibly the best Mexican food she had ever eaten. I do love a good taco, so I was excited.

And I do not think she was wrong. Soon after we sat down at a table on the patio, the servers (who were dressed in plaid, I liked it) came over with chips, salsa, and possibly the best guacamole I have ever eaten.

It was soo creamy delicious. I wanted to just get a spoon and eat it by itself. Or shove my entire face in that bowl. And I am not even usually that big of a guacamole fan, so that is saying something.

It was also Sangria Thursday, so although I usually like to pint it up on patios, I switched it up and snagged one of those.

And it was gooooood.

The menu really overwhelmed me because there were just way too many selections and I am really not very Mexican food savvy. It was a very stressful decision. But Catherine was raving on and on about how amazing the burritos were, so in the end she swayed me, and I chose the Tinga Chicken burrito. I did not regret my choice.

It was big and spicy and chickeny and packed with deliciousness. Good stuff right there.

I was really impressed with Milagro. If you live near Toronto, you should go there.

In other news, the video of the piggyback fail has nearly 25,000 views on YouTube and has been on Good Morning America, Canada AM, and apparently some Irish TV show as well. I am sorry to keep blathering on about this, but this is crazy to me. I had no idea it was going to be this popular. NO IDEA.

I mean, I knew it was funny, but I thought maybe it was just funny if you were there… I never, ever expected thousands of people to see my underwear and then talk about it, so it is such a weird thing. And of course that is what most of the comments are about. Or they are just insanely inappropriate, because people are ridiculous and weird, as I’m sure we all know (I just google imaged “people are weird” to see if I could find a pic to prove my point, and don’t do that. Don’t).

Anyway, it’s a good thing I don’t really embarrass easily and I am okay for the most part if you want to talk about my appearance. Surprisingly, I am finding that the only comments that are bothering me are the ones that insult my intelligence. I’m hearing a lot of “What a stupid idea!”, and I get that. For sure I get why people would think maybe it was not the smartest decision. But it does make me want to defend myself. I don’t think it was a stupid idea. Even after how it turned out, I still don’t think it was a stupid idea, and I’d probably do it again. We practiced! I would not have done it if I thought I was going to fail in such a spectacular manner. Or maybe I would, I do not know. But I really thought it was going to work and be funny. Okay fine, it was kinda dumb of me to leave my heels on (I did practice with heels on though, FYI), but I could lift him. And what’s the worst thing that happened? We fell, I got scraped up a bit, and the world sees my blurry pink underwear. No one is badly hurt. All is good.

You know why it also was not a dumb decision? It’s probably the best story of my life. So, there is always that.

Anyway, that’s all. Just wanted to say that. I do not know why. But I am out for the weekend, and I hope you guys all have a great one!


21 responses to “A Taste of Mexicoooo

  1. Too funny! At least you had on underwear and didn’t pull a britney or linds lohan! (I found you from the #1 Reeses lover.)

    Unrelated, I love that you shared your Nana’s cookie recipe, and I can’t wait to try it sometime. I just have to wait for an appropriate holiday. Your nana sounds too cute and that is exactly what I think a nana should be….sweet & bakes cookies! 🙂

  2. seems like it was a good idea to meeeee! you and your undies are famous!!!

  3. Well, one of the comments called you gorgeous. And you are! So there’s that too. Muah! Love ya!

  4. That cat pic is Hysterical!! And I love all guacamole and I usually just want to put my face in it as well. So that’s not strange at all (to me anyway).
    I think it would def be weird to all of a sudden to get such visibility…don’t give any stock to what people say…the don’t know the whole story. Just a good reminder for us not to do the same! 😉

  5. I think it was a flippin’ awesome decision, and I think you looked great even falling! LOL Not many women can pull off that look!

  6. Man what a beautiful pussy cat. 😉 so I was thinking about what you said earlier and… I will do it. Also you know what sucks… when I rip my uniform. I know what you’re thinkin…how can you rip your uniform.. well i was in the kitchen and one of the drawer handles caught my pocket and i kept going. Riiiippp. Insert mass confusion. anyway… i’ll show you my ripped pants…i’ll txt it to you

  7. Ha! That’s so awesome your video is so popular, maybe YOU will get to be on Good Morning America 😉

  8. YOU’RE FAMOUS! Seriously, that’s crazy! The food looks amazing, would love to dig into some of that guac right about now. oh, and everything else.. 🙂

  9. Wasn’t expecting to see you but there you and your pink undies are again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o55LQEybEvA&feature=bf_next&list=WL3BC9870D5268B8D3 (Start @ 4 mins in) 🙂 I think you will totally end up on Ellen…

  10. The piggyback video is awesome! You’re gonna be famous!

  11. Love, love! the kitty, especially with it’s haircut.
    I love Mexican food, and sangria has been my drink of choice this summer. Oh, and I love the guac, so I would be down with that place.
    So funny when you showed up a day early for my baby shower. Did I tell you Erin did the same thing when I hosted book club? It was a pass it along situation. Next time it’s my turn to show up for something a day early.

  12. Lol I read this post because I am mexican and often wish I could find an authentic mexican restaurant in the US …too bad that ain’t gonna happen. hehe 😉

    But woooow….ur vid reached that large an audience!!?? Giiiiirl…that’s super awesome! Now one day you can write a book and everyone will want to buy it because you’re famous already!! :))

    p.s. I don’t think it was a stupid idea. It was pure genius. The mean comments are from jealous folks who wish it had been THEM featured in TV. 😉

  13. CRAAAAAAAZY! You’re gorgeous, even when your knees are scraped and your panties are blurred. I love your attitude about all of this. And I agree…it was a great idea. Sometimes great ideas don’t turn out the way we’d hoped.

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