Five for Friday

A few things that have been going on this week.


I got in my car the other day, looked at my window, and that is what I saw. It was on the outside of the window, which was how I was able to stop myself from having a panic attack and take this picture. But that also means there was a big chance of it flinging onto me when I opened my car door.

So if you think I am overreacting about the spiders in my parking garage, you are mistaken. They are after me. I am no longer parking on the third floor. S’laters spiders. I’m out.

2. I had my first book club meeting, and I’m pretty sure I’m in love. I felt bad for not finishing the book (and that is saying something, because I don’t think I’ve ever not finished a book I started reading), until I got to the meeting and discovered that no one had actually finished the book. And one girl hadn’t even started it.

So we talked about how much the book sucked for 1o minutes and why we couldn’t finish it, and then we ate for two hours.

I think I am going to really, really like book club. It may be my favourite club of all time. I also think it should just be called the eating club.

3. I’m back in my old work building this week because of my new contract, and I was already reminded of how fun it is in there.

ParaSport Ontario, who is in my building, is demonstrating Paralympic games in the lobby this week, and we get to participate! That was wheelchair tennis. And today they are doing Goalball, a sport for blind athletes. I’m hoping that being blindfolded will heighten my other senses and I will be awesome at it.

Speaking of the Paralympics, I have really been enjoying watching it, but it’s really bothering me that they are not being broadcast at all. It’s a hassle to stream them online, and I assume there is enough interest to have them on a major network and I don’t understand why they are not. I don’t want to rave on about this, I’ll save that for my letter to CTV. But it irks me and I don’t like the message it sends.

4. I visited my Nana earlier this week and she is doing much, much better! She is up and around again, and back to joining in on the activities.

I also now know why she is so busy.

That was her calendar for August. It’s jam-packed!

Also, foot soaks, hand massages, happy hour, bingo, “me time”, manicures, and reading group? I kind of want to live in her nursing home.

5. My friends and I have a date with our high school music and history teacher Mr. B and his wife Jan on Saturday.

That is all of us the last time we went out.

Mr. B was our favourite, so we still keep in touch. He had a picture of us on his desk for years after we graduated (which Jan has told us is now on their nightstand). We were obviously his favourite class, because we were crazy. He said he liked our craziness because it was “good, clean fun.”

Like the time he took us on a school trip to Quebec City and we went to a French restaurant and proceeded to pretend fried frogs legs were mustaches.

Mr. B told us he had never had so much fun out for dinner on a school trip. Win. We were very mature. And we’d still do this now. We may do it on Saturday if Mr. B makes frogs legs for dinner (hint hint Mr. B).

I asked him if he wanted us to bring anything to dinner and he just said pictures and memorabilia, so I have been going through my old photo albums from high school and laughing hysterically. Saturday will be fun.

That’s it, but thank you so much for your comments yesterday! They gave me love bursts for you all. I know things will be A-okay, so not to worry. But reassurance is always nice.

Have a great weekend!


13 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. I want to be in your “book” club. Badly. I’ve tried to get one started here but people with kids are really hard to nail down and there was only a couple girls who could make it regularly so we just drank wine. Wait . . . that was perfect!!

    Aaaaaand . . . . I just walked in the door to work and there is a new food truck parked outside. Smashbox Poutine. One glance at their menu and my eyes beelined straight for bacon. I thought of you right away.

  2. Another good name for book club would be “drinking wine club”. I miss my drinking wine club. As for the spiders…they do seem to be after you. Could it be that you killed one and they remember and are coming back to wreak vengeance? I seriously used to worry about that when I was a kid. Future blog post.

  3. Even the picture of the spider freaked me out! I hope I’m as active as your Grandma when I’m her age!

  4. Um, tell nana that I’ll be at her place on wednesdays for the “bedtime back rub” lol

  5. frog leg mustaches!! hahahaaa
    also, i am jealous of all your edelicious food. as usual!

  6. Wow, a club celebrating books AND food? My life would be made. 🙂

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  8. I am sooo loving the idea of your book club/eating club!! I need to join me one of those!! hehe 🙂

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