Eric’s Teeth

My brother Eric is 10 years younger than me. You may have noticed in pictures that I have posted of him when he was young, that he had no front teeth.

Here is the story of how Eric lost his teeth (and man, he was a happy child!).

I was super excited when Eric was born.

Obviously. I mean, look at the fancy dress I wore to the hospital. I was excited to meet him! I stayed at my friend Melissa‘s house the night he was born, and I can remember just dying of excitement. I didn’t even know if he was going to be a boy or a girl!

I had always wanted a sibling, and finally at 10-years-old, I was getting one. Because my parents waited so long to have another baby, and I was so old by the time he came around, I was automatically the built-in babysitter.

The “have experience with newborns” on our babysitting flyer? Yeah, that referred mainly to having experience with Eric.

Babysitting him was actually fine with me. I loved looking after my little brother. I can remember holding him in my arms and singing him lullabies (aww), and reading him stories, and prepping him to be my partner in crime.

But of course, I was his sibling, and it was not all sunshine and rainbows. He could be super annoying also. And you can ask any of my friends about that.

That would be my Bestie Lisa with Eric (she was so young!), and she is kind of smiling nice for the camera, while also looking like she hates him a little bit.

He used to terrorize us so badly. Usually if I was babysitting him I could keep him in check by pretending to call Santa in the North Pole if he acted up. I’d pick up the phone, pretend to dial, and be all “Hi, is Santa there?” And Eric would panic and be all “NOOOO! Don’t call SANTA!!!!!” and then he would be a little angel for the rest of the evening. It was a good plan. If you babysit now, I’m telling you, use that. It works beautifully.

Anyway, I liked to roughhouse with Eric a little bit. I was a pretty good tickle monster, and we regularly played Superman. I would lie on my back on the floor and make him put his stomach on my feet and raise him in the air above me. He LOVED it. Superman was his favourite.

That is Superman. I don’t have a picture of me doing it with Eric, so that will do. I’ll still do Superman now, pretty much with any child who will let me.

I also used to regularly hold onto his hands and swing him around the kitchen, which he LOVED. It was a good time. But it led to his downfall on the tooth-front.

One time I was babysitting Eric when he was just under two, and I decided to step up the swinging and hold Eric by his feet instead of his hands.

All was going well, I was swinging him around by his feet, and he was loving it. Best time of his life. And then I don’t know what happened. Somehow his ankles slipped out of my grasp, and the next thing I knew Eric was flying away from me, across the kitchen, and I watched in almost slow motion as he rotated like a helicopter and landed on his face on the kitchen floor (this image is still burned into my brain).

I was horrified. He began crying immediately, and as I rushed over to pull him up, blood was spewing from his face. It just covered the floor. It was EVERYWHERE. And then I saw his front teeth. Both of them. On the floor, in their entirety. Root and all. His poor little baby teeth.

So I called my parents, and held towels against his mouth to stop the bleeding while I waited for them to come home and drive us to the hospital.

Eric was fine. For landing on his face, he took it well (much like I did). But for most of his childhood, he had no front teeth.

Probably the funniest thing about this was, this happened when Eric was still too young to be able to talk properly. So he couldn’t tell my parents what had actually happened…

But I sure could. I didn’t want to get in trouble, so I didn’t tell my parents I was swinging him around by his feet. I told them that Eric had just been spinning around the kitchen by himself and accidentally fell. This was very plausible because I used to spin around the kitchen pretending I was skating and I was Kristi Yamagouchi (pretty much my girl crush). So Eric wanting to copy me was not very far-fetched.

But then a little while later, when Eric could actually talk, he remembered what happened. And I’m pretty sure his first coherent sentence was “Lindsey dropped me!”

Dark times. I was caught. And it was not good.

But despite me dropping him on his face and knocking out his front teeth, we are close now. So close we accidentally match at weddings (<- best wedding of my life).

He has forgiven me.

And eventually his adult teeth came in and all was well! He is beautiful, with beautiful teeth.

And all I have to say about that is luckily!!!!


13 responses to “Eric’s Teeth

  1. OH! this made my day! I remember that happening like it was yesterday! Aw, our little terror of a baby! I also remember whispering in his ear inappropriate things and having him scream them out at the mall…good times. We are terrible….it’s a wonder he made it to adulthood lol. Love you E-Rock!

  2. Ooopsy. At least it was just his baby teeth.

    I love the calling Santa thing!

  3. He don’t need no stinkin’ baby teeth anyway! Really, you were doing him a favor. That’s tooth fairy money early.

  4. Ahaha oh wow. What was the time difference between the incident and him learning to talk about it?

  5. Haha! So awesome! I was 13 when my youngest sister was born (2nd marriage deal) and 16 when my youngest brother was born. I so loved having babies in the house although I was the built-in babysitter. I had a seat on the back of my bike and took my little sister EVERYWHERE. Kinda crazy how much my parents trusted me with her. I bumped her down the stairs once but she was all good and fine after big tears. My brother however got stitches on the back of his head courtesy of moi when he was four. It’s really his fault, if he hadn’t resisted my kisses, he wouldn’t have fallen off the chair and hit his head on the corner of the wall. seriously, who could resist my kisses?!

  6. haha maaaaan. i love how you got away with it for a while since he couldnt tell the story bahaha

  7. Hilarious! Glad it was just his baby teeth, whew. You must have felt so terrible. And mouths bleed so much, scary…

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  9. This post reminded me of the time that I was instructed to bring my baby brother inside the house. (I’m 8 years older than him.) He’d been playing in the backyard, and was quite reluctant to come back inside. I dragged him to the door, but he tried to throw a fit and grabbed onto the outside wall like a herculean monkey. I shoved him inside (all in love, of course), and was closing the door when I heard him let out a blood curdling scream. Naturally, I assumed he was continuing his temper tantrum. I kept trying to close the door, when I noticed I was having difficulty closing it entirely. Puzzled, I glanced down to see if it had gotten stuck on the rug.

    The door was stuck alright. It got stuck on my poor brother’s baby thumb!!

    Oh, I’ll NEVER forget the horrible guilt and trauma I felt. To this day I still feel guilty, but he says he has no memory of the incident. Of course he doesn’t. He probably blocked it.

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