Girls’ Weekend of Leisure


It was a pretty simmered weekend over here, which I was actually very thankful for as I feel like this entire summer has been packed with craziness and something exciting always seems to be going on. I am also very, very sad it’s almost the end of August. I’m trying not to think about the impending doom that is winter. I know fall is still in between there, but after August the weather is so iffy.

Anyway, Friday after work I headed over to my good friend Emily’s house for a girls’ night.

Em and I grew up together, but I don’t get to see her very often anymore since I moved, as she now lives about an hour and a half away from me.

Also present for girls’ night were our two friends Joanna and Julie, and we figured out that the last time just four of us hung out together was about 10 years ago. Usually the other girls are in attendance as well, so it has only ever been the four of us one time.

We all remember our last night together vividly, as it was the night we tried to sleep on my dock on the lake. We made it about halfway through the night until we got cold and too harassed by bugs, so we eventually bailed on that idea and headed back to my house. And then I remember Emily making me put her comforter in the dryer repeatedly because she wanted it heated. I did it too. I am such a good friend.

Anyway, as is typical of Emily, she really went all out on the snacks.

Annnnnnd this is why I love coming to her house. She always has the BEST snack table (you may remember she also has a cotton candy machine AND a popcorn machine), and she always includes chocolate chip cookies, which are my absolute fave. We all hung out and caught up while standing around the snack table eating for a good hour. I ate at least four cookies and I felt no shame. Fun times.

After our snack fest we snuggled up on the couch and watched the movie Gone (definitely better than I expected, but I didn’t really enjoy the ending) and I made a new BFF.

Emily’s cat Trixie. She is so snuggly and cute. I even let her sleep with me for a while, and then she was being all crazy and crawling all over my body and keeping me awake so she got cut. Silly Trixie.

Jo and Julie had to leave shortly after the movie, but Em and I had a beautiful slumber party. I have missed spending quality time with my little Emilio, so it was really good to catch up (she is my oldest friend!).

In the morning she took me on a nature walk on a trail near her house.

I was reallllllly hoping we would see a deer or even beavers, but no dice. It was definitely scenic and peaceful though. Em’s neighbourhood kind of reminds me of where I grew up, minus the lake. Though there was a decent sized river.

I don’t think I would swim in there though…

Ah, I miss living in the country sometimes.

When we returned Emily me a very delicious breakfast of an over-easy egg, toast, turkey bacon and coffee before I hit the road.

Trixie wanted in on it. She stalked me the entire time I was eating.

I think Trixie was probably sad to see me go.

After breakfast, Em had a horseback riding lesson so I headed to my friend Sherrie’s house for part two of girls’ weekend. I was meeting her and our friend Dawn for a day of leisuring by the pool in Sherrie’s backyard.

Sherrie’s cheeky little nephew Jayden was our pool buddy for a while as well, and I am pretty sure he had the best time ever.

He loooooved it when I would disappear under the water and grab his feet. He was dying laughing. So cute.

We leisured poolside and swam around for about seven hours, and I loved every glorious minute. I am going to miss summer so much! I want it to stay forever.

It was also a good day of eating. Sherrie made us spicy sausages on a bun for lunch, and for dinner her parents ordered pizza from Toppers, my favourite pizza place ever that is sadly not in Toronto. Which is probably a good thing actually, because I have a feeling that’s all I would eat. I DIE for Toppers Pizza. It is SO good.

And then I came home and got caught up on True Blood and Big Brother while I hung with my own kitty cat and drank wine. Perfect.

So that is my weekend in a nutshell. Lots of fun leisure time with the girls. Just what I wanted, because next weekend about eight of us are going camping in Algonquin Park and I have a feeling it is going to be four days of craziness.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


3 responses to “Girls’ Weekend of Leisure

  1. Yummy looking snacks. I want Emily as a friend. Is she looking for new friends? And I love the cat. I miss having snuggly cats. Marbles is not so much about the snuggles.
    The pool afternoon looked fun, especially with your octo-friend. And I love kids. Their laugh is the most amazing sound in the world. When Hudson laughs it makes my heart sing.
    Toppers pizza, the BEST. Sometimes I miss Mark living in Whitby for that reason alone.

    • Emily loves new friends. Winnie is allllll about the snuggles. I am a lucky girl.
      Hudson does really have the best laugh! It also makes my heart sing!
      I am going to start making trips to Whitby just for Toppers Pizza. Let me know if you want in.

  2. I am totally there!

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