Mr. B Reunion!

Hey hey!

As I mentioned on Friday, my friends and I had a dinner date on Saturday with our favourite teacher from high school, Mr. B, as well as his wife Jan (who, it needs to be noted, is now also our favourite).

From left: Lisa, Dawn, Joel, Mr. B, Joanna, Emily, moi.

And we are all in this one also:

This would be basically our entire grade with Mr. B when we were in OAC (Grade 13 until Ontario got rid of it). Please notice the severe lack of boys (except Joel). It was a problem. This is also the photo Mr. B keeps out of us on his dresser (I thought it was nightstand, but I was corrected).

For the occasion, Mr. B brought out several pictures of us.

Now, I understand that having dinner at your high school teacher’s house could possibly be considered awkward. Mr. B even said this was the first time he had ever invited students (past or present) over to his house, and absolutely the first time he had ever offered them alcohol (it’s okay, we’ve been legal for 10 years).

But I think we were in kind of a unique situation. Our school was extremely small, and only had about 150 people in it. I am not exaggerating. It has gotten even smaller over the years, and is actually closing after this year (sad, sad day!). Mr. B was our history teacher all throughout high school, and our entire OAC history class was pretty much made up of my good friends and I. We were like a family!

We would have treat day every Friday, and I can remember coming into class in the morning and cooking elaborate bacon and egg breakfasts. When we had to make overheads to share with the class, we would make them ridiculous. We would draw pictures on them, and song lyrics, and stupid inside jokes.

Mr. B was so much more than just a teacher to us; he was our friend. I was going through a bit of a rough time in my later years of high school when my parents were splitting up, and Mr. B totally took me under his wing. I will always be appreciative of that.

We were also all in the band (I played the flute), and Mr. B was our director. I am not lying when I say all the cool kids were in the band. Dawn was the only one who didn’t actually play an instrument, but we made her the “band manager” so she could come on the trips with us. And one year she played the triangle.

When we were on our Quebec City trip, we went to this huge banquet with all the other schools in attendance, and it totaled at least 500 people. One person from every school was selected by the band director to sing a song on stage. Don’t ask me why. Probably because it was a music event. Anyway, Mr. B chose me. It needs to be noted that I am not the best singer, and when I explained this to him I’m pretty sure he said “But it will be funny!”

So I got on stage and I sang FunkyTown (my choice, it was an inside joke).

A girl from another school went before me and sang Titanic song very seriously and beautifully, and I followed it with a horrible (though probably hilarious) rendition of FunkyTown. And not only did I sing it, but I got all my friends on stage halfway through the song and we had an impromptu dance party. That was fun for about 20 seconds until we were all kicked off (we didn’t get to finish the song). So anyway, the point of that story is, Mr. B likes our shenanigans. He thinks we are funny.

But back to Saturday’s dinner. We started with appetizers on the patio while we all chatted and got caught up.

You can’t see it in the above pic, but Mr. B and Jan had this amazing cranberry goat cheese spread that I was pretty much dying over.

For dinner they made us chicken and beef fajitas, and they went alllll out.

I chose to just make one giant fajita, so I loaded it right up.

I had some troubles closing that puppy, and it was a bit tricky to eat, but somehow I managed. I LOVE fajitas. It was the perfect dinner idea. I also had some salad on the side, but snapped that pic before I added it.

And for dessert Jan made an amazing orange sherbet cake.

Usually I do not like anything fruity in my sweetness messing up the taste (my mom once made me birthday cake made of oranges, including the peels, and she slaved over it for an entire day and I ended up hating it), but this orange sherbet was really, really good. I may have to recreate.

It was such a great dinner party. We were all laughing pretty much all night long. It was so funny to relive all our old shenanigans, like the FunkyTown incident.

And the red robe incident.

Jan mentioned that Mr. B still had the red robe, so we were of course all “Bring it out, BRING IT OUT!” and…

It came out. It was not quite as short as I remembered, but ohh it was just as red.

We also brought out all our old yearbooks and relived our awkward stages. Here is another picture of the frogs legs incident.

Only in that one the frogs legs are unibrows.

And other random fun times…

And one time I played a blind Portugese accordion player in a play…

That was an attractive moment for me.

And Valentine’s Day was always an event.

We had a LOT of fun in high school. I loved it, and I have to attribute this to the size of our school. It totally shaped who I am today. I feel like I am more confident than I would be if I went to a bigger school. It was so funny to look at our old yearbooks and all our pictures with the people I have known for 15 years (and Lisa and Emily more than 20 years!)

Oh, and here is me in Grade 9…

Ah, so young.

Such a great night, and I’m pretty sure we all left with a warm, fuzzy, nostalgic feeling. Thank you Mr. B and Jan! We have nominated Joel to host our next party!

Now I am genuinely curious. Do you remember your favourite teacher, and do you keep in touch with them?


20 responses to “Mr. B Reunion!

  1. Aww, that is cute. It’s a little weird, I guess, because you don’t see teachers and students hanging together but it seems like Mr. B is the one cool exception. Plus, he served booze which makes him alright in my book.
    I don’t keep in touch with any of my teachers but I do keep in touch with my old bosses. Kinda the same? My favorite teacher was Mr. Akin in 5th grade. If you asked “can I go to the bathroom,” he would say, “I don’t know, can you?” And then he would write Paula loves Erin (that’s a boy, not a girl) on the board and I would be soooo embarrassed. But it was true, I totes loved him. hee.

    • We were actually friends with a lot of our teachers! It was good times. I think the weirdest thing is probably that I am wearing his robe… But yes to booze.

      Ahh I had a teacher like that! Mr. Akin reminds me of my Grade 6 teacher Mr. Eddy. He used to make us run laps around the portable when we were bad. Naturally I ran no laps ever 😉

  2. Ahahaha! Love the red robe incident. Isn’t it funny how you remember the robe so much shorter?? I have things like that too. My sister has this image in her head of me wearing a skirt with GIANT sunflowers all over it. I swear I didn’t own anything like it. She finally finds a picture and there are teeny tiny sunflowers on it that you almost can’t make out in the picture. Although, in her defense, I did own a skirt with sunflowers all over it.

    I had two favorite teachers. My English teach Mr Scaletta and my Physics/Calc/Bio teacher Mr Hyslop (this guy made me love math & science and he made me very good at it). Both retired the year I graduated. I like to think they’d miss me too much to continue teaching. 🙂

    Hehe – i’ll have to check out the funkytown video from home tonight.

    • Yes that is so true! I remember things, but my memory is always slightly skewed like that… I mayyyy exaggerate slightly. That is really funny about the giant sunflower skirt, haha. Was it also denim?!

      I never had a good math teacher who I really liked, so maybe this why I hate it and am so terrible at it now…

  3. Ha, I love how Beth is being all rebelious with her backwards “E”. Classic Murray. Funkytown and strokin will always be the BEST songs to sing to karaoke…..or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Is Lisa’s hair purple?

  4. I LOOOOVE that you had dins with Mr. B. I miss that man – he was def. one of my favourite teachers. And I remember the frog legs (and have some great pictures too!) and the red robe AND funky town!!! Soooo good!

    Ummm, I’d say its time to have a reunion – especially if CHS is closing (is it for sure??? I hadn’t heard that yet!).

    Anyways, the little school made my heart bigger! I miss it and everyone that went there! Thanks for the nostalgic feeling while I read this!

    • I agree, it is time for a reunion! Someone needs to get on planning this (I nominate not me). It is closing for sure! So sad. I know there’s been rumours about it closing for years, but this is apparently it. It made my heart bigger too 🙂

  5. Hey I am in one of those pictures!! 🙂 I look so young! 😦 makes me sad to see how old I am getting … looks like a GREAT time! 🙂

  6. You are beautiful in that red robe! Its definitely your color 🙂
    And geez was something in the water where you guys lived? You have barely aged!

  7. Fun! Did Mr. B share the recipe to his amazing cranberry goat cheese spread?!

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