Island Styles

I had a little date yesterday with my friends Emily, Joanna and Hannah. We were all free for the day, so we decided to meet downtown and take the ferry over to Toronto Island!

The island is gorgeous. It is all grassy and green, with rivers and fountains and beaches, so it’s like a bit of cottage life in the city. It definitely doesn’t feel like you’re in Toronto at all. For a $7 ferry ride there and back, it’s a good cheap day excursion. And it was an insanely beautiful day, so that was just the icing on the cake.

There is an amusement park on the island called Centreville that I remember going to as a kid, but I have only been to the island as an adult one other time, and it was this summer. Hannah has been a few times as well, but Em and Jo had both never been, so I was excited to show it to them.

Our first stop was Shopsy’s deli for lunch, and I’m glad everyone else was hungry, because I was dying. I ordered a turkey club sandwich with fries.

We sat on the outdoor patio, which was absolutely huge and right on Lake Ontario, directly across from the Toronto skyline.

So pretty. Our city is pretty. Of course we had a photo shoot.

After lunch we headed out to do some island exploring.

Gorgey, gorgey.

I think the island is about 9km in total, and we definitely wanted to see most of it while we were there, so we rented this beast for an hour.

A bicycle built for four.

You would think that a bike with four people pedaling would be a nice, leisurely ride, but not quite. Pedaling this thing was a workout!

We rode that bike up and down the road closest to the lake and just took in the gorgeous views.

And we stopped for a few pictures along the way.

Our bike had a really loud bell also, so we definitely abused that. We rang the bell at pretty much anyone who passed us. They liked it. We also liked to offer rides to random people. No one took us up on that.

We also discovered this:

Hanlan’s Point. The clothing optional beach. Apparently there are only two nude beaches in Canada, and this is one of them (the other one is in Vancouver). I was googling about it today, and everyone says this beach is a must-visit because the views are gorgeous (I think they mean the lake views, not the views of old men in the nuddy-pants), and it is laid-back and free of screaming children (I would hope).

The four of us stayed fully clothed though, not to worry, and although we had our swimsuits with us, we didn’t really have a beach day. Next time!

We did drop by the other (clothing mandatory) beach, and it was pretty nice and not too busy.

And then we got popsicles and headed out to the pier.

Where we ran into these fine young purple gents.

They apparently had to paint themselves purple for a frosh week thing in their engineering program. They were funny. Ah, to be young again.

I was also attacked by a bee on the pier for at least five minutes. I’m not even kidding, that little jerk wanted me so bad. The bee was originally after my popsicle, so I had to throw it away because it wouldn’t stop stalking it, and then it was just after me. I whipped my backpack off my back and to the ground and ran around the pier for several minutes yelling “Just sting me and get it over with!” as it followed me. Emily and Joanna were dying laughing and told me afterwards that everyone on the pier was watching me. Oh well. I didn’t get stung, so that is a win.

It was such a perfect day with my friends, and I was so glad that Em and Jo got to meet Hannah. I have been telling them all about eachother for months!

Now, Emily has a question she would like me to ask you guys. Do you think we at least checked out the nude beach? Or do you think we steered clear?


13 responses to “Island Styles

  1. I kinda hope you did, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you all felt it would be weird to be there with clothes on.

  2. umm of course you did!!

  3. If you didn’t, I will be MA-AD!

  4. What a fun day and you all look gorgeous!!

  5. “Just sting me and get it over with!”—-BWAHAHAHA!

    If you gals were me, you’d have gone to the nude beach, paced for a bit, walked onto the beach, averted eyes, blushed, and then left.

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  7. Oh come on, of course you did! I will have you know I have been to both beaches (Van and Toronto). The Vancouver one we went to on a cool day and there was only one nudie. He was older, as expected, and wore a fanny pack. When I saw it, I thought, what?! Then I realized, where do you keep your wallet and keys when you are nudie?
    I love the Island. What a fun looking day. Have a good long weekend!!

    • Well look at you all nude beach frequenter. I would not have seen that.
      Hahaha at the fanny pack! But good point! He was a very practical nudie.

      Yeah, of course we went to take a look. A LOT of nudies on that day. A lot. And yes, mostly men. It was mildly terrifying and we got out of there pretty quickly.

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