Labour Day Laziness

Good morning! I meant to post this up yesterday, but I was feeling all lazy pants after the weekend, and just not really in the writing mood. I’ve also been working on a cartoon post, so hopefully that will be good to go this week or early next.

My weekend was pretty lazy and simmered. Probably my most simmered weekend of the entire summer actually, and it was awesome.

Winnie was happy because she got in a lot of spooning time with me, but she also got shamed.

Like dog shaming, only with a kitty.

This better teach her a lesson for her annoying night time antics.

My friend and former coworker sent me this video after she read my post about Winnie’s shenanigans:

And yep, that about sums it up. Minus the baseball bat.

I spent the day on Sunday at my friend Sherrie’s house, lounging around poolside in the sunshine in her beautiful backyard, and it was just perfect. And then afterwards we met up with a bunch of her friends at a bar/pub in Ajax called Safari. Those girls were a fun time, but I only had a couple drinks and then pulled a Cinderella and was home by midnight.

I had also not eaten since 11am (besides a small ice cream cone at around 4pm, but that didn’t really hold me over), and my hunger monster almost made a huge dramatic appearance. I didn’t end up eating until 10pm, and 11 hours of no eating is no good for me. No good at all. While I was waiting for my food at the bar I could not concentrate on anything and felt like kicking anyone who talked to me. I was also a few minutes away from barging into the kitchen and punching the chef in the face for not having my order ready immediately. I do not do well with hunger.

But finally my food came and all was forgiven immediately when I saw the insane amount of fries that came with my chicken wrap. I shoved a handful in my face on the spot. Also, my chicken wrap may have been the best I have ever eaten. I did consider that I thought this only because I was so hungry that even brussels sprouts would have tasted like heaven, but I’m not sure that was the case. It was all warm and cheesy and melty, and everything I think a chicken wrap should be. I absolutely annihilated it. I didn’t even tell anyone else how good it was until I was finished eating it because I was scared they would ask for a bite and I was NOT sharing that deliciousness.

Also, I joined a book club with my office bestie Lexy, and my first meeting is tonight. Sadly, as of Monday I had only read about 10 pages of the book, so that was my big plan for the day. I sprawled out on my couch all ready to get my read on, and totally passed out within 10 minutes. And then I accidentally slept for three hours. Whoops. The book may not get finished…

We’re reading The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, and honestly I’m having a hard time getting into it.

And I ran this weekend! Twice. BAM. 5k each time. I’ve been on a bit of a running hiatus lately, so this was very good for me. More on that later though.

In other news, I saw two horrifying sights yesterday.

Horrifying sight number one:

What is this? I know that Labour Day weekend is over and everything, but technically it’s still summer! Gloves are not needed until at LEAST November. This is absolute BS and I am not down.

It bothers me that I have to pre-shop for the seasons. I can still get away with wearing flip-flops and shorts until October, so I’d like to still be able to buy them!

Anyway, horrifying sight number two:

This giant spider sitting in the middle of its sickeningly perfect web was in my parking garage, very close to my car. Remember when that random spider appeared in my car? I’m going to assume it was this spider’s baby.

My parking garage has about 300 spaces, and only about 50 cars. So it’s basically empty, and for some reason I am on the third floor. The third floor has maybe two other cars parked on it besides mine. The first two floors are also more empty than full. Why do I have to be on the third floor with the spiders? I am going to talk to the people in my rental office about this ASAP, because I am not down with the spiders. No thank you. I am outta there.

And that’s it. So, exciting weekend up in here. Hope you guys are having a good short week!


2 responses to “Labour Day Laziness

  1. I am a total hunger monster too. It intensifies when you get pregnant so watch out in the future. My mom used to say I had an evil twin when I was hungry.
    As you know, not reading the book was no big deal.
    Yuck to winter clothes. Go back where you came from!

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