New Horizons

Alright, so…I have some news. Get ready for a wall of text and my serious pants.

I have been debating on whether or not I should bring this up on here. I haven’t said anything as of yet, and I like to be genuine when I blog so it’s making me have a hard time writing. Like with my breakup, which I didn’t mention on here for a couple months, I feel like I’m hiding something. Like there is a big elephant in the room.

I think if you’re a regular reader you may have figured out that something was up…though I have purposely been vague, so don’t feel bad if not. I have clearly been doing things during the day when it is usually work time, which I have blogged about, and I haven’t really mentioned anything related to work in a while.

This is because due to restructuring and my organization moving in a different direction, I have lost my job.

Ugh, that sounds terrible. I will explain. It’s not professional to get into all the details, obviously, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. My work did give me two months notice so it could have been a lot worse. I have known it was coming for nearly the entire summer, and have been trying to prepare for it (read: job hunting like mad).

It was not the greatest news when I found out, and that is kind of an understatement… I frequently raved on about how much I loved my job, and not just on my blog, but to my friends and people who know me as well. I was proud of my work, proud of and loved the organization, LOVED the people I worked with, and was overall happy and content. My entire work building was awesome. How many buildings have Office Boccia and Office Yoga? I don’t know of any others. We also have great vacation time, and many, many other perks.

In my almost five years of working there, I don’t think I have ever had one day where I legitimately dreaded going into work. It was my office family! After vacations I actually looked forward to going into work. I genuinely missed it. Working made me feel like myself. It wasn’t just a job to me. It was so intertwined with my life!

Not to mention that going into work every day was the only thing that kept me sane through my breakup, and I cannot even describe to you how thankful I am that this happened now and not before or during that time. That would have been tough and I probably would have had a legit meltdown.

So anyway, I was shocked and devastated when I heard the news. Of course I came home and cried. But just for an hour, because when I started to really think about it, being the naturally positive person I am, my brain started to go to the “well, why is this good?” area, instead of dwelling on how much it sucked. (I actually think my brain does this to protect myself, though no complaints about that because I think it’s a good thing and probably how I am able to stay positive when not so great things happen.)

Obviously it was not an ideal situation. But to be honest, it was time for me to move on. As much as I loved my job, there were certain aspects that I was getting to be done with. I felt like I had really gained all the experience I could from there, had nowhere else to grow in the position. I couldn’t move up in the organization (it’s very small, I couldn’t have moved around – my job was the only position there for me), and I was generally feeling like things were getting stagnant. I wasn’t quite as excited about the actual job as I once was, and I was starting to look at job sites for the first time and just kinda see what else was out there.

However, because of everything else previously mentioned, I don’t know what it would have taken for me to leave. I had also just gone through a pretty big ordeal in my personal life and didn’t want to do two huge life upheavals at the same time. My job and my relationship had both become part of my identity. So much that I probably needed a push to get out.

I had a really, really great talk about it with my boss the next day, and he said to me (and I will always remember these words): “Lindsey, you need to write, and you need to be creative,” and basically that he thought my current position was hindering me. And I went home and I thought about that, and I don’t think he is wrong. As much as I loved it, I had probably stayed about a year longer than I expected to when I originally started.

So anyway, I have just been job hunting like crazy all summer, and this is why I haven’t mentioned the job sitch. Potential employers could definitely find my blog by Googling me and I didn’t want to air all my dirty laundry.

But sadly (or maybe not sadly, because things have a way of working out), my resume hasn’t lured anyone in, even though I do have a TON of experience. It was slim pickins’ on the job front anyway, I don’t think summer is the best time to look since everyone is in leisure-mode. I only had one phone interview with a non-profit organization, and that didn’t end up panning out. It’s okay though, the job itself was not doing exactly what I want, so it was probably not meant to be.

You know what did lure in the opportunities? Somehow just me. I have made a lot of contacts in my building and genuinely like the people there. That “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” saying has really been ringing true. So today I am starting a new contract with an organization called Sport4Ontario, which advocates and promotes amateur sport in Ontario (as the name would suggest). I am making a new website for them, as well as doing some extra graphic design and consultation work. And although it’s not a permanent gig or anything, I am really, really excited to be doing something new.

So, over the past six months I have broken up with my boyfriend, sold my house, moved on my own to the city for the very first time, lost my job, and am now starting a new opportunity. Oh, and I had a video that unexpectedly kind of went viral also. That is a lot of major life-changing events to happen in a very short time. My life doesn’t feel like my life anymore. So that is weird. But I do still feel like myself! And I like the direction things are going very much. I feel excited for my future. And despite all the weirdness, I probably had the best summer of my life.

So that is that. And you have no idea how much better I feel after writing about this. Just like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


44 responses to “New Horizons

  1. I’m pretty sure when we FINALLY met for the first time at the Chobani event I was going through a similar situation (albeit at a job I had been at for less time). All I can say about the situation is that it was an extremely positive thing when it came down to it and I found myself in a much better place. It sounds like the same is happening to you. Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures – we still need to meet up for downtown drinks 🙂

  2. Lindsey, I am going to miss you! I had no idea..although I did notice you blogging at unusual times and traveling a lot, but I just though you were in holidays!

    Congrats on the new gig…I wish you all the best, and know that the best is yet to come for you. Doug was right…you need to do something more, you are a great writer and very entertaining!

    I will be sure to pop in and say hi next time I am in the building!

  3. Oops, that last comment was from me….

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. that is wild!!
    i DID notice you were having an awful lot of fun lately 😉 just kidding.
    girl, if that were me i would be all crazy! thats a loooot of change you are right! but that is just aweomse about your new job! and so glad you are excited about it!

  5. This sounds like my 2011 – congrats on surviving and doing it well! Upwards and onwards 😉

  6. Congrats on the new gig! I had the same ish – break up, job loss all in the last couple of months … but I’m happier now than I have ever been. Fire me off a msg if you ever wanna go for a coffee and catch up.

  7. Congrats on the new job!!! Yeah life can be a little unpredictable but at least you are staying positive 🙂


  8. Woop! Good for you, Spoon! You and I both know that you have a horse shoe stuck up your ass, and will be back on your fabulous feet in no time! I have been there. Sometimes life just decides to make a u-turn, and all you have to do is hold on and enjoy the ride. I am proud of you. Love from the West!!! xoxo

  9. Congratulations on the new position and here’s to a future full of exciting adventures!!

  10. Sounds like your life needed a re-do 🙂 I love when things work out after so much negative. I remember you mentioning some of this when we met but I had no idea you were going through all that. So happy you’ve found a new path 🙂

  11. You have a great attitude about all of the change that’s happening in your life. I can imagine how hard it is to leave your work family behind…but you really are meant for great things. You’ll find your way. Congrats on the new gig…and I hope it opens lots more doors for you!

  12. I think things like this are always “blessings in disguise”. Its all based on your perspective and I think your’s is great! Excited to see where this new chapter in your life takes you!

  13. Congrats on all of the new things happening in your life! I think they were all blessings in disguise. They opened new opportunities for you and that is just amazing. I hope you have a great day 🙂

  14. The place isn’t the same

  15. Wow. I am amazed at what your life has been like the last 6 months. I’ve been through a job loss (and just wanted people to sympathetically tell me “that sucks” so I’m gonna say “that sucks” to you). You are handling everything so well and I hope really good things come your way!

  16. I love your attitude. I’m from the SF area and with all the biotech and hightech, losing jobs is the norm. You’ll come out even better, it just might take a little while! Good luck! Seems it’s your turn for some!

  17. Wow!!! I’m sorry and congratulations!! You have such a positive attitude. I need to break off a piece of that. I know what you mean about being stagnant. Not in my job. i love my job, there’s room to move, please no one take my job! But my last relationship . . . It was a relief that he ended it, although I was heartbroken, because I knew it had to end, I just didn’t want to do it. And what’s more, after crying for about 24 hours straight, my therapist friend says to me “if you were the queen of the world and had a magic button — and if you could push the button, you could have him back right now exactly as he is . . . would you push it?” I said no. He said “what are you crying for — he did you a favor”. I was floored!!! That’s when I realized that I was more heartbroken about starting over than I was about losing him. Wowsers.

    This was a long comment, sorry. Good luck in your new thing, you’ll be great!

    • Aw, good for your friend for helping you realize that! It’s difficult to leave the comfort and familiarity of old relationships (and jobs) and venture out into the unknown. Some people have no problem with it, but I sure do. I think it takes a lot of balls to say “no, this isn’t right” and change things immediately. I’m trying to learn lessons from my past mistakes and get better with that.

      Thanks, and I love long comments!

  18. Okay, me again. I am a newer follower and I just stalked some of your other posts that you had linked to and I must say, you sparkle. I’m not kidding. In group photos, you stand out and I think it’s all the positive emanating from you. i know others like that and it’s true of them too. They stand out. Sheesh, seriously, tell me how! Yoga? I’ll do it. Running? I’m trying!!

    • Wow, this made my day. Sparkle like Edward Cullen? I am so flattered.
      Well it’s certainly not yoga, as that doesn’t happen very often…and running has been sporadic lately as well. But my Nana sparkles with positive energy, and she is absolutely the most positive and uplifting person I know, so I am sure it’s because of her constant sunny outlook!

  19. I’m sorry to hear you lost your job but it sounds like you are in the right frame of mind. So, I will tell you an uplifting story. A year and a half after I moved to Orlando, I was laid off from my job that I loved. I was living on my own for the first time and was kinda freaked out about it. I had no savings, I lived check to check, and I was lucky I had a roommate because unemployment was the only thing paying my share of the rent for that 6 months I was unemployed. Well, it turned out to be the best thing ever to happen to me because it made me get off my butt and go back to school. I would have never gotten my bachelor’s degree if it wasn’t for that layoff. So even though this sucks, you’ll find out down the road that you’ll end up somewhere much better and it took losing your job to get off your butt and get there. 🙂

  20. I’m sorry about your job, but I’m glad you’ve found something new that you’ll enjoy. Good luck!

  21. I am an ancient 40 year old now (hee hee) and have been through this exact thing. At the time I loved my job and I was very disappointed and sad to get laid off. Looking back now I realize that happened for a reason…like a little (not so subtle) nudge to get me to move on to where I was supposed to be. It is very easy to get in a comfort zone at places we work and forget about the pontential we have and the direction our life is really heading.

    I have no doubt there are amazing things in store for you in the future and looking back you will be grateful that this happened and it will all make sense. You know that already, though which is awesome. Your positive attitude is inspiring and I am so glad I found your blog!

    I am excited for you and your new adventure! Sounds like this Sports4Ontario gig is right up your alley! Best wishes and I cannot wait to hear what you do next!

  22. We miss you! Glad you are still in the building though and we now have book club! Awesome times ahead! xoxo I heart you!

  23. Oh, you poor girlie…so many crazy things going on at once! :/ Sounds like you had things hitting you all at once. Kinda ironic, because I’ve felt the same way lately. I just moved by myself into Seattle, and the current place I am renting I share with a creepy roommie, so now I’m trying to find a new place…and then since I don’t have family here, and not quite a full time job, it’s been nerve wracking!! But at least I didn’t have any recent breakup :(( I hope you are much better about that.

    But you’re right. Maybe losing your job will be better in the long run, because you really are the type of girl that needs to be doing wonderful artsy things. It’s so YOU. And this one web design gig sounds like a great start!! Kudos to you!! 😀 Keep it up and keep your head high!! You ROCK! :))

  24. Oh, you poor girlie…so many crazy things going on at once! :/ Sounds like you had things hitting you all at once. Kinda ironic, because I’ve felt the same way lately. I just moved by myself into Seattle, and the current place I am renting I share with a creepy roommie, so now I’m trying to find a new place…and then since I don’t have family here, and not quite a full time job, it’s been nerve wracking!! But at least I didn’t have any recent breakup 😦 ( I hope you are much better about that.

    But you’re right. Maybe losing your job will be better in the long run, because you really are the type of girl that needs to be doing wonderful artsy things. It’s so YOU. And this one web design gig sounds like a great start!! Kudos to you!! 😀 Keep it up and keep your head high!! You ROCK! 🙂 )

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  27. I so wish I had read this when you posted it but I was in the middle of my own life changes so I was only using the Internet to job hunt. My employer told me the firm was closing around this same time. I am currently living in my parents basement, unemployed. 🙂 I, too, think it will end up being a good thing because I was also starting to check out other jobs, but for now it is a bit scary. Sounds like you are right where you’re supposed to be starting 2013!

    • Aww, I am sorry to hear that. And I understand about the scariness. Being on your own and unemployed is SCARY. I was really worried about money for a bit. But it did all work out, and I think it worked out better. I am sure you will find something that will be a much better fit. Just send potential law firms the fruit man story. That should lure them right in. That story made ME want to work with you!

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