Hyper Cat Night

My cat Winnie is a fairly calm and mild-mannered kitty. She is very innocent and cuddly, and would never hurt anyone ever. Seriously, even if you hold your finger up to her mouth, even if you stick your finger IN her mouth, she will refuse to bite you.

She is a good little cat.

She likes to snuggle, and sleeps in my bed with me at night. And when I say sleeps in my bed, I mean she lets me spoon her under the covers and will usually stay until I fall asleep. I’ve trained her to do this since she was just a little kitty.

So she’s pretty mellow. In her younger years she was all feisty, and though she does still play occasionally, she’s pretty simmered most of the time. But even now if there was a mouse in my apartment she would get it immediately and play with it until it was dead. She doesn’t mess around.

For the most part though, now that she is an elder kitty (she is nearly 19!) she spends her days leisuring around on my ottoman.

Which I have to cover with a blanket because she just sheds on it like craaaaazy.

But every once in a while, Winnie has what I like to call Hyper Cat Night.

I’ll bring her to bed with me, and she will start off sleeping all nice cuddled up to me, but once I start to fall asleep she will decide it’s time to get crazy. She will start by casually walking all over my body.

She then gets all up in my grill. She will come right up to my head and start meowing loudly in my face. Not annoying at all. So I tell her no, it’s bedtime, and kick her off the bed.

Then she will start rummaging around in random things in my closet. She will find the ONE plastic shopping bag in my room and roll all over it and crawl inside of it and play with it all loud and obnoxiously. So I yell for her to stop.

And all will be silent for a moment.

And then she will jump back onto the bed and start kneading my legs. I assume she is doing this to make me more comfortable for her.

She will do this until I am soft and comfortable enough for her little kitty body to sleep on, and then she will lay down. And stare at me.

And I know she is staring at me because I can FEEL her eyes on me. So I happened to have my phone beside my bed and took a picture, and sure enough…

Staring. She is so creepy.

And then she will get up and repeat the whole annoying process.

By the time she is actually ready to sleep…

It is light outside.

Ughhhh, cats! But I can’t stay mad at her! She has the cutest little meow, so in the morning once she looks at me all innocently and meows all cute, I will forgive her and we are BFF’s again.

Anyway, I don’t really know what to do about Hyper Cat Night except try to tire her out before bedtime. Winnie looooooves the catnip, and it makes her act like a deranged fool, so I’m thinking I’ll give her that at around 8pm so when it’s time to get tangled up in the sheets she will be exhausted from being crazy. Hopefully.

Kitties are silly.


18 responses to “Hyper Cat Night

  1. “I kneed you!” hahaha love it!

  2. I can’t believe you’ve had her for almost 19 years! She is an elder, you must respect her hyper cat night wishes. Respect your elders, Lindsey! And then be happy that she still has those nights. If I was a 19 year old cat, I would just lay by my food bowl and never move until it was time for kitty heaven.

  3. This is so funny! Quite mischievous for a 19yo cat! I guess it’s good that she still has so much life in her 😉

  4. I think the full moon drives them nuts.

  5. you should link this to #23paws…what a funny little kitty! I love that she finds plastic bags and rolls around in them. Awesome!

  6. I can’t believe that little ball of kitty love is 19!! My little kitty Tristan just passed away at 16, and I thought that was old! He used to lick plastic bags–yes, lick, if you didn’t pay attention to him! haha But he was just like Winnie…you could flip him around, stick your face in his, even bite him…he would NEVER bite! He was so sweet…I miss him 😦 But reading about Winnie made me smile 🙂

    • Yes that is exactly like Winnie! She is a rag doll. You can do pretty much anything to her, and she just likes it!
      Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. My friend’s cat lived to 22, so I think Winnie still has a few years left in her!

  7. I do this to Cely every night

  8. This post reminded me of this cartoon which I LOVE.

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  10. Oh Winnie. She is such a sexy minx. This is Marbles every night. A few nights ago she woke me up because she was playing with the string on a sweater I had on the floor. And if I get up to pee in the night, she is all, “yay! it’s play/snuggle petting time!” And she comes and sits beside me on the bed when I get back from the bathroom and makes me pet her. Literally, she sticks her head under my hand repeatedly. Oh silly kitties. I love them!

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